Peacocks are evil!

One of my non fondest childhood memories is of a bunch of peacocks we used to have living in a bunch of fig trees on the adjoining property.

These birds shouldnt be anywhere near kids with overactive imaginations… The pea hens in particular have a terrible scream they make all through the night, add a bit of wind, a tree scratching on the wall outside and you have paranoid kid city!

Heres a fairly tame pea hen call, now imagine 10 or so of the things trying to outdo each other.

Me and my other half went down to a nice park in Kalgoorlie last weekend and it was definitely mating season. Peacocks, pigeons, ducks…. it was like Walt Disney went x-rated.

D Caught a peacock in full display, then a pea hen raced up and it was on… for all their poofy plumage they dont mess around when the opportunity presents itself.

Wham bam thank you mam…

Still it was a nice day, apart from the threat of being molested by a randy avian.

And being Kalgoorlie whats right across the road? The dead centre of town..


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