Kevin Rudds Biggest lie.

From the Australian.

PM vows no family will be worse off

KEVIN Rudd will spend $6 billion less compensating households for higher energy prices, however he has assured families that they will not be worse off.

I will point out why this is a lie, has to be a lie and why he should be called out on it.

basically for an emissions trading scheme to work it must coerce people to consume less of everything that requires energy to manufacture. The plan is to do this by increasing the cost of energy, both in the household (at the Powerpoint), and in industry, transport and shopfronts (the big freezers in Woolies dont run themselves you know).

If it doesnt make people consume less then as a policy its stated aim has completely failed. So it MUST make people spend more on less “items”. It cannot as a policy allow people to consume as much “stuff” as they do now.

The ETS bills also protect low-income families by ensuring they are compensated for 120 per cent of the costs expected to flow from the scheme.


So they can consume 120% more energy/items? This has to be a lie or the whole purpose of an emissions trading scheme fails. It can’t do both, you cannot promise people more “stuff” while at the same time adding a tax to discourage people from getting that “stuff”. It just defies logic, it can’t happen, it contradicts itself.

One of Kevs keen supporters yesterday...

Australian Council of Social Service chief executive Clare Martin said she was confident low-income households would be protected from increases in the cost of living resulting from the CPRS.


Surely we can rely on this group to give us unbiased advice, after all they fought hard against the GST, and its led by this woman, Claire Martin. Im sure the ex-state Premier (Labor) can be relied upon not to play politics eh? Nothing is exempted from a CRPS, nothing…

It has to be a lie, the tax is designed to reduce people getting more “stuff”/using energy, it does this by making “stuff” more expensive to produce via a tax.

The people that actually manufacture “stuff” will pass on the cost of the tax to people buying goods, meaning they can buy less.  Its not rocket science, either hes lying about the impact of the tax on the public (making “stuff” more expensive so you have less) or hes lying about just what the tax is designed to do, which is, make “stuff more expensive so you have less….

So that makes him a lying, smarmy little wax gobblin...

7 Responses to “Kevin Rudds Biggest lie.”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Note to krudd;

    Dear kev thank you for the new tax, i mean it’s not as if you theiving sacks of crap can’t find someother worthless piece of shit to spend my hard earned on now is it?

    How about i give you a jolly fuck you and go work offshore so i don’t have to;

    1. Hear your shrill squeaking
    2. See you chow down on ear wax (that is a feral habit shitbrick)
    3. Watch you turn this country to the 3rd world shithole you desire it to be.

    Anyhoo, in closing, you are an incompetent fucknut whose time would be better spent fellating a dead leper. Please feel free to double team yourself with lit dynamite.

    Hugs & Kisses – love to mom


    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Along a similar line…

      Kev implemented an extra “sin tax” on alcopops, with the reasoning that if he made them more and more expensive, people would consume fewer and fewer of them.

      Whether or not one agrees with that particular tax, at least he got the incentivization/disincentivization right. I mean, he didn’t THEN promise that no young alcopoppy binge-drinkers would be worse off under his tax, right? He didn’t raise the dole for 16-25 year olds by an equivalent amount or throw them a cash bonus or three in order to “compensate” them for the extra expense, right? Because, of course, then where is the incentive for these folks to stop buying & bingeing on alcopops?

      Oh, bleh. I give up. Kevin & Ko. make my head hurt.

    • bingbing Says:

      Carps, don’t hold back, brother. Tell ’em what’s really on your mind.

    • bingbing Says:

      Spot, all that “sin” tax effectively did was make it cheaper to buy a regular bottle of rum of whatever and mix it yourself. Stronger drinks, more total alcohol.

      Well done, KRudd.

      (Actually, that’s only half sarcastic).

  2. Shelley Says:

    Did you catch this via TB a couple of days ago?

    This is how both Rudd &Turnbull see the mug punters.

    Just as bucket loads of money!

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      Hard to say which party thinks they arent entitled to your money now, we dont have a party that thinks it should just leave people alone anymore.

  3. Rendle Says:

    This whole stupidity is based on the incorrect premise that I don’t currently pay for my electricity.

    It is already a ‘user pays’ system.

    The system we will adopt is called a ‘middle-class pays’ system, where working people get to pay off the credit cards of those who couldn’t be bothered getting a job but just can’t live without Foxtel.

    It used to be called ‘socialism’. Now it’s called ‘caring about the environment’.

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