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…Is here. Whatever the machine decides to blog on the usual 57,000 times on over the course of this weekend can be discussed here.

Not trying to be rude, but man, that bloke knows how to churn out posts!

PS Whenever you see a link to a Bolt post, just right click it and open in a new tab or window. Sure, it’s not as convenient as before but it is more convenient than waiting however long to see your comment put up.


David Jones runs both hot and cold

New Zealand’s man-made warming… Dodgy graphs

Turnbull’s scientists

IPCC too “politicised” to survive

Boat people praise Rudd

Not a warming world but warming friendships… Journalists in too cozy relationships with “warming” scientists

From the ashes green shoots
… It’s a Liberal party one; Cory Bernadi and Mitch Fifield

Why time is the Liberals’ friend.. Abbott top contender for Lib’s leadership

Hiding the European decline

Tiger hurt… Tiger woods in a car crash and how it’ll be one of the biggest news stories today

A betrayal of science – and of you… It just keeps piling up

Do you like the new format? It frees up the page for Tizona’s editors to post our own rants.


Well, no, this experiment hasn’t so far worked as well as I’d hoped, and probably never will, but I was perhaps too quick to say it failed. In the light of a new day, it hasn’t. Tizona’s has become a much more lively blog. Thus I want to reiterate a really big welcome to all our new readers! 🙂 It’s been great to see more kindred spirits.

If only the other Bolties would have been prepared to acknowledge a: it would have been a nightmare to moderate all the comments to have them adhere to Bolt’s rules (er, that’s why Bolt took down his comments in the first place!) and b: that not being a News Ltd site, people are free to let their hair down and will most likely do so and c: that ain’t live blogging great?

Rabz, if you feel like sending in some piccies of the christening (baptism?), just say so in comments. I’ll email you, and then you can send them back. Don’t bother with the Tizona email addy. I’ve no idea who checks it. I don’t. Can’t even remember the password.

PS And folks, feel free to give this group, and that means YOU, a plug in Bolt’s Saturday “forum”. Meh.


If you’ve come here and it’s not your style, that’s fine and understandable. However, before hitting the x button, please consider an alternative.

33 Responses to “Bolt’s weekend thread…”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Read this on boltas page;

    “Interesting Comment on Facebook: Here is one to Joe Hockey.

    I support the Liberal party, and I support you, Joe. I want you to know I oppose the ETS because I feel that Global warming is a fraud and so the ETS will only be a tax on business and a pork barrel for the ALP.

    Someone replied

    I don’t understand your logic.
    You oppose the ETS but you support Joe who supported the ETS? You think Global Warming is a fraud but support Joe who believes it is real.

    Joe is now asking us for our thoughts to help enlighten him on what has just happened?

    He didn’t see the tidal wave coming but is now saying “what the F was that!!!!”

    OK! I am with that 2nd guy!”

    Pure gold – (Hat Tip to commenter Barb Dwyer), Personally i’m not warming to Hockey being a nice bloke does not necessarily equate to leadership.

    • Struth Says:

      Hockey is nothing more than a fat, jolly and likeable version of Turnbull. According to the article in the Age today, he is
      a ‘progressive’ etc. They are rooting for him, naturally. The thought of Rudd having to face a real opposition leader after 2 years free ride and endless honeymoon disturbs them. Senator Chris Evans (ALP) is aghast that ‘ugly right-wing deniers’ are taking over the Liberal Party. Thank Christ for that!

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      You have a point Struth, i feel what they need now is a proven performer with a bit of mongrel in them that can take the fight to the alp in question time.

      As for ‘ugly right-wing deniers’ i think evans is referring to the grassroots people who have had enough of liarbor lite from MT and have begun to find their voice, much like the Tea Party movement in the US.

      Someone out there has to represent the values and ideologies of conservatives and libertarians, and you are right it is not Hockey….vive le revolution….pissoff liarbor lite & progressives.

    • Sue Says:

      Hockey is the equivalent of Beasley – a nice bloke but unelectable.

  2. Rabz1 Says:

    Thanks all,

    I’ve appreciated the welcome.

    There’s a southerly heading into Yidney as we speak. This may make setting the BBQ up a ‘bit’ mo’ difficult.

    The outdoor setting looks fabbo.

    Will send pics.


    • Nemesis12 Says:

      Will you kindly explain the “yidney” reference?

    • Rabz1 Says:

      It’s a nickname for Sydney.

      Nothing malicious, I assure you.

    • Nemesis12 Says:

      I hope so, as whether you realise it or not, that name has some nasty connotations.

    • Struth Says:

      ‘Yid’ is short for Yiddish, a Germanic language spoken by a lot of European Jews, although not so much thesedays.
      Schmuck, Putz etc. I think Rabz by the look of his Sydney Roosters hat would be permitted to use the term.

    • Rabz1 Says:

      Thanks Struth,

      It’s actually my 40th Boithday Party Yarmulke.

      Yes, I’m a Yid and proud of it.

      Nothing negative about it.


    • Nemesis12 Says:

      Rabz: AH..Now I get it

      D’oh! 🙂

    • Rabz1 Says:

      No worries Nem!

  3. fay of perth Says:

    What is Joe Hockey’s brand of a Liberal Party?
    He believes in one which promotes free enterprise,- and individualism-; but the worrying part is also his belief in”modern liberalism” which I translate to mean that he is progressive on most issues.
    That be the case, he must believe in a “progressive education system” ;–( i.e. ) which means an approach to education ,celebrating a process student -centred view , where teachers should “facilitate “, rather than ” teach ” a prescribed academic curriculum. What students learn , is secondary to developing “skills,” whatever they may be. Traditional methods are obsolete. to the educrats So according to Joe’s professed political philosophy, the left-wing “dumbing down” system of Australian education would be OK to leave in place ,if ever PM.
    What a bleak future for our kids.
    As an ex-teacher of the Dark Ages, I sincerely hope that Mr Hockey does not become the next leader of the Opposition.

    • bingbing Says:

      Mum is also an ex teacher of the Dark Ages. Thus I’ve had this progressive shit explained in some detail.


    • Sue Says:

      Education was socialised in the early 70’s THANKS GOUGH!!

      Teachers are no longer respected.

      Curriculum is based on the LCD Method (Lowest Common Denominator). TAFE is even worse.

  4. elsie of brisbane Says:

    I have commented on this blog before from time 2 time, starting ages ago….. I admire what you do.

    It has been a wierd few days to say the least, but I feel much more hopeful about Australian politics than I did before….(until the Queen, speaking at CHOGM, came out with a plea for Australia to lead the world on Climate Change, that is).

    But not Joe Hockey for opposition leader..No!

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Evening Elsie;

      Yes the blurb by HRH threw me a bit, She is a woman i quite admire but her latest speech will go into the WHF section of my brain.

      Again i concur, with Hockey, i initially gave him some tentative support, but the more i thought about it the less appealing he became. He is a genuinely nice fellow and therin lies the problem, a jolly chap is not what i see as a criteria for leadership. A ‘good bloke” does not equate to a good leader and that is why i would back Abbott. I really believe he has finally decided this current political experiment has failed and it is time to get back to the basics and listen to what the everyday conservatives and Right leaning libertarians are saying.

      If the email meltdown (on Friday) with Lib Mp’s & Senators is an indication of how people express their outrage , then the tide may have turned and finally…………finally, our elected representatives are beginning to hear the voice of those who got them elected and our values and voices deserve to be heard.

      As far as rants go i was OK with that – normally i would have made a longshoreman faint.

  5. Shelley Says:

    this is interesting…

    The IPA has started putting up videos of it conference “The Economic Consequences of Climate Change” at Vimeo ( You can see the opening address by Terry McCrann and Dr Brian Fisher. Hopefully the rest will follow shortly. Every speaker at the event spoke against the CPRS, and several were incredulous that a government would propose such a destructive policy.
    Richard Stacpoole (Reply)
    Sat 28 Nov 09 (04:30pm

    And two Advance the Republic of Australia people are getting the big tick of approval from the Queen for their ETS. I thought she was suppose to keep her beak out of politics! I’ll believe this theory of man made global warming crap when those polie bears start falling from the sky.
    Until then both sides of politics would be best served doing all they can to put a muffler on the old dear, lest we start reminding all and sundry that Australia long ago stopped being a penal colony!

    • Struth Says:

      Marm and her kind are all chummy with the TPTB at the top of the food chain who are keen to subdue and enslave us into Gaia worship.

  6. Maggie Says:

    Count me as another one who does not want to see Joe Hockey as Liberal leader. Progressive is the same as Barak Obama in USA. Yuk.

  7. Maggie Says:

    I found a link that is worth a look. It concerns the IPCC and peer review. It goes back to 1996. It is worth the read:

  8. Shelley Says:

    I know that cough, cough…..crikey…. around here is a very bad swear word but did anyone happen to read No party lasts forever, split happens.?

    Coming from this from a different angle, would it really be the worst thing if Mal and his mates took their bat and ball and walked?

    • eggz Says:

      ‘Coming from this from a different angle, would it really be the worst thing if Mal and his mates took their bat and ball and walked?’

      Mal can bat on wherever he choses … Next!

    • WinstonSmith101 Says:

      It’s interesting to watch the ideologies at work, and how they deal with an issue.
      Labor will subdue dissidents or negotiate to the end to keep the Labor Party going.
      OTOH, the Libs know nothing lasts forever, and the only way to move forward is sometimes to destroy the party so it can be reborn.
      So Mal, you can piss off.

  9. Gabs Says:

    Thanks for linking Andrew’s blog here – what a great public service – good onya!

  10. Gramfan Says:

    It’s great to see some more familiar names here.

    I am stuck with my wordpress name so that will have to do for now.

    I saw Andrew on Insiders and I think he looked exhausted.
    (left the room as soon as Joolia came on).

    Frankly, the past few days have been relentless for those of us who like to stay up to date.

    My husband has even been ‘blogging and sending out emails to MP’s. Most never reply.

    Twitter has also been in overload on Climategate and I am glad many people are not letting it go.

    I sent a tweet to Hockey saying Rudd was the gift that keeps on giving but you have thrown it away. That’s how I see it anyway.

    The loopy MSM are more concerned about the Liberal party spill than they are about the truth on ‘climate change’.
    They are really disgusting!

    If my post seems a bit disjointed it’s because my brain is fried!

    The 24 hour news cycle is a killer.

    Thanks again to everyone here for giving us some of our little community back.

    • Struth Says:

      Internet driven Plebian Power is a force to be reckoned with as Turnbull is finding out. More and more people are awakening on a daily basis having realised the manipulation, propaganda and dumbing-down they have beed subjected to by the Globalist/Fascist MSM.

    • Rabz1 Says:

      The Bolt looked exhausted!

      Who would’ve thought?

      I feel a little less peeved about him shutting down comments now.

      BTW, never seen ‘im on telly.

      He is a true legend. Despite all the personal abuse, he’s worn it and soldiered on, at much risk to ‘imself and ‘is family.

      When you hear braindead leftists ranting on aboot ‘speaking’ “trooth to power”, they’re being soft socialist wimps as usual.

      The Bolt is the one who’s truly courageous.

      Remember people, our new motto:

      20 years and counting!

      Rabz of Big Soot Central

      P.S. Guys, this ‘experiment’ as you called it, has woiked beautifully.

      Live blogging rules!

  11. gramfan Says:

    We have a reply from one Liberal MP, Peter Lindsay. No “dear Mr XXX”, just straight in with the first name:

    “Human induced global warming is real and scientifically validated. So I will not allow history to record that I stood for doing nothing on one of the great challenges of our time.

    Change is now happening at an alarming rate so I am not prepared to put off action any longer.

    Australians expect their political leaders and their political parties to take effective action on climate change because it is an important issue for them and their children.

    The Opposition has always had significant concerns with the Rudd Government’s CPRS legislation. That is why we fought for changes to the proposed scheme, to improve its design and protect Australian jobs.

    As a result of the changes secured by the Opposition, tens of thousands of Australian jobs have been saved, farmers have been protected by permanently excluding agriculture from the scheme, $1.1 billion in direct support to small and medium businesses will be delivered, and the threat of blackouts and interruptions to the electricity supply has been removed.

    Nobody is suggesting that we should be way out in front of the rest of the world. The approach that is being undertaken as a result of our amendments is for Australia to start cutting its emissions slowly prior to any global agreement. That is responsible.

    I recognise that this issue has been the subject of considerable debate in the community. This is a difficult issue for many Australians and many Liberals.

    We all recognise that there are many people, including supporters of our party, who have doubts about the science of climate change.

    But most people who doubt the science also know that it makes sense to take out insurance until any risk is either averted or proven wrong.

    As Margaret Thatcher said in 1990, this is about risk management. Or, as Rupert Murdoch has said, we have to give the planet the benefit of the doubt.

    We must have a credible position on climate change.

    We were prepared to act when we were in government and John Howard was Prime Minister. We started legislating for an emissions trading scheme to put a price on carbon and enable Australia to cut its greenhouse gas emissions.

    We are at a turning point in the history of the Liberal Party. We cannot go backwards.

    We can either be seen as a party of tomorrow, a forward-looking party that believes in taking action on climate change, or we can go backwards.

    Right across the community there is a massive majority in favour of taking action on climate change.

    For our party, turning back the clock is not an option.

    We cannot be a party of do-nothings on this issue.

    Perpetual delay is not a responsible or credible approach.

    The Liberal Party has to be committed to taking responsible action on climate change if we want to stay a relevant political force in Australia.

    Peter Lindsay MP

    Federal Member for Herbert


    This is the lunacy we are up against! A well-written reply has been sent by my husband:

    “Thank you for your email. It is such a pity that you have fallen for this ‘junk science’. Your letter and knowledge of real science, and critical thinking, is clearly abysmal, in my humble opinion.

    Climate science is an oxy-moron, and any scientist who claims to be able to predict, of all things, the climate 30 or 50 or 100 years ahead, is no better than an astrologer, and should be treated as such. Indeed a real ‘scientist’ would not even dream of presenting such nonsense, and ‘real scientists’ would not argue using ‘consensus’, which is the opposite of science. These are the real warning signs that you should have noticed.

    Here is the latest poll, you may want to take notice of:

    Also your arguments such as “But most people who doubt the science also know that it makes sense to take out insurance until any risk is either averted or proven wrong.”, are quite disingenuous. They sound convincing, but they are not if critically examined in the context of an ETS scheme.

    If you were really serious about cutting CO2 emissions, you would legislate for reduced emission levels without it being a tax, in the same way as we have water restrictions in Victoria, and have dealt with other ‘pollutants’. An ETS is a money making/ tax scheme not a pollution reduction scheme. What an absurdity!

    Of course, the whole idea of CO2 as a pollutant is nonsense, as life depends on it. Please do some proper research instead of falling for political correctness, junk science and false logic.

    Modernising the Liberal Party has nothing to do with supporting Labor’s ETS .

    I am extremely disappointed with your letter. It is clichéd and full of political rhetoric which sounds ‘reasonable’, but if critically examined is hollow, and largely without merit .

    Yours sincerely XXXX”

    • bingbing Says:


      The Maggie Thatcher angle is especially insidious. She only came up with it as a means to bust up the coal unions which were causing her much grief.

      Global Warming; political in its conception, political to this day.

    • Nemesis12 Says:

      But most people who doubt the science also know that it makes sense to take out insurance until any risk is either averted or proven wrong.

      THAT is why you want to give the UN SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS?

      If you were really serious about cutting CO2 emissions, you would legislate for reduced emission levels without it being a tax, in the same way as we have water restrictions in Victoria, and have dealt with other ‘pollutants’.

      If he was really serious about climate change, he would

      Sell the car
      walk everywhere
      Never fly
      Sell the fridge
      Get rid of any air conditioning
      Never ride in chauffered cars
      Sell the computer
      Get off the grid and go 100% solar
      Never use plastic bags
      Grow your own food and catch your own fish (as they are delivered by carbon spewing cars)

      Australians expect their political leaders and their political parties to take effective action on climate change because it is an important issue for them and their children.

      Is that why you intend to tax them into oblivion?

      Change is now happening at an alarming rate so I am not prepared to put off action any longer.

      Yes it is…and its been happening for MILLIONS of years..WE have nothing to do with it.

      Right across the community there is a massive majority in favour of taking action on climate change.

      Oh? Really? Havent seen you here recently. When did you come to my community? Knock on my door. Ask ME what I think?

      Never. Thats when.

      AUGH!!!! 😦

  12. gramfan Says:

    Yes, you are right about that! We know more than they do.

    It’s so disappointing isn’t it?

  13. gramfan Says:

    Oh good. Plimer has put out a piece finally:

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