Abbott poised to quit


17 Responses to “Abbott poised to quit”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Just watched Turnbull on AlpBC throwing a tanty and giving his pet cause a boost, the man is a goat felcher.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      mmmmmm………I take that back, a goat never did me any harm nor would i wish such a torture on said goat.

      Ok….the man is a mouth breathing, batshit crazy, drooling cretin who deserves to be fisted with a spiked glove by the ladies netball team from Upper Kumbucta West…….Yes much more dignified & animal friendly.

    • bingbing Says:

      And the farmer is Goldman Sachs (of cash).

    • bingbing Says:

      That’s just glovist. You glovist!11

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      glovist………aaaaaahahahahahaha 🙂 i’m going to use that.

  2. fay of perth Says:

    Abbott will be Leader of the Opposition in 2 day’s time. mark my words.He’s stirring up the front bench and others will follow.
    He will force Turnbull’s hand.
    Abbott is a better match for Rudd than Turnbull.
    A real all rounder is our Tony, Degree from Oxford, a rugby player, an intellectual ,and without the inflated egos of either Rudd and Turnbull.he will make Rudd look like a school-boy.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Albanese has been out saying that he & Turnbull had a deal to vote on the ETS bill at 3:45 tomorrow.

      So far Abbott, Minchin & Mirabella have resigned, i suspect they may try for a 2nd spill tomorrow

    • bingbing Says:

      He’s a good head-kicker. And it would be good to see him dish it up in Question Time as leader of the (not-at-the-moment) Opposition.

      Damn, I wish they’d kept Jensen, but.

    • LouMac Says:

      Hi fay,

      I’m not ready for Abbott yet, (was not impressed by the way he handled the P Hanson case), but anyone who opposes the ETS is better than the current leader.

      I for the life of me can’t find an excuse for the unseemly rush this legislation is pursued and supported by Turnbull.

      Don’t like innuendos but what other explanation is there?
      Looks almost as “let this pass quick as we can, so no one can reverse it!

      Ps. anyone but J Hockey, he ruined his reputation for ever with being on the morning show with Kevin.
      Besides he is a bit of a clown anyway!

    • bingbing Says:

      Lou, you’re not reading an expert here by any means, but if the ETS goes through, Goldman Sachs of Cash stand to make a lot of money. Turnbull used to work for Goldman Sachs. And if what Sean of Deer Park thinks he saw on 4Corners years back is true (that Rudd, Gillard AND Turnbull and others set up a shelf company that would trade carbon credits) is true (IF), then there’s certainly plenty of motive there.

  3. Carpe Jugulum Says:


    The main thrust for this is so Komrade Kev can strut and posture a Copenhopenchangin, sort of a Kath & Kim “look at moi” moment.

    I see this primarily as a defensive measure on kevvy the milky bar kids part so he doesn’t cop a beotch slapping from the Kazakstan Minister for Manure Production, who happens to be more popular on the world stage.

    Although when you think about it phlegm & tuberculosis are proably more popular on the world stage than the wax muncher.

  4. Alex Says:

    About an hour before Turnbull’s press conference, I wrote to every Coalition and Independent parliamentarian with the following message:

    “A message to all Coalition and Independent federal parliamentarians:

    I live within the Bradfield electorate and I have always voted for the Liberal party in both houses. I am extremely concerned that the Party is not the one I always have supported. It is with sincere regret that I must inform you that I cannot and will not support ANY party or ANY individual who supports the ETS, or ANY Copenhagen agreement. I also, cannot and will not vote for a party led by Malcolm Turnbull (increasingly described as ‘the Member for Goldman Sachs’). As far as I am (and others of like mind, whom I know, are) concerned, if you support and vote in of any ‘climate change’ bill introduced by the Rudd Labor government, YOU ALSO OWN THAT LEGISLATION. When ‘climate change’ eventually is exposed to be the scam that it is (and inevitably this will happen) how will you convincingly be able to oppose it? You will be ‘tarred by the same brush’. You will have put self-interest above the interests of the country, To say that you have improved terrible proposals is akin to saying that you support actions that will result in one being run over by a Landrover rather than by a bus. PUT PRINCIPLE ABOVE SHORT-TERM SELF-INTEREST (and that includes the short-term interests of your party).

    My first preference in upcoming federal elections will be for candidates supported by the Climate Sceptics Party. In the Senate elections I again, will vote for Climate Sceptics candidates (followed by Nationals candidates). Candidates of parties (and very regrettably, this includes the Liberal party) will follow ALL other candidates who indicate that they will vote against ANY legislation that will expose Australia to more of this ‘climate change’ madness.

    I feel disenfranchised by the ‘progressive’ Liberal party and currently, cannot see my being associated with it. The Liberal party has deserted me, it is not who has deserted the Liberal party. Should the Nationals withdraw from the Coalition and form an actual Conservative party, they will receive my support (and, I am sure, the support of a great number of other conservatives.)

    This is a sad and distressing time.”

    I was so angry upon seeing Turnbull’s performance (following the resignation of Abbott and co. from the front bench) that I fired off the following e-mail to those whom I had written an hour before:

    “Something over an hour ago I sent an e-mail to you expressing my concerns regarding the Liberal Party’s stance on ‘climate change’. Since then, I have witnessed, on ABCTV, Malcolm Turnbull’s response to the resignations of members of the Liberal Party front bench. Words cannot really express the rage that I feel. Turnbull sounds like is was reading straight out of the Labor Party’s handbook … I cannot imagine there being a more strident opposition to the Liberal Party (and those whom it is meant to represent) than this poor excuse for a leader. How dare he insinuate that those who are opposed to action on ‘climate change’ are irresponsible and willing to sacrifice future generations (‘our children and grandchildren’) for our own benefit? He can appeal to the emotions of those who are ignorant of the facts, but he insults those of us who have taken the time and have the ability to understand the issues. Turnbull (and his Labor mates) sicken me with their emotional attacks. Malcolm, slink off to the Labor Party, where you belong. (Yes, I realise that I am very emotional about this.)

    Can Turnbull (or anyone else) really explain why the ETS legislation must be passed prior to Copenhagen? Can they explain why Australia must ‘go it alone’ in this respect? Can they explain how anything that Australia does (with its <2% (AND FALLING … CONSIDER WHERE COUNTRIES SUCH AS CHINA AND INDIA ARE HEADING) contribution to world CO2 emissions) will make a difference? Can they explain why they are dismissive of the revelations coming out of the University of East Anglia leaked e-mails? Can they tell me in which year the Arctic ice is actually going to disappear? (I've seen at least half a dozen different years suggested by 'those who know'.)

    I congratulate those members of the Liberal Party who have put principle above perceived short-term self (and party) interest and I am also grateful for those other members of the Liberal Party who, though their motives may not be so honourable, are also opposing the 'climate change' bills.

    Last time I wrote, I also sent messages to those members who are directly contactable via the web (rather than providing e-mail addresses). This took me a lot of time, so I will not repeat that exercise. Please convey to all of your colleagues the very, very deep concerns that I (and so many other 'grass-roots' Liberals) have."

    By the way, can anyone here tell me if there is way to format one's comments (e.g. italics, indenting, etc.) and if so, how to do it? (I'm a Bolt refugee.) Sorry if I have overlooked something that is obvious.

    • bingbing Says:

      Two points. It’s 1.5%, not 2%.

      And yes, Spot directed to a formatting page..

      Now where is it?


  5. Rabz1 Says:

    Interesting developments…

    Don’t know if I’m quite ready for the mad monkey yet, however…

    Has he actually come out yet and unequivocally denounced yuman induced cloimate change as the absolute and utter crock that it is?

    Still, if he’s quit the front bench bench that is a pretty obvious signal.

    Time to send another message to Senator Minchin…

    P.S. Oh and if anyone could be bothered, here’s the address of my largely unread blog…

    • bingbing Says:

      Thanks for the reminder. See the featured blogs sidebar.

  6. Nemesis12 Says:

    Turnbull at his presc conference says he’ll fight and claims no modern party can survive if it’s sceptical about man-made warming.

    Turnbull you MORON, WE wont survive and the economy will crash if this garbage is passed. You’re supposed to be the OPPOSITION.

    OPPOSE, for Gods sake!!!!!

    Man made warming is a myth, a lie, a scam.

    • bingbing Says:

      Unbelievable, isn’t it? Is the man living in a vacuum? Who does he talk to?

      Probably his mates.

      Why yes. A vacuum powered by Goldman Sachs.

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