Monkton mocks man-made climate change

Well hardly. He’s far too much of a gentleman for that. And this is hardly a find but worth disseminating nonetheless.

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End of the Australian Liberal party?

Has Malcom toadying up to Kevin signaled the end of the Australian Liberal party as a viable political party? I know it’s certainly cost them my vote.


I dont know who the next conservative party will be, the Nationals are a bit to country based to have a huge impact on the largely urban Australian voting areas.

Malcolm has effectively gutted his own party to give Kevin Rudd a photo opportunity for Copenhagen. Even in the face of the leaked emails he has pushed his own party to accept a foolish deal.

At the same time he has allowed the ALP the means to fund the most enormous expansion of government patronage in Australias history. They now have access to a new consumption tax (indirectly) which they can assign wherever they wish. The lines of rent seekers must be around the block in Canberra today.

And all those rent seekers will be at the beck and call of the ALP, in effect Malcolm has subsidised an enormous band of political opposition against his own party.

I despair at the stupidity of this decision.

Id urge any of our Aussie readers (bugger it is your from overseas feel free to let them know they are dickheads as well), to use the following link to let the Australian Liberal party know they have lost your vote for good.

For me, theres nothing they could now do to entice me to vote for them again, they have shown themselves to be nothing more than another high taxing left wing rabble.

Federal Secretariat

Liberal Party of Australia (the contact is in this link)

Heres my little message to the Libs.

Due to the extreme anti-mining (the industry I currently work in) and anti-business (I also run my own small business) nature of the Liberals voting for an emissions trading scheme you have lost my vote for good.

Congratulations we now have 2 left wing “tax and spend” parties as the majors here in Australia. The ETS is the largest GST ever, Im not willing to cut you any slack on this, you have voted to send enormous sums to rent seekers both here and overseas. Heres a promise, if my work is terminated due to the extra costs that MUST be levied because of this program then I opt out of being a productive member of society. If my employment is to be jeopardized by government fiat then you can get a wooly bull up you, I owe you nothing.

RIP Australian Liberal Party...

This is an abject betrayal of the Australian people all to let Kevin Rudd grandstand at Copenhagen. What a disgrace.

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