Man-made CO2

Anthropogenic CO2 – around only 5% of all CO2 – runs at about 15 ppm – that’s fifteen parts per million or 0.0015% – of the earth’s atmosphere. How batshit crazy do you have to be to think that reducing that 0.0015% will make even the slightest difference to average global temperature, especially when you have that big orange ball in the sky – our sun – constantly changing its output? Let alone changes in the earth’s orbit and wobble, and natural changes in ocean temperatures.

And yet Copenhagen is barely more than a month away. Potentially lots of money for some but certainly not for us.

And back in Australia, Rudd still wants to impose a massive job-killing tax on everything and everyone. A massive tax because Australia produces about 1.5% of total global man-made carbon dioxide output. Yes, that’s 1.5% of 15 ppm – 0.0000225% of the atmosphere.

Astounding. And insidious.

Having trouble vizualizing those numbers? Here’s a good vid to help out.

Divide the smaller of the two amounts of red rice by about 65 and you’ll get Australia’s contribution. Yeah, that’s right. Time to break out the HD plasma.

And just in case you haven’t seen this yet.


There’s a new study out suggesting even Neptune might play a part in climate change on Earth.

The point is this: with so many variables that we likely don’t fully understand – sun, oceans, orbits, wobbles, cosmic rays, possibly even the other planets now, and most probably a whole host of others we don’t yet know about, all going about their various cycles and cycles within cycles – to go to all this bother and consequent pain (if Al Gore et. al. get their way) all over a piddly amount of man-made CO2 is utterly, utterly ridiculous.

H/T Reader Greg over at Bolt’s palace.

4 Responses to “Man-made CO2”

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Thats a nice simple way of putting the amounts involved.

  2. Mark E. Gillar Says:

    In answer to your question: Pretty Batshit crazy. You see Gore can’t get rich taxing solar activity, the earth’s orbit, or the earth’s rotation. Speaking of tax, if CO2 were really that bad, why wouldn’t the governements of the world just impose a tax. A Cap and trade scheme allows Gore and others to get wealthy.
    There is no other reason for it.

    CO2 is something we exhale. In commerical greenhouses, the levels are often kept high because of the benefits to plants: need less water, more heat resistant, as well as larger healthier fruit and vegetables. Does that sound like pollution???

    Here is some more information on Lord Monckton who is bringing attention to the Global Warming Hoax:

  3. Kaboom Says:

    You deniers are just crazy – we are facing a TIPPING POINT!1!! in as little as seven weeks!!!1!!11!

    We are all going to boil in our own mis-deeds. The time to repent is NOW!!!1!!

    After the TIPPING POINT occurs, I hope that they come after you bastards with lots of rope.

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