Send this through a carwash at BP?

Via teh interwebs. Actually, it’s an email doing the rounds claiming the car is painted with white gold. Probably to provoke some kind of reaction towards the middle east. It’s all over google.

More likely, though, it’s chrome. Not exactly a new concept.

Still, what a pic!

However, who else is sick and tired of those emails which come in all too often, and yet with a simple check on or google are proven to be full of crap?

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4 Responses to “Send this through a carwash at BP?”

  1. Sean of Deer Park Says:

    Yeah… I sent pics of this car to Tim Blair a few days ago thinking he’d appreciate the glamour of it all!

    I can also vouch as fact, a sheik in Dubai has a Merc with real diamond pin strips on platinum body work. My sister was a trolley dolly for Emirates in the 1990’s and went shopping with him to order the diamonds – all 5000 of them! So I would say it is quite likely it is possibly white gold. Crazy, eh!

    Beats the old wood grain panels along the side of the station wagon, 70’s style. LOL

    • bingbing Says:

      Tried the website, then searched snopes. Couldn’t find it except on google where general consensus is that it’s chrome.


      Snopes got an email. It’ll be interesting to see what they dig up. Should they have already dug, it might be prudent if they get “words” like “mercedes SLR” or “white gold mercedes” to pop up on their search function.

      Incidentally, McDonald’s burgers never contained worms.

  2. Elise Walker Says:

    No kidding. What people do to get noticed. But this car looks great nevertheless.

  3. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    I just dont get this, maybe I am just a hoon, but for the kind of money it would cost to get a finish like that, forget maintaining it in a desert with sand storms and such, you could build something that would eat a Veyron for breakfast.

    Some kind of Torana painted in primer perhaps…

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