Freedom of speech

Lookin’ at YOU Carpe!


And me, and others…

Well, I ain’t apologising, and nor should anyone else IMHO.

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36 Responses to “Freedom of speech”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    I’ll send them a box of tissues, they definately would have a kitten if they went to Obo’s or The Devils Kitchen, either way i think i’m more restrained than usual, meh.

    • bingbing Says:

      The comment involving Rudd and some kind of doubling action was a cracker.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      I stand by the double teaming comment….. I left out the part with the rubber cat suit & gimp mask because i didn’t want to offend any potential goth bloggers.

    • bingbing Says:

      Haven’t checked the stats in a bit, but it can be said with reasonable certainty – call it a gut feeling (hey, if it works in climate science…) – this isn’t the world’s #1 emo blog.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      “#1 emo blog.”


      *wipes tear of mirth*


  2. bingbing Says:

    Besides, this a group blog, and since the bloke who started it – the boss? – was kicked of his own blog, well, what can I say?

  3. Kaboom Says:

    Freedom of Speech? Fuck Yeah!

  4. Angus Dei Says:

    I didn’t think many of the timid tossers at Bolt’s would like it here. And remember Bing, you were first attracted to this place because you could say, “Fuck you, you stupid fucking lefty twat” without getting kicked out.

    • bingbing Says:

      LOL! I certainly do remember. It was great to find some bloggers I already knew – including my own brother – and being able to say what couldn’t be said until then. Not that I want to swear all the time, but that long-awaited freedom to say whatever I wanted to…yum yum. I love that Tizona’s server is in Texas. As Pantera used to say, “FUCK YOU, WE’RE FROM TEXAS.”

      Did you get the emo mail I sent you?

    • Struth Says:

      It’s not so much the language. I haven’t noticed anything vulgar or off-putting here. Not that I’d care anyway. People are creatures of habit, and don’t like change. When I was in the Army (20 years ago) they taught you not to patrol on or near paths and tracks etc. as you are likely to be shot, blown up and ambushed. Creatures of habit follow paths, like sheep.

    • bingbing Says:

      That makes a lot of sense, struth. And this place certainly is a change from Bolt’s, in look and tone, and the content other than the links to Bolt. I suspect also, and whilst not trying to sound patronizing, that because people’s comments aren’t being read on a major news site, viewed by so many people, there isn’t that level of satisfaction gleened.

      LOL, I’m getting caned on Bolt’s “forum”… even by shelley who was here yesterday. Noted that this morning, it sounded like a small bunch of guys just patting each other on the back – which it kinda was. Of course, the irony is that if more people had jumped over, especially the lefties, it wouldn’t have been that. And there wouldn’t, at least percentage-wise, been as much foul language.

      Ho hum, you can’t blame a bloke for trying, right?

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      I blame global warming

  5. spot_the_dog Says:

    The thing is, you makes your choices & you takes the consequences.

    Some people really, really do not like to be hit with in-your-face foul language &/or in-your-face tottie. That’s why, when this blog gets particularly rambunctious, I don’t send or post links to even the most innocuous threads to certain people, because even if you send them a link to a G-rated post here it’s still as easy as clicking on the next or previous post for them to end up with vivid analogies relating to homosexual tongue-on-anus actions or giant photos of ladies’ crotches…

    We’ve kinda had this all out before, but y’all need to understand that while it’s perfectly all right for you to exercise your right to freedom of the press, perhaps instead of demeaning as “precious” the people who don’t like the aforementioned stuff, you should be more understanding/respectful of them exercising their right not to hang out at sites where they’re going to be hit with stuff which is, to them, terribly ugly & offensive.

    As far as I could see, no one is demanding you all be shut down for not being G-rated; they’re just saying “Not my style, thanks.” Okay, so they’re not your “target audience,” whatever that is. Can you not accept that without putting them down?

    • bingbing Says:

      Good points. I made some replies at Bolt’s sort of about this. There are two more but they’re not up, yet.

      This idea has had limited success, but compared to what was hoped, is essentially a failure.

      What to do, what to do…

      Keep it going? It’s extra work but not too much

      Cease it? But it’s helped the hit count and a handful have taken up on it. It hasn’t hurt our technorati rating, either. On a side note, I’d never checked that, but we’re up the last couple of days, and actually a pretty popular blog anyways. Just outside the top 1%.

      Do a Bolt forum?

      Have a separate Bolt page where Bolt’s rules, interpreted as best we can, apply? Eek! But the moderation if even half of them jumped over!

      I’m open to suggestions.

    • bingbing Says:

      Maybe make it a rule to put in a disclaimer before mouthing off? Something like yadda yadda yadda [language time] *&^%#$^&

    • bingbing Says:

      Bolt just updated his comments but my last two weren’t added. There was nothing offensive in them so maybe he was just sick of the chit chat.

      Anyway, we should do something because Wednesday and especially Thursday’s hitcount was up, and comments are still better than before, but essentially the hitcount is back to normal.

      😦 The idea was good. The execution not so.

    • LouMac Says:

      bingbing Says:

      This idea has had limited success, but compared to what was hoped, is essentially a failure.
      What to do, what to do…
      Well, whatever it’s worth, I don’t think the potential course language put off many people at all.

      I has far more to do with the convenience of a linear layout, it’s not very easy to go to the link, read the contents and come back here to comment.

      Now if you could offer an open read of AB’s post
      (which I thought you were going to do, hence my initial query re. legality) in a linear manner with comments underneath, I bet you’d have nearly as many hits a he did.

      Sure, some wilting violets and lefty trolls would be lost, but who cares.

      Just a thought but I’m convinced I’m right in this.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      It’s really up to you, Bingers. I thought your idea had merit, and obviously so do others, so don’t beat yourself up about that.

      I was just kinda trying to point out that any & all editorial decisions here as to what kind of stuff to publish are going to have repercussions. And no, I’m not trying to say you shuld censor, because then although you might gain the people who want a G-rated blog, you might lose the people who like it the way it is.

      I’m not really around enough &/or involved enough over here to give you any valuable input as to this current experiment. I mean, before Wednesday, last time I’d posted here was in April or something, plus I haven’t been much reading the comments at Bolt’s for some time now either – I’m well and truly out of the loop.

      *If* I were you, and *if* I had the time, I’d keep up some form of system allowing people to discuss what Bolt is saying, as long as there’s some interest… But I’m not & I don’t, so I think your best bet is to follow your own instincts on this one.

      Don’t beat yourself up though, no matter what you decide – you took the initiative to try and fill a gap, and that’s a pretty neat thing.


  6. bingbing Says:

    I misjudged. I thought most Bolties would have tolerated the swearing for the opportunity to proceed with “business as usual” plus the added bonus of live, up to the minute blogging.

  7. Kaboom Says:

    Bingster, considering you snivelling apology, I think you have done OK.

    However, Bolta unshackled is a prolific site-hound and linker.

    Tons and tons of hard work.

    You really (if you were so inclined!) need to create a “mirror” site, but this would require permission (I would think) from Herald Sun. An example of a “mirror” is the one Anthony Watts set up for Steve McIntyre at CA.

    Obtaining that permission may be a problem….

    I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how to set up a mirror site, but I would expect that posts can be immediately and automatically copied to the mirror, and commentary could be made available on the mirror.

    However, if former Bolta posters used it, it may well be abused by the Big Teds, sillyfillys and their ilk. You would be forever deleting and moderating comments.

    My 2c? Forget about it. Good try, but similarly to TB’s blog demise, it is too hard to get around. All you are doing is stuffing up your own post order.

    How is the flailed back?

    • bingbing Says:

      I found a used band-aid under the bed. The back is patching up nicely.

    • Kaboom Says:

      I’m glad.

      The Cat-O’-Nine was obviously not up to the usual performance standards required.


  8. Nemesis12 Says:

    I misjudged. I thought most Bolties would have tolerated the swearing for the opportunity to proceed with “business as usual” plus the added bonus of live, up to the minute blogging.

    I’m in. 🙂

    • bingbing Says:

      Cheers, mate. Glad you came aboard. Always loved your comments and glad you chose to continue making them.

  9. bingbing Says:

    Thanks fellas. I’ll have a drink and a think.

    Lou, there’s no way without special permission, I could have just copied AB’s posts. The best option is use right-click and get his posts up in a separate tab or window.

    Then it ain’t so hard switching.

    I’m agreeing with struth’s comment re change more and more. Many people don’t like change, and IMHO, especially righties and/or older folks.

    But sheesh, it was/is better than nothing! And IMHO, actually better than Andrew’s wait-for-three-hours-to-get-a-reply-and/or-get-lost-in-the-ether unless you woke up at the crack of dawn comment system.

    Comment re old Tim Blair duly noted… when do you think this blog started?

    In Korea, often car drivers flick on their hazard lights for a couple of seconds. This is a way of saying sorry and thank you. They drive batshit crazy over here, but nothing as “interesting” as in Nepal.

    Thank you all for the support and sorry to those readers who didn’t/don’t want to partake in this mad – and TBC – experiment.

    That’s a shame, an opportunity lost, and a waste IMHO, but it’s great to be really chuffed after a pretty flat afternoon.

  10. bingbing Says:

    And PS

    The sentiments of Tizona’s editors and loyal readers outweigh the sentiments of our newly-acquired Bolt readers. Not trying to be rude, just saying how I feel.

  11. bingbing Says:

    To all the newbies, let’s get on that “forum” tomorrow and really push the case.

    Just note, this ain’t just an AB mirror site. I love the editors and regular commenters here. This is my favorite blog. And if this mad experiment starts pissing of the other main posters, then it’s gone.

    i.e. If either Gus or Mole want it gone, then sorry, experiment finished.

    • Struth Says:

      Alot of Bolt Bloggers might feel a bit lost or uncomfortable without the Guru keeping an eye on things. If he gave his blessing many would put a toe in the water I’m sure. Instead of mirroring all Bolt’s threads each day, just have a general Bolt thread covering all his posts. Put up an invite again for tomorrow and see what happens. **CLAYTONS BOLT BLOG HERE** e.g.

  12. bingbing Says:

    Damn this soju is strong…

    Call it the early days (and I’m only 30) wannabe rockstar in me, but at least in one corner of the Internet, I don’t want rules. I want totally unabashed FREEDOM. Anarchy, no. Relax, our spam queue is extensive.

    But since we’re all basically of like-minds, politically speaking, fuck me if I’m gonna force my hand on Tizona’s more.

    I’m more than happy to abide by Andrew’s rule of civility or Tim’s kinda-rule of be funny (hard since he went corporate), but here… enough good and damage has been done the last few days and I’m quite expert at pushing the other editors’ patience.

    Besides, with CPRS and Copenhagen looming, is now really the time for quiet discouurse?

    • Kaboom Says:

      Yes, bing, you are right!

      A single Bolta thread where Bolta tragics can have recourse, and immediately insult each other, rather than wait hours for moderation.

      What could possibly go wrong with that?

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Well, i gave my take on the other thread…………but to more important things;

      1. What is soju?

      2. Is it like sake? (not the rubbish Kirin or Suntory make)

      3. will said soju see me wake up on the footpath naked with my car keys up my butt?

      4. Will said soju see me (as above) but with my credit card behind my left ear and a flower tucked behind mt right ear.

      5. Will i get any royalties from the DVD/BluRay- ala paris hilton

      6. Will it make me turn into an Emo that depresses the cartatonic?

      7. Will i go blind, deaf or walk around all day in pajamas humming showtunes.

      Curious minds need to know??????????????

    • bingbing Says:

      What could possibly go wrong? You’re right.

      Carpe, what is soju? Rather than explain, maybe it’s time to link.

      Mind you, the time spent in Miyazaki alerted mwah to a drink called “Sochu”, a local drink… not soJu but effectively the same.

      In a sense, it’s like Korean Saki, or half-stength Vodka, but that’s really an explanation to a crowd who doesn’t know Korea.

      To be boring, is a clear spirit, at about 20%, that’s distilled from rice.

      And it’s unbelievably cheap.

      Hence, that link ain’t quite so surprising when viewed in context.

      Gombai! Or as they say in Korea, Gombae! Such different nations. Just ask Mrs Jugs.

      PS If you want to know the heart of Korea…

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      LOL, (Via link) A picture worth a thousand words Bing

    • bingbing Says:

      Oops. Make that Japanese Saki… blame the soju.

  13. Rosemary Says:

    I don’t have much time in the day to post to forums so can only drop by here occasionally after posting on Andrew’s single thread. I don’t mind the language (although I don’t use it at all, even in RL) I just flick past the worst of the cussing. However I do find this site hard to use. Perhaps the font size is too large because everything is so ‘in your face’ its a bit offputting. Also trying to read old threads is hard once they have vanished off the main list. Have to resort to using November archive to find them. Anyway thats my 2c.

    • bingbing Says:

      I remember when Bolt changed his blog format, it took some adjusting to. If you click on the main banner, that’ll put you on the main page, whereby you can scroll down over all the posts. Also, there’s a “recent posts” thingy under “recent comments” on the left-side banner. Down the bottom of the page is an “older posts” link which basically takes you to page 2. Also, you may want to try hitting ctrl + or ctrl- to change how “big” or “small” the page is on your computer screen.

      Hope that helps a bit…

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