Bolt’s weekend thread…

…Is here. Whatever the machine decides to blog on the usual 57,000 times on over the course of this weekend can be discussed here.

Not trying to be rude, but man, that bloke knows how to churn out posts!

PS Whenever you see a link to a Bolt post, just right click it and open in a new tab or window. Sure, it’s not as convenient as before but it is more convenient than waiting however long to see your comment put up.


David Jones runs both hot and cold

New Zealand’s man-made warming… Dodgy graphs

Turnbull’s scientists

IPCC too “politicised” to survive

Boat people praise Rudd

Not a warming world but warming friendships… Journalists in too cozy relationships with “warming” scientists

From the ashes green shoots
… It’s a Liberal party one; Cory Bernadi and Mitch Fifield

Why time is the Liberals’ friend.. Abbott top contender for Lib’s leadership

Hiding the European decline

Tiger hurt… Tiger woods in a car crash and how it’ll be one of the biggest news stories today

A betrayal of science – and of you… It just keeps piling up

Do you like the new format? It frees up the page for Tizona’s editors to post our own rants.


Well, no, this experiment hasn’t so far worked as well as I’d hoped, and probably never will, but I was perhaps too quick to say it failed. In the light of a new day, it hasn’t. Tizona’s has become a much more lively blog. Thus I want to reiterate a really big welcome to all our new readers! 🙂 It’s been great to see more kindred spirits.

If only the other Bolties would have been prepared to acknowledge a: it would have been a nightmare to moderate all the comments to have them adhere to Bolt’s rules (er, that’s why Bolt took down his comments in the first place!) and b: that not being a News Ltd site, people are free to let their hair down and will most likely do so and c: that ain’t live blogging great?

Rabz, if you feel like sending in some piccies of the christening (baptism?), just say so in comments. I’ll email you, and then you can send them back. Don’t bother with the Tizona email addy. I’ve no idea who checks it. I don’t. Can’t even remember the password.

PS And folks, feel free to give this group, and that means YOU, a plug in Bolt’s Saturday “forum”. Meh.


If you’ve come here and it’s not your style, that’s fine and understandable. However, before hitting the x button, please consider an alternative.

The Svengali of the Liberal revolt speaks

Well, we’ve been attacked by the the Pure Poison boys…
First it was Wronwright, understandably…


Anyway, linky.

PS Thinking about ripping off the graphs, youtube stuff, piccies etc. Fair usage doctrine. Would that makeiit a bit easier for folks, and as an added bonus, give Jeremy more fodder?

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