Andrew Bolt – Julia’s (no) red boa moment


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4 Responses to “Andrew Bolt – Julia’s (no) red boa moment”

  1. elsie of brisbane Says:

    I have to comment on this photo after Andrew Bolt seemed to admire it. I noticed Julia Gillard’s untouched hair roots sticking out in parliamentary question time yesterday. The sneering faces she was making at the opposition made her even more unattractive. In this pink photo she looks like she has gone into one of those everymall Glamour Photo shops where they make the plainest and most unattractive people look romantic. It also looks as if she is posing in the loungeroom of a….. brothel!

  2. rabz1 Says:


    What’s the saying?

    Lipstick on a pig?

    Or in this case, a heifer…

    The loathsome repulsive grating comie slag can go jump…

    And before anyone has the gall to denounce me as a sexist, I regard my local ‘member’, braindead ‘ratsarseface’ albansleazey as every bit as repulsive as joylia ‘a dungo took moi boiby’ dullard.

    So spare me the sanctimony, please.

    • Rabz Says:


      Sorry everyone, I was in a very foul mood last night…

    • bingbing Says:

      Rabz, this isn’t NewsLtd… 😉

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