Globe Cools while Warmists Burn

WASHINGTON — Two years ago, a United Nations scientific panel won the Nobel Peace Prize after concluding that global warming is “unequivocal” and is “very likely” caused by man.

Then came a development unforeseen by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC: Data suggested that Earth’s temperature was beginning to drop.

That has reignited debate over what has become scientific consensus: that climate change is due not to nature, but to humans burning fossil fuels. Scientists who don’t believe in man-made global warming cite the cooling as evidence for their case. Those who do believe in man-made warming dismiss the cooling as a blip triggered by fleeting changes in ocean currents; they predict greenhouse gases will produce rising temperatures again soon.

The reality is more complex. A few years of cooling doesn’t mean that people aren’t heating up the planet over the long term. But the cooling wasn’t predicted by all the computer models that underlie climate science. That has led to one point of agreement: The models are imperfect.

Emphasis added.

I have been saying for years and years that trusting man-made computer models to predict something like long term climate changes – a system so complex and with so many variables that many of the variables are unknown – is a folly that only a simpleton or an over-confident and hubris-filled scientist would fall for. Well, Al Gore leads the simpleton brigade – as brain dead as any roving pack of zombies – and it’s hard to pick any one scientist as a leader, since warmist science’s primary goal seems to be to get press coverage and terrorize children through hyperbolic releases these days.

The good sign is that zero-IQ, fat-ass shyster Al Gore’s proclamation that, “the science is settled” is no longer the coin of the realm.

8 Responses to “Globe Cools while Warmists Burn”

  1. Kaboom Says:

    Angus, in truth computer modelling is in fact very accurate and reliable, but in closed systems only.

    For example, nuclear power plants (ship-board or land-based) have computer modelling of fractures, extreme outlier events etc etc. Because of the radiation, this is the only effective means to analyse control and containment procedures, because it is a closed system.

    All variables can be applied to the model, from an aircraft attack, earthquake, to a totally drunk systems controller. Every variable – because it is a closed system.

    The data derived from the computer models are accurate and usable, simply because all variables can be taken into account. This is the genesis of “over-engineering”. Design for all potential problems. Fairly easy to do in a closed system, but frankly impossible to do in an open system.

    Unfortunately for the Warmists, the atmosphere is the ultimate open system. There is no glass ceiling between the atmosphere, and the absolute zero of space.

    The “greenhouse” and “runaway greenhouse” analogies so beloved by the insane, cannot happen.

    Their models are fundamentally flawed, insofar as they have not even identified all the mechanisms with which the atmosphere deals with heat transfer, let alone correctly mathematically included those elements into their PlayStation programs.

    But, of course, the science “is settled”.

    Fucking idiots.

    • Angus Dei Says:

      I never said all computer modeling was errant, only attempts to model climate and other systems so complex that the variables are too many and impossible to define with any level of certainty.

    • Kaboom Says:

      Too right, Angus!

      I didn’t mean to imply that you were in error, but the reliance on models by the Warmists is so completely misconstrued, it just makes my blood boil. Badly.

      Complex-system analysis is guesswork, at best, when dealing with an open system. These people have no cognisance of the essentials of the Scientific Method, let alone anything else.

      The Warmists would have you believe that it is up to everyone else to falsify their preposterous propisitions.

      When the dust settles, I’m afraid that the sheeple will not trust anything that a “scientist” says, for at least a generation.

      Fucking idiots.

  2. 1.6 Says:

    good points.

  3. blinky Says:

    The point is, they’re trying to run a one world government and they’re writing history that does not exist. nOmit knowledge and forget and start again.

  4. boy on a bike Says:

    Look at pages 45 and 46 on this presentation to see how badly out the models are.

  5. boy on a bike Says:

    • bingbing Says:


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