Failure Analysis Video: U.S. Airways Flight 1549

I’ve seen a lot of computer generated failure analysis videos over the years, but this CGI video of the 1549 bird strike and Hudson landing is the best I’ve seen by far. It includes the actual control tower and cockpit conversations; as audio when available, and as a transcript when not. Just spec-freaking-tacular. Read the article first!

You’ll have to watch multiple times to get everything said in the cockpit, even after the setup by the article. Just an awesome job.

Pre Sunday Brunch

Been a while, sure. Whatever. The other day, as you’ve probably heard by now, a kid at primary school in Australia was beaten up. Why? Because he ate a salami sandwich.

Sure. Google them and most look pretty gross. But they sure as-we-love-and-hate-Bill-Gates taste good. But whether you choose a healthy option like the one above, or a tasty option like you’ll find on google, is that any kind of reason why an 11 year old kid should get beaten up? Hey, maybe the kid’s a dork, a geek. And sure as Windows7 will probably suck too, stuff like that happens in primary/elementary school, right?

But that isn’t why he was beaten up.

No. He, allegedly, was beaten up by Muslim kids because he was eating pork during Ramadan. This was at an Australian school.

A welcoming mat is not something to be shat on.*

*But the reality is is that it will be shat on. Human nature. Add up heaps better conditions, welfare, yet alien culture….

In a sense, “native” ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers go through the same thing in Korea. Korea rolled out the red carpet, and many of us did well, contributed significantly. But enough shat all over everything, just partied, stayed a couple of years to pay off debt, left Korean girls in the lurch, slagged off Korea… and have given us, in the eyes of many a bad name.

It’s all ironic, for wont of a better word, since Korea has spent more money with less results than any other nation in an effort to learn English… but of course they’ll blame us “native speakers”…

Hard paragraph?

Ramble, ramble.

The point is:We’re (back home) doing the same in many a regard to Muslims. A few have really fucked up and we must be careful not to tar all with the same brush.

That said, beating up kids because they ate a salami sandwich? Enough’s enough. What messages are the parents giving?

Can we stop it? Yes.

By having the government imprison or kick out every terrorist or, wait for it!… MUSLIM!


Fuck that. That just means bigger government. More powerful government. More socialist government.

Who the fuck wants or needs that? Rather, it’s up to every citizen to be free, yet vigilant… yet not vigilante.

PS On the note of big, socialist government, Gus, is there not one prominent congressman or senator who is fighting this Copenhagen shit? All us Aussies have signed a petition. Is there something similar in the US?


Edited – in the interests of coherency.

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