Column – How the Liberals snatched back their party


20 Responses to “Column – How the Liberals snatched back their party”

  1. aussie Says:

    The Liberals need to be careful and not vote in Joe Hockey as leader. He would make a miserable leader, and he would not represent the conservative values of the constituency.

    The present Liberal leadership are making the same mistake as the Republicans in the USA when they offered John McCain as their Presidential candidate. A RINO was not acceptable and so the voters stayed home. We do not have that option when it comes to elections. However, there is always the choice of not voting properly or going for an alternative which would hurt the Liberals.

    The answer is to see Abbott and Andrews in the leadership. Julie Bishop is weak and not a viable choice. Joe Hockey continues with the same policies. Abbott and Andrews understand that there needs to be a stark choice between the parties.

    • bingbing Says:

      Abbott’s by far their best choice and probably the best candidate to dish it out to Rudd during Question Time. Still, he doesn’t come across as a leader as well as Howard did. Then again, Howard survived Lazarus with a triple bypass, and who’d have thought five years ago that the little man from Nambour, Kevin Rudd, would ever be PM?

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      I tend to get the idea that Hockey is keeping his ‘powder dry’ for a tilt further down the road (gotta love mixed metaphors). Abbott & Andrews i see as office holders in the short to medium term but promoting some new blood (Jensen et al) would be a wise move.

      One of my main bitches with the Libs at the moment is i have no idea any more what they stand for or what their vision is for the electorate, either way they are not presenting themselves in a way representative of my beliefs, mainly less tax, less goverment regulation, less of faceless pencil necks dictating how my life should be lived.

      The RINO comparison is bang on.

    • Ian Says:

      I agree, Aussie. Hockey is a lightweight. His tweet today asking his ‘team’ for their feedback on the ETS says it all. He’s blowing with the wind. We need a leader of conviction, who knows his own mind. Abbott fits this bill. His apparent flip-flopping in the last 2 weeks have, I believe, been a result of his dilemma between playing the party man and supporting his leader, and his natural dislike of the ETS policy. He will have to explain this and how he finally came down on the side of principle.

      Abbott’s achilles heel is his stumbling delivery. He is obviously a thoughtful man, and struggles sometimes to put his thoughts across, but I’m putting that down to a confidence problem. When pushed he can be more assertive, as witnessed recently on Q&A when he dealt beautifully with Catherine Deveney. If he gets it, it will be interesting to see how desperate the ALP droids get in attacking him. It’ll be an indication of how worried they are having to face a serious opponent.

      Abbott and Andrews would be my preferred ticket.

  2. Rabz Says:


    FFS, don’t these gliberal idiots understand anything? When has that ignorant bumbling braindead buffoon hockey ever come out in opposition to an ETS, or state that global norming is an absolute and utter crock?!?

    This is getting so utterly infuriating and pathetic I’m tempted to head down to blandberra and start cracking some skulls…

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      I’ll drive, bring your own stick.

    • Rabz Says:


      I’ve just Joe a li’l facebook message (he’s one of my ‘friends’)…


      You braindead global norming idiot, GET OUT OF THE WAY!


    • Ian Says:

      I see the abc are doing their darnedest to get ‘their’ man up.

      Hockey must be resisted!

      (If that link doesn’t work, btw, how do we do them here?)

  3. Ian Says:

    No dramas. Worked like a bought one!

  4. fay of perth Says:

    when Joe Hockey said the Liberal party is now a “progressive” one – (we all know what that means–Left-wing centrist.)I went right off him
    A nice fella Joe, but not too bright. Abbott was a Rhodes Scholar . he’s my choice.

    • Struth Says:

      You would have liked Eric Abetz giving Lindsay Tanner a right thrashing on channel 10s 11o’Clock news today Fay. It was poor Tanner’s turn to front the media and do Rudd’s spruiking and bidding for him. Abetz hit him for six. It was great to see.
      Soon the Party will be back in the hands of the conservatives.
      Turdball, Hockey stick, Pyne-apple for brains and the rest of them can burn.

  5. elsie of brisbane Says:

    Here is a link to the Abetz/ Tanner interview

    • Sue Says:

      Great interview, and what the Libs have been needing for quite some time. The media walk all over Turnbull and Hockey, and they let them.

  6. fay of perth Says:

    Elsie , thanks for the video link with Eric and Lindsay..Tanner had almost a little smirk on his face ,as if he would like to see Rudd topple, so he could become leader.I think Rudd has become a joke even within his own party
    Strewth, -I hope to God the Libs don’t pick “Friends to All Men”– Joe Hockey. as their leader
    They need a head-kicker like Abbott.He would be a formidable opponent to Rudd in parliamentary debate

    • elsie of brisbane Says:

      I agree fay! I think Abbott is the best hope the Libs have got in the current circumstances……My younger daughter said, “Oh, Joe Hockey, I thought he was a Labor friend of Rudd as he appeared on Sunrise with him all the time”. (Nearly as bad as Turnbull and O’Brien being so cosy and friendly with each other tonight)

      My husband thinks the average nong in the street thinks something must be done to “Save the Planet,” and the Liberal Party will be decimated in a double dissolution election.

      I sincerely hope he is wrong!

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Finally got around to watching the video, i have to agree i don’t think there is any love lost between Tanner & rudd (ick), as much as it grates on my spine i would prefer Tanner over the narcissist at least he has some level of nous and a brain. Hockey tries to be the everyman (a friend to all) which i don’t think works.

      I prefer Abbott because he has more firm committments and beliefs but he needs to re-establish what the core values of the Libs are and step back from populist politics, his detractors will try to saddle him with baggage from the Howard govenment (the best we ever had) but if he can give a clear message to conservatives, the centre right and the liberterians he could carry the day.

      I expressed my doubts earlier that he may be a caretaker for Hockey, but the more i think about it the more i see a chance to get back and listen to the average voter, as we have seen today, grassroots campaigns where everyday folk start emailng their MP to voice their view can work.

  7. Struth Says:

    I agree about Hockey, Fay. A lightweight populist. Likeable etc. and most probably genuine, but not the man for the job.
    He was Rudd’s chummy ‘adversary’ on Sunrise every week.
    Remember the pair of fools at the Isurava memorial on the Kokoda track with their Channel 7 t-shirts on? They delayed the dawn service an hour that day so it could be broadcast live on Sunrise? Boo & Hiss. The Libs need to clear out all the centrists and leftists(yes, leftists) to the backbenches and then oblivion at the next election. They need to give the Nats like Truss and Barnaby more say and more clout, too. It’s a sad indictment on them at the moment when old Tuckey is one of the only ones with the guts to stand up and talk sense.

    • The Wizard of WOZ Says:

      “It’s a sad indictment on them at the moment when old Tuckey is one of the only ones with the guts to stand up and talk sense.”

      I couldn’t agree more. As much as the press like to bag Tuckey as being some old redneck, there is a simple reason he has been around for as long as he has: He speaks what he thinks without any fear of being ‘wrong’ (un-PC) and most people in his electorate agree with him. And the fact he is usually right might have something to do with it too.

      If the Libs had more folk like him, there is a good chance KRuddy would never have been elected in the first place.

  8. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Ahem, ‘simple reason why he has been around’.

    We really need a perview…

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      I miss perview, it was mt fiend

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