Aussie flies

Something completely different now. Non-Aussies might have heard Australia is slightly bad for flies, Im trying a little 5 day experiment to show you just how bad.


Sheep for brains protester

Im a bit of a fan of fly traps, they work well and more to the point attract and kill the little suckers by the thousands. So Ive set one up at work outside the quarters, now remember theres nothing much around the minesite but bush for about 30km, so this is average bush area.

This may also be instructive for PETAtards who oppose mulesing sheep. Its not done for fun, but because sheep are literally eaten alive.


Fairly typical flystrike.



fly day 1 001

The basic setup, trap, water and piece of pork for bait.

More under the fold, you wont believe how quick it fills…

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