How many boats before Rudd scraps his new laws?


6 Responses to “How many boats before Rudd scraps his new laws?”

  1. fay of perth Says:

    In 2001, the essential part about the bi-partisan border control policy adopted , is to ask ourselves today, what would have happened had the Howard government not ‘solved the problem with the “Pacific Solution”??
    Among the left elites, at the time were those who wanted something akin to an open border– the then Australian Republican Movement leader-,one ,Malcolm Turnbull actually wanted to lift the refugee intake” massively” .

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Fay i agree when you say that these elites would be happy with an open border, yet they fail to see what a disaster an open border policy has been in the UK. Howard did the right thing and stopped the boats, kevvy now has what, 47 deaths on his head this year alone, think kev think souless narcissist.

      Now……for the delicate, Uncle Carpe is getting grumpy, so if swearing offends you block your ears and look away…..m’kay.

      “We have plenty of room” they say, apart from our generally urban coastl society much of it is farming, mining, locked up in native title or semi arid fuckin desert. Let alone how….how the fuck do we house these people, find jobs for these people. I mean really…. half the country is on water restrictions.

      What do these cockwafts want? Melbourne and Sinney as the largest urban ghetto’s in the Southern hemisphere. Who pays the welfare bill?……..fuck off….. i’m running out of income for the government to tax so some feckless lazy arsehole can suck on the welfare teat.

  2. bingbing Says:

    That graph is very telling. And a few years back, those 47 odd people would still be alive. Sure, on a pacific island – and I can think of worse places to be – but alive. And of course, just how did most or all of those people die? They drowned. What a horrible way to go, whether you can swim a bit and hold it off for God knows how many hours, or whether you can’t .

  3. Rendle Says:

    That is what I would call a hockey stick.

  4. Nemesis12 Says:

    I can think of a great way for all of them to be safe and sound, and not ever risk their lives on a boat that may be a deathtrap.

    Find Aust embassy.
    Enter embassy.
    See person.
    Get forms.
    Fill in forms.
    Hand in forms to nice man in embassy.
    Join queue.

    Emigrate legally, safe and sound.

    Problem solved.

  5. 1.6 Says:

    What do you expect? There’s free broadband and a lifetime of pensions!

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