Paying Unassimilated Muslim Immigrants to Leave

The tide has shifted. Even many liberal-left Democrats are beginning to tire of government enforced, “cultural diversity” when the subjects in question are Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate, and do nothing but breed on the dole and threaten their hosts with violence… and often enough, act out on those threats.

Sweden, a country I love – OK, I really love the women – and have lived in, is paying the return trip for asylum seekers who have been turned down. Note that the countries listed are all Muslim countries, that a higher percentage are now being refused, and that applications are also dropping as the people back home get word that the public teat is running dry.

Denmark is going that one better, as they are paying unassimilated Muslim residents about $20K US to… ahem… get the fuck out. The something that is rotten in Denmark is the unassimilated Muslims, and the natives want them gone.

Expect this to spread. Peace-loving citizens of western nations – who will readily self-identify as libertarians if the terms are properly defined for them – are fed up with this malignant ideology parading as a religion, and they bloody well want their countries back.

Here in the US, the solo terror attack by Nidal Hasan is being called a terror attack in newspapers that were formerly allergic to the word. Deniers are being shouted down, and even their hearts aren’t into their arguments anymore.

Not only that, but there are now calls for the abjectly ridiculous Clinton-era gun ban for military bases and posts to be rescinded. This is major big progress. I grew up a military brat on Air Force bases in the 60’s and 70’s: My dad carried a .357 revolver around with him whenever he was flying, and nobody ever gave it a second thought. It’s a military base for fuck’s sake! Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines are supposed to be fucking goddamned ARMED! Expect this to change, and soon. Even lilly-livered generals don’t like to be caught with their pants around their ankles while their unarmed soldiers are mowed down by lunatics.

There will also be an end to this kind of malfeasant shit. Hasan’s superiors wondered if he was a bleeding psychotic nut-case, but nobody wanted to take the heat for accusing a Muslim of being a danger. A hearty fuck that to that noise. That’s gone soon as well, and three cheers.

Westerners are long-suffering because we’re civilized, and we’d like more of the world to share in our prosperity and standard of living, but if you invite a dog into your house and he refuses to stop shitting on the carpet, well, you’ll rid yourself of the cur sooner or later, no matter how much you wish he’d shape up.

That’s what’s happening now: Muslims have been shitting on the carpets of western countries too long, and the owners of those carpets are tired of cleaning up after them. We’d like to walk on those carpets barefoot without worrying about stepping in a pile of Muslim shit.

Perhaps in another few centuries Muslims will be ready for civilization, but they aren’t now.

Send them back to their bat-shit filled caves and their flea-infested sand dunes. That’s where they belong.


Let the Muslims shit on their own carpets.

13 Responses to “Paying Unassimilated Muslim Immigrants to Leave”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    “Even lilly-livered generals don’t like to be caught with their pants around their ankles while their unarmed soldiers are mowed down by lunatics.”

    An excellent turn of phrase Angus, but does Bambi O’messiah have the nads in his daks to allow trained military personnel to resume carrying a side arm on base – i somehow feel President softcock man-child lacks the will or political nouse to address such an issue.

    As for our Nordic brothers & sisters perhaps they have finally realised the opportunities they offered these people have been abandoned in favour of suckling at the teat of state funded largesss whilst playing the victim card at every opportunity.

    “Perhaps in another few centuries Muslims will be ready for civilization, but they aren’t now.” I somehow doubt that…..they’re ready to party like it’s 1399.

    Now there may be some unkind folk who would see your screed and my little rant as some sort of islamophobia, i would dispute that mainly because if anyone can respect a theology from a nomadic goat herder with nine wives, the last of which was 9 years old (‘cough/paedophile/cough’) and has no issues with acceptance of bestiality (Khommeni’s blue book) ritual murder, female subjugation and mutilation (wow classy religion), then they – not i, have a problem. Good post dude.

    • bingbing Says:

      I thought the same, Carpe. Armed military bases won’t be reinstated under this, the most liberal president in history.

      Give ’em 500 years, but until then…

      As for my muslim buddies. Holy shit, they ain’t nothing like the Hasan’s of this world.

      It’s this fundamentalism which has regurgitated itself as of late that’s the problem. Does one really need an academic to tell them muslims who ostensibly refuse to even slightly assimilate are not fundamentalists? And no, I’m not actually talking about lanuage. That’s the insidious side of it. Rather, I’m talking about culture. Hear hear Sweden and Denmark.

      C’mon. An 11 year old kid in Australia was beaten by muslim students because he ate a salami sandwich… during Ramadan? What the fuck? You don’t wanna eat pork? Fine. But attack another kid because he eats some? Maybe in your country but not in ours.

      So again. Hear hear Sweden and Denmark. Enough’s enough.

      Just remember but, you’ll pry my kebab from my cold dead hands.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      “you’ll pry my kebab from my cold dead hands.”
      🙂 🙂 😉 good one

  2. bingbing Says:

    Yes, home tonight. Sent “too much” money home to be invested. Markets are picking up very well. As Alec Baldwin said in The Departed, “Smoke. You wanna smoke? What? You’re a fitness freak. Go fuck yourself.”

    Kebabs. I love kebabs. But what do kebabs mean apart from something that tastes really good, is kinda healthy, and that drunk westerners either eat and/or crave, er, whenever they are drunk… or thinking about getting drunk?

    Or maybe they just taste really good… and are kinda healthy.

    Kebabs are a link. Kebabs prove to everyone that cultures can co-exist and learn off each other. Kebabs bond us… and not just bonding my mind and stomach (yet I won’t go as far to argue they bong my dick and my stomach… that would take my girlfriend to make an awesome kebab.)

    Anyway, this shit that all muslims are wacko terrorists is just that. Shit. The point is, well, as the old saying goes, a few bad apples are spoiling the whole damn bunch.

    I can empathize with this. A few crazy, criminal, even pedophile English teachers over here in Korea have generally painted us all as pedophiles, AIDS carriers, failures, drug users, incompetent, and yeah, it’s our fault there’s swine flu in Korea.

    Seriously, this shit goes on.

    And from this perspective, the parallels are striking.

    OK. Hasan did what he did. And it was certainly Jihad, and he was fucked in the head.

    Just please, please, don’t be tarring all with the same brush. It’s not the reality. It’s not the case.

    That said, the previous argument has been applied too liberally, and now the pendulum swings back. We’ve had too many attacks. Around 15,000 since 9/11. Check JihadWatch.

    Hasan has brought it to a head, almost ironically.

    Yet, what I can gather from the reports, especially the army reports, is not more fear-mongering or hype.

    Asleep at the wheel? Yes.

    And I think that is the most disturbing aspect of all this. Even after 9/11. Even after the Homeland Security Act, even after Hasan’s own warning signs, his PDFs, his blog, his speeches… Hasan’s massacre still happened.

    Intelligence sources knew. The red flags were up.

    Just like 9/11.


    Except, we’re in a new dynamic now. We can’t blame Bush anymore.

    But should we blame Obama?

    Well, if we we’re Leftists and Obama was rightist, then sure.

    So what’s the excuse?

    Stress? Oh, please.

    Whatever happened to the vigilent and informed citizen?

    Not to be confused with the troofer.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      “(yet I won’t go as far to argue they bong my dick and my stomach… that would take my girlfriend to make an awesome kebab.)” 🙂 🙂 wrong on sooooo many levels.

      You make some valid points, which i’ll respond to in the morning.

      Some insane japanese woman has draped herself on my lap and when my Hime commands, i follow.

  3. 1.6 Says:

    I think it’s a great incentive, then they can winge within the muslim realm and in effect have nothing to winge about anymore.

  4. 1.6 Says:

    p.s. she’s been kissed with freedom in Australia and unconsciously understands her freedom in australia. That’s what you get with Islam, suppression and a good does of mental illness, not to mention a boring boring life.

  5. 1.6 Says:

    It is extremely rare for US law enforcement authorities to seize a house of worship, a step fraught with questions about the First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

    They say they;re a race, wish they’d make up their mind.

  6. 1.6 Says:

    LOL, BB let’s just say, high heels hurt when you go out dancing. (ls it morning yet?)

  7. onepointsixoneeight Says:

    Muslims must quit British Forces, says Iranian envoy Abdolhossein Moezi.

  8. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    OK, i’ve read through some of the previous posts and you make some salient points gentlemen, but i discussed this with the good Lady Jugulum and we draw the same conclusion; multiracial societies work, multicultural societies do not.

    What does that mean? It is that people from anywhere in the world regardless of their ethnicity or faith come to a country such as Australia or the USA or anywhere and don’t try to impose their beliefs or style of living on their host nation. Instead they embrace the lifestyle of their host country or new home yet retain those things that remind them of home and bring the joy of their style of food, dance, art or even sports.

    To give an example, the good Lady Jugulum loves Australia and the lifestyle Australians enjoy, yet she still retains a part of her that is uniquely Japanese. When we are in Japan to see the inlaws i embrace the Japanese lifestyle yet i bring to it the typical Aussie bloke thing that makes it special, (their idea of a BBQ is a little different to mine), yet it works and everyone gets along.

    Now how does this relate to the thread?, mainly in that the followers of the religion of peace do not have any desire to be part of the wider community, they have no desire to share the most positive things of where they come from (wherever that may be) yet choose to identify themselves by their faith not their ethnicity and by this action alienate themselves from the community in general.

    To give an example lets look at the resident islamic talking head. Keyser Trad, is one of the “go to” spokesheads for islam, yet despite his TV & radio appearances does not mix with non-muslims, lives in what is a muslim only part of Sydeney and lives on welfare with his Mrs Trad and 9 kids, he, by his words and deeds, likes the succour that our welfare provides yet is more than willinfg to decry those who provide his largess as islamaphobes and racists.

    To conclude, these people are liars (hey the Koran says you can lie) and bandits who trade on our good nature to shape society as they wish it, not as the society that has been shaped by immigrants since the 1950’s, a multiracial society that many have benefitted from. Thats my Satuday tanti. 😉

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