The Svengali of the Liberal revolt speaks

Well, we’ve been attacked by the the Pure Poison boys…
First it was Wronwright, understandably…


Anyway, linky.

PS Thinking about ripping off the graphs, youtube stuff, piccies etc. Fair usage doctrine. Would that makeiit a bit easier for folks, and as an added bonus, give Jeremy more fodder?

5 Responses to “The Svengali of the Liberal revolt speaks”

  1. co2 Says:

    The naked pumpkin girl photograph?

    I would like to think Andrew and Tim understand that this is a small part their community.

  2. 1.6 Says:

    Do you think they’re wanting indirect publicity an hits on their website because you’ve posted it here on this blog? Let’s face it, there’s more readers here than Crikey.

  3. Shelley Says:

    Crikey. Go for the gold. Rip off the lot!

    I don’t often agree with the Crikey crew however they get the odd information out there before others.
    I’m so glad that Nigel Brennan is at last free for example. If it was one of my family even the dog would be turning tricks under the street light to get that cash.
    Good on all that have donated.
    Looks like some part with their money for charity easier than others. Dick Smith and Bob Brown aren’t anywhere near the paper my list of fav people is on. Yet here they are cash and no questions asked (don’t get me started about Brown begging people to send him their lunch money to pay his overdue fines a few months ago!).
    And then you strike this gem…

    Mr Smith said a number of Rich Listers, including a prominent Queensland billionaire, had been asked for money by the Brennans but never returned their calls.

    And you have to wonder in light of the venom “THE GOVERNMENT” have been getting from the rellies of this poor blighter about the lack of assistance they gave if it was our dear leader Rudd and his good lady that for once couldn’t even find a phone.

    Senator Brown versus the Somali Pirates
    Andrew Crook

  4. Rabz1 Says:


    those wefties, they’re so cwever…

    Rabz of peak wingnut

  5. bingbing Says:

    You may want to copy and save this…

    Peak Wingnut©


    Peak Wingnut®


    Peak Wingnut™

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