Happy Anniversary, Casablanca! Stephane Grappelli: As time goes by [via Elsie]

Bolt Ruffugees (thx, Rabz!) will be accustomed to clicking on contributor Elsie’s musical links in the daily Forum post there for their daily sanity break and relief from all things political.

As it is the anniversary of the premiere in 1942 of the movie Casablanca, today Elsie gives us jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli playing the theme, As Time Goes By.  Thank you, Elsie 🙂


P.S. deer aNdrW b0Lt, al yor elsies R belong 2 us nOw!!111!!!eleventy-one!!! bwahahahaaa. kthxbai.

11 Responses to “Happy Anniversary, Casablanca! Stephane Grappelli: As time goes by [via Elsie]”

  1. gramfan Says:

    Thanks for that, Elsie! 🙂

  2. bingbing Says:

    Well, not as good as my Whalesong Hits of the 80s double CD collecter’s edition, but still pretty good.

    Na, in all honesty, it’ll have to wait until I’m home. There’s one computer in this school that doesn’t have a sound card. A free bucket of CO2 for guessing for guessing which one.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      I hope he does as a matter of priciple, the ETS bill is a steaming pile of……legislation. Although i feel there may be another leadership tilt coming very soon. (remember M.Turnbull inc – a wholly owned ALP Subsidiary)

  3. Gramfan Says:

    Carpe Jugulum
    I hope so too. They’re stuffed either way. Krudd wedged Turncoat beautifully. He fell for it.

    Abbot and Minchin possibly going – may as well stick to principles. The Libs have had it,IMHO.

    (Why am I constantly getting emails to sign into wordpress and when I do it doesn’t like my password? It happens almost after every post???)

  4. Angus Dei Says:

    Grappelli was great. He was still alive when I was a young musician – he lived to 99! – and I loved to hear him improvise. The old Quintette du Hot Club de France recordings with Django were incredible, of course (Hey, I’m a guitarist, what do you expect?), and his style jut never gets old.

    He was an awesome pianist too, BTW.

  5. bingbing Says:

    Home now. That was beautiful, Elsie. Can’t wait for Friday’s offering.

    We’ll even pay you. Consider yourself the proud owner of one Tizona carbon credit – to be kept in our boardroom safe for, er, safekeeping.

    • elsie of brisbane Says:

      I am deeply honoured bingbing! When next I fly anywhere I will not have to hide my face in guilty shame, but will proudly take my seat in One World class (aka economy) knowing this great offset is in the Tizona safe.

      (I am thinking of stashing away some carbon too. When Rudd’s ETS has worked and there is hardly any carbon left anywhere on the planet, it will be a very rare and valuable commodity.

    • bingbing Says:

      Ahh, it’s a carbon credit, not actual carbon. That would be environmentally irresponsible.

  6. Sean of Deer Park Says:

    I saw this post this morning and thought – Oh good, an Elsie offering (I love these! Good on you Elsie, your taste is remarkably impeccable). Anyway, I have saved it up and I am sure glad I did.

    I have never heard it sounding so good. Very soothing, very calm.

    What a relief after today’s stressful political turmoil. I will now sleep like a baby tonight and look forward to more delights from the wonderful, Elsie. (blows a big kiss and a hug)

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