Andrew Bolt

Not a surprise, but still a shock, Andrew informed us he’s overwhelmed as of late (certainly no surprise to anyone with even half a brain), and so now Tizona’s will now be running comments on every one of Andrew’s now comment-free posts.

An experiment at best, but since Tizona’s is unaffiliated and non-for-profit, what better a forum to run comments about his posts on?

Yes, this will cut into our drinking time, but it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.

First time comments automatically go into the moderation cue, but after that, it’s all guns blazing. This blog is R rated, thus fucking swearing is technically OK.

However we are not fair, and if you wank your left dick too much… er, let’s just acknowledge Bolt’s moderators were very balanced.

We are not. We’ve had it up to here with Leftist crap. That said, you’ll still get a say. Just that abuse will be moderated.

And, naturally, stalking behavior will be curtailed.


91 Responses to “Andrew Bolt”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    Wow. Nobody ever tells me anything. LOL!

    • bingbing Says:

      Three sheets to the wind. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

  2. Kaboom Says:

    There was a commenter on Bolt’s yesterday, Colin I think, who pointed out the connection between Malcolm Turnbull and Goldman Sachs.

    He referred to a fascinating insight into the Goldman Sachs “connections” at [url][/url], which is a terriffic read.

    I haven’t heard of Matt Taibbi, but what he relates (in Rolling Stone magazine of all places!) is pure dynamite, and the fact that it is still there from July is impressive in itself!

    If even a small part of what Taibbi writes is correct, this goes a long way towards explaining Turnbull’s bizarre actions.

    Turnbull, of course, is ex Goldman Sachs.

    • Struth Says:

      It’s obvious Turdball is a co-operative in getting the ETS up.
      ‘Gold in Sacks’ and other Wall Street parasites are all for it.
      They made him, now it’s his turn to return the favour.
      Go to David Icke, Steve Quayle, silverbearcafe etc. They’ve always got stories about the sheisters.

  3. 1.6 Says:

    I don’t understand ? Can someone explain? Andrew informed us he’s overwhelmed as of late?????

    • bennoba Says:

      He moderates all the comments on his blog (with the help of a part-timer).

      The Climategate scandal and the ETS vote has sent his blog into over-drive. Often 1000+ comments to moderate every day.

      Sad but I guess he (or we) are the victims of his own success.

      I think the guy is the best in the business and I hope the powers that be realise this and support him (get him more moderators).

      Personally, I think he should start his own site – Huffington Post anyone?

      I think he’d make a killing on the advertising alone.

    • 1.6 Says:

      Sure crowded now in here!

  4. 1.6 Says:

    Where’s the link to the story? Do the bolt moderators moderate us here with comments on these posts?

    • bingbing Says:

      Nope. It’s us.

  5. Kaboom Says:

    I think that moderation is significantly more difficult when you have a “reply” function activated. Anthony Watts for instance has a stream of posts, with no “reply” function.

    Moderation for WUWT is simply to read the incoming, and discard those which may be abusive or problematical, on a time-based procedure.

    However, where there is a “reply”, the new post has to be assessed against the original comment, or indeed previous replies. This takes time, especially in a litigous world, and time is money.

    I suspect that a Bolt moderator spat the dummy after the recent blogalanche, and demanded a tripling of wages, or else….

    The “or else” obviously happened.

    • bennoba Says:

      Andrew made it pretty clear today that it was his call.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if his wife and kids started forgetting his name. He was moderating comments from early in the morning till well past midnight – 7 days a week.

      You have to admire the mans commitment.

      My first time at Tizona. I had only ever read up on the Richard Ryan scandal. I like it!

  6. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Geez for a guy who’s overwhealmed he thrown up 8 separate topics, i still don’t get how funelling a majorty of his comments to a single space will make it any easier. Que sera

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Aaaahhhh, saw Kabs post (jeez they were close together)

  7. bingbing Says:

    I dunno. But let’s see how this goes. I think it’s important to keep the debate alive.

  8. Kaboom Says:

    And note – Bolta’s new policy is NO comments – the open “comment” thread is clearly intended for tips etc, not commentary.

    C’est le guerre.

    Which I believe is French for “There’s the train station!”.

    • Mick Gold Coast QLD Says:

      It’s “la”. C’est la guerre.

      The train station is a sheila, not a bloke.

    • 1.6 Says:

      C’est vrai!

      So tips or ideas from us for him are to be posted on his posts here?

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      I rather like the tack Graham Readfearn takes here in the face of gender-confusion: Simply invent a new exclamative adjective… Quell Surprise!” indeed 😉

    • bingbing Says:

      1.6 Na, I’d be posting tips etc. over at Bolt’s. I have know idea whether Andrew will have a squiz here.

    • mareeS Says:

      Sillies…”C’est la guerre” means “That’s war” or “Such is war”

      “C’est la gare” means “That’s the train station.”

      Tricky language, le francais.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Sillies…”C’est la guerre” means “That’s war” or “Such is war”


  9. bingbing Says:

    PS Geez that bloke blogs a lot.

  10. CA of WA Says:

    So very, very sad – there are few who are bastions of lights of intelligence against the maurading forces of darkness that is stupidity. That is why Bolta is burning out. Piers and Tim do far less less blogs and so can kep up.

  11. ev425128 Says:

    Will you let me in?

    Thanks for the “experiment” folks. The regulars on ABs blog will be a bit lost for a while.

  12. Echo Says:

    Thanks Bingbing-,I beleiee you have attempted to circumvent the almost complete nobbling of an outspoken critic of the ETS at a most crucial time!–er, where are Andrew’s separate threads for comment here, are they still coming or what?

    • bingbing Says:

      Just hit the Tizona group logo.

  13. spot_the_dog Says:


  14. spot_the_dog Says:

    S’long as I’m here, a formatting tip for Bolt refugees:

    (1) Use FireFox
    (2) Download & install the Format Toolbar Add-on for Firefox
    (3) Set it to HTML for this blog, and any other WordPress/Blogger sites (for NewsLtd sites set it to BBC)

    Also, just a friendly reminder, in case the usual scolds don’t make the transition over:
    (4) Y’all’re raaaaacist.

    Yes, there are five “A”s in raaaaacism. Not three; not six. Five.

    Still and all. Meh.

    • 1.6 Says:

      What’s this for bb?

    • bingbing Says:

      Well, Bolt’s turned his comments off, so I thought if we mirror his posts here.

      No promises, but worth a shot, I reckon.

    • 1.6 Says:


    • Sean of Deer Park Says:

      WOW. Cool. Thanks for the info Spotty.

      Murdoch will be sorry he didn’t offer Andrew and Blair more assistance years ago. Good one bing.

      BB, have you posted this site on Bolt’s? I haven’t seen a message but may have missed it.

      I really don’t know why bother to establish blog sites when they wont support them. Shouldn’t they have thought of the consequences years ago to handle the day they got busy!

      A blog is supposed to be interactive. That is the whole point, isn’t it? If we just wanted to read an article, we’ll we can do that on the News sites anywhere.

      Any loyality program is worth its weight in gold. Murdoch must have some really bad advisors working in his IT department. Remember the old “Age” promo’s -Seize the Day.

      Well, done BB and thank you. (Site now added to favourites. I also like the Notify me box. What a good idea)

  15. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Leadership spill at 1pm, curent debate in the senate is at;

  16. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Worth a go mate, I will drop into out comments box as much as I can to clear people through and try and keep comments quick.

  17. Rosemary Says:

    ‘waves hello’

    Rosemary of Queensland here. The regulars from Andrew’s Blog would know me, I’ve been posting there, for almost four years now. Thanks for opening us this service to all of us who want to say our say and get some feedback from other Conservatives.

    I’m a pretty polite sort of person so I doubt you will get much cussing from me, but I’ll try and be careful not to post anything Litagateous.

    As for what has been happening recently. As I have said to my husband, these are history making events, not only here in Australia, but globabally. He’s a Conservative like me and is equally worried for the future of our country.

    • CA of WA Says:

      Hi Rosemary

      I always found your contributions to Bolta insightful & intelligent

    • bingbing Says:

      Most welcome, Rosamary. As soon as I saw your name in the moderation queue, I clicked… even before reading your post.

    • kae Says:

      Hi Rosemary, nice to see you getting out a bit!
      I hope Bolt has a rethink, and is offered some assistance with the moderating.

    • kae Says:

      Oh my goodness, it’s INSTANT GRATIFICATION at Tizonas.

      This’ll make it nice ‘n lively!

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Oh my goodness, it’s INSTANT GRATIFICATION at Tizonas.

      Bingers? Gus?
      See Kae’s awesome testimonial just above?
      New tagline/motto for this blog? I say yes 🙂

    • bingbing Says:

      That’d be a great tagline. Someone with admin powers should chuck it in.

    • Gramfan Says:

      Hi all.
      I haven’t been here posting for a long while due to all sorts of reasons – health being the main one.

      (I know some people here know my “Bolt Name” and that’s enough for now.)

      It’s really good to see some familiar names 🙂

      After a day of “no commenting” I think – and maybe I am wrong – that Bolt’s blog will be lost.

      It was so out-of -the-blue.

      Yes, it was an intense few days but AB asked for support and got the 3000-odd replies. Then came “climategate”.

      After all the work he did on AGW to leave it so suddenly, just when it was gaining traction, was a little hard to swallow.

      I still doubt things will change but he had made a difference to the debate and got mentions all over the world. Why would he quit now?

      I know he has a family but every now and then we all have to push a bit and rest later.

      What is lost is the community we had had there and I think AB didn’t consider this. He was on a winning formula and he gave it up.

      Ok,ok,,sour grapes from me for sure, but that’s how I feel: let-down badly. The soul of the ‘blog – the people who commented – has gone,IMHO.

      The only fun I had today was tweeting Joe Hockey and telling him I felt he had sold us out. No point at all really: no replies.

      Our politicians of all shades just don’t seem to care about the country and the people.

      It’s looking a bit gloomy from where I am.

      Anyway,,my 2 cents worth, end of rant.

    • bingbing Says:

      C’mon Gramfs. You can literally comment on every one of Bolt’s posts here… LIVE! There’s a separate thread for each post (a separate post for each thread?) We ain’t getting money for this. Your displeasure is a classic example, why, our computer models three sheets to wind, last night, Tizona’s (well, me but the others’ are OK with it, hence it stays… if not, it goes) initiated this “chutzpah”.

  18. Griffin Says:

    Nice work, folks! I look forward to hanging around here and seeing more of what you do! And hopefully making some intelligent contributions to any debates. Cheers! Griffin (lurker from Tim Blair’s old days).

  19. Rabz Says:

    Thanks Bing,

    Much appreciated and hello to all the other ruffugees from Bolta’s!


    P.S. Err, where do I get my Avatar?!?!

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      You’ll need to sign up for a WordPress account to get an avatar. See the “” link on the right sidebar here, under “Useful Stuff.” When you set up the account, you can upload an avatar to go with your profile. Don’t worry, it’s easy as. Cheers!

    • Sean of Deer Park Says:

      “ruffugees from Bolta’s” I like it. LOL

      Do we get a boat trip anywhere?
      Better still… does this entitle us to any handouts from KRudd now we are “displaced persons”. I mean it was caused by Climate Change, after all. Does anyone know how to apply for grant monies from the UN?

      I want compen-bloody-sation! I notice lots of people are seemingly suffering some form of post-traumatic stress disorder today. (Never fear, bing bing’s, here. Smuggling us off into the blogosphere)

  20. Rabz Says:

    This is utterly beyond parody – why is a court actually hearing this?!?!?

    Rabz of a woild gone stark ravin’ bonkers…

    • rabz1 Says:

      Thanks Spot.

      Worried it’s wrong though – wouldn’t let me use rabz.

  21. Bolt's woes Says:

    Just take a look at the rest of the Herald Sun. It will only take 10 seconds because it is an insult to your intelligence. Wasn’t always that way. Anyone remember Keith Dunstan? It used to be a popular paper but not a stupid one.

    Now it is “crap upon crap upon crap”, to quote Gordon Ramsay, one of the Hun’s favourite story subjects. The only good thing left in the paper is Andrew, whose commenters regularly noted just how bad the rest of the paper is.

    So his editors take away his moderating help. Surprise! Surprise!

    I have only been buying the Herald Sun every now and then. But now I will stop completely, read Andrew online and comment here or at Tim Blair’s site. Let this site get the traffic and the revenue that the Herald doesn’t want.

    • Struth Says:

      Drunken footballer caught shagging Australian Idol celebrity at Gangland Boss’ fundraiser for ‘bushfire victims with breast cancer’ awareness dinner.

    • Sean of Deer Park Says:

      Yeah, your right about the Dunny. I also stopped getting the Sun years ago because of the trash.

      The last day it was delivered to my home was the day of the Victorian State election when the papers front page story on the voting day was – Vote for Bracks, give him another chance.

      It used to be illegal to interfere with voting day in the media. Until the left took over.

  22. Leigh of Essendon Says:

    Thanks for this bingbing.

  23. Vote Quimby Says:

    Thanks for starting up this place, can only hope that everyone from Bolt’s blog find this place, and the hostilities and friendliness can resume 🙂

  24. elsie of brisbane Says:

    Well I said it was a good idea! Now I will have to thuink of a comment. MMMM……..

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Now I will have to think of a comment. MMMM……..

      No, now you will have to give us your daily music selection!

      Elsie for Blog Arts Minister 🙂

      –TGordon (in case any Bolties weren’t aware)

    • elsie of brisbane Says:

      Ah! thank you, thank you Spot ! ( I just noticed that I am also a creative speller..) I would be happy to post some music but I don’t know if people here on Tizona would like it. I am also not sure how to put a link in here but I will do my best!

      Thank you too bingbing…I said this was a good idea and it does seem to be.

    • bingbing Says:

      You’re welcome, Elsie. You can post whatever music you want. I’m sure our (slightly larger now) readership would prefer it over the, er, selections I’ve put up.

      The fancy way of posting a link is

      a href=”http://URL”<linkname</a

      with a left arrow at the beginning and a right arrow at the end.


    • elsie of brisbane Says:

      I have just remembered that tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in America and for Americans here too, so I hope you have a very happy day, TGordon/Spot.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Here you go – this was in the Telegraph (UK, not Sydney) today; maybe you can pick out some music for us for tomorrow?
      “Plot of Yorkshire countryside that inspired Elgar is up for sale”
      I should be around, so I’d be able to put a link to the story and embed your video(s) in a post all your own 😉 Don’t feel pressured, though!

      Also, see my comment earlier today with the link to the “formatting” toolbar – that makes it just as easy to do links/bold/etc here as it was on Bolts. Or, just paste the whole URL in – that works fine too.


  25. Alex Says:

    Thank you bingbing.

    As usual, I was up early this morning to read Andrew’s articles and the responses from his readers. I was dismayed when I read that he had closed down comments (although I rarely contributed). I already felt disenfanchised by the Liberal party – and at this VITAL time.

    I was heartened to see that you have made this facility available, but then again disappointed when I repeatedly returned to it, to find few responses to Andrew’s articles. Hopefully, I was just too eager, and it seems that now more people are availing themselves of this oportunity that you are providing. I sincerely hope that this relationship (your linking to Andrew’s site, so that interested parties can respond) becomes very popular and that it will become second nature for people to visit here and provide the interesting and informative dialogue that existed until today.

    I never knew of this site until today. Maybe the cloud (no internet pun intended) will have a silver lining and I will find even more like-minded folks and also be exposed to ever more information and opinions. Until Andrew’s blog, I must admit that I was comparatively ill-informed, relying on the mainstream media. I now am in a much better position to seek out various sources and ideas (on the net) and I believe, am much better informed.

    Good luck. (My only concern is that once again, I may be spending far too much time at my computer.)

    • bingbing Says:

      You’re welcome. I hope this works, too, even if it is cutting into my Mafia Wars time.

  26. Peter of Sunshine Coast Says:

    Thanks for setting this up bingbing.

    • bingbing Says:

      You’re welcome.

  27. Merilyn Williams Says:

    Bing, Spot, Carpe and thefrollingmole and the Tizona goup, hope this all works out for you as you are all very good at commenting on current affairs. Merilyn

  28. kae Says:

    It’s my fault.
    Something got through.
    I pointed it out privately… and suggested that the mods be sent for “reeducation”… perhaps the mods got wind and rebelled?

  29. Shelley Says:

    Gosh. I feel like an alcoholic that just found a swig among the empties!
    Thanks so much for this site. I’m off reading.

    • bingbing Says:

      No worries.

  30. kae Says:

    I’ve just been reading Bolt’s blog, now without comments.

    It’s, um… flat, isn’t it?

    Sorry, Andrew. The comments livened the place up, and we also got an insight into what others were thinking was afoot.

    • gramfan Says:

      Very flat, Kae 😦

  31. Alan of Sydney Says:

    Hmmm. The blog you have when you don’t have a blog.
    A most interesting experiment that’s for sure.

    I admire your chutzpah in allowing comments on Andrew Bolt’s material and it could certainly work if you overcome the legalities of doing that.

    Gradually, the voices of conservatism are being extinguished and the loss of the Bolt Blog plays straight into the hands of Rudd and the socialists at the ABC and Fairfax who will now have to endure less censure. Even Turnbull would be rejoicing!

    “Whoopee! Let’s all smoke a joint together! Bolt’s shut up shop in the blogosphere!”

    Anyway, all we Liberals incandescent with rage at the hijacking of our party by a socialist clone Ruddbot, will try and muddle through to the next election where we can REALLY tell the ‘Liberal Party Room” what we think of their craven prostitution to the ALP!

    • elsie of brisbane Says:


      “all we Liberals incandescent with rage””…

      You are quite right! I am a bit embarrassed at the thought of the furious e-mail I sent Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott last night. It included words like ‘snivelling’ and ‘grovelling’……I think they may have got a few like that!

  32. bingbing Says:

    Thanks to everyone for the positive responses. LOL, Effectively, Andrew’s comments were turned off for precisely 20 minutes and now they’re live.

  33. LouMac Says:

    As Alan of S said
    “I admire your chutzpah in allowing comments on Andrew Bolt’s material and it could certainly work if you overcome the legalities of doing that.”

    I don’t know if there are legalities to begin with ,but in this age we live in, I’m sure there are some.

    Otherwise an excellent idea, only needs some time for the regulars to find this site.

    Hope it works, I certainly will keep an eye on it.

    Good luck

    • bingbing Says:

      Thanks. It should be OK. Blogs link to other blogs all the time. We’re just doing it a bit more often now.

  34. spot_the_dog Says:

    Far out – Bolta’s put up, like, 16 posts so far today.

    Interesting, all of them, but even though I haven’t really been an avid commenter there for months now it still seems a little “naked” to me, to see post after post go up with no comments underneath.

    Is he fashioning himself Australia’s Glenn Reynolds, I wonder (hugely poplar blog, no comments facility)?


    Whatever the case, I still think it’s a good experiment here, bingbing, giving an offsite opportunity for comment. See how it goes for a few days. I’ll try and check in when I can to check the moderation queue and such.

    • bingbing Says:

      Thanks, Spot. And yes, it is an experiment. But yeah, it’s exhausting just linking to the posts – what – 16 times in one bloody day. How does the man write them all and still eat, sleep and shit?! You’d hope he can touch type.

  35. Observer of Wodonga Says:

    G’day all at Tizona.

    Bingbing I just wanted to stop in and say thankyou for setting this forum up for everyone from Bolt’s blog. It is a good idea, but I think it is going to keep you very busy.

    Alas, I won’t be able to drop by during work hours ( by having it on in the background) like I can with Andrew’s, as Tizona is sadly on the extensive “banned” list at where I work. They don’t like blogs like WUWT or Tizona on their network because you can leave comments. Yet have never banned Bolt, Blair, etc or any of the newspapers where you can do exactly the same thing???? {shakes head knowingly} IT gurus….wadder ya gonna do???

    Again, well done and good idea I wish it every success.

    • bingbing Says:

      No worries. I ain’t a morning person anyway. Tizona time is two hours after Bolt time. Bolt’s first posts usually come up around 6am. Do the math.

    • bingbing Says:

      PS And I just so happened to be positioned in such a way that I have the time.

      And yes, I DO have a job, LOL.

  36. Rendle Says:

    Nice work, bingbing. I feel a little better now.

    And the R rating provides an eagerly awaited opportunity to finally be able to describe Rudd in his own language (no not Mandarin). It’s exhausting holding oneself to higher standards of civility when you know the moonbats abandoned such burdens years ago, to no apparent detriment.

    Intelligence, logic, reason, and honesty are virtues worth holding to. They didn’t abandon those. They just never had them to begin with, did they?

    What’s the “experimental” bit?

    • bingbing Says:

      The experimental bit? That’s if all you fuckers pop over and make my time worthwhile. 😉

    • bingbing Says:

      PS And I’m not talking about money.

    • bingbing Says:

      PPS And I’m not talking about ego. Sure, there’s a bit of that in this. But, in all seriousness, this is bigger than my ego (eek!), and bigger than Bolt as has been demonstrated.

  37. gramfan Says:

    bingbing Says:
    C’mon Gramfs. You can literally comment on every one of Bolt’s posts here… LIVE! There’s a separate thread for each post (a separate post for each thread?)

    Yes, true. I I forget to thank you all for setting this up.
    I cut down commenting over the year, but still enjoyed reading the ‘blog.
    It’s a lot easier than typing!

  38. Nemesis12 Says:

    Bingbing: THANK YOU for setting this up.

    Bitterly disappointed with Andrew, to put it mildly.

    Even more so with that salivating JACKASS Turnbull who will vote IN a Bill that will add $1100 to people’s energy costs?

    Why doesn’t he just join Labor and have done with it?

    AUGH…we have our own RINO’s 😦

    • bingbing Says:

      Oi! In Australia, that would be OINOs! Opposition In Name Only.

    • bingbing Says:

      Oi! No!

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Oi Vey?

  39. Clothilde Says:

    Hi, I have been a loyal follower of Andrew since he first started.
    I used to write under the name RoseB but there were several Roses that were decidedly thorny, so I changed to Clothilde to save confusion.

    Hello to familiar names.

    Watching news tonight on ABC , they just cannot help themselves- had a crack about Tony Abbott ‘lording it’over the results of the 2 bi-elections .
    We were also ‘favoured’ with another church gate /lytch gate interview, should have been a lynch gate.

    Oh what a mealy mouthed miserable little sod, he having the gall to tell Tony to ‘knuckle down’ to get cracking and develop a policy on ‘Climate Change’ after all that has emerged

    .Lemon lips all pursed and petulant. What an example to the young, the sermon didn’t do much for him obviously.

    What a paunch he has and Therese seems to be piling it back on,tress does that and living with him must be very stressful- it certainly is for me just to see the painful twerp.
    Off to Bed now, Andrew has not switched on his submit button or whatever it is he does to allow posts.

    • bingbing Says:

      G’day, glad you popped over. It might be better to comment on the daily (sometimes not on weekends) Bolt thread, lest your comment be buried quickly.

      And yeah, just whose ABC is it?

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