Climate Pseudoscience was a Mind Control Plot All Along

From The Dread Pundit Bluto, we get this gem of Orwellian Mind Control from the fraudulent, now disgraced, pseudoscientists currently being entombed by Climategate.

“There is plenty of evidence relating to attitudes towards and behaviour on climate change, general environmental behaviour change and the whole issue of sustainable development communication. As we reviewed the research for these principles, one ‘überprinciple’ emerged: “Changing attitudes towards climate change is not like selling a particular brand of soap – it’s like convincing someone to use soap in the first place.”

At first glance, some of the principles may seem counterintuitive to those who have been working on sustainable development or climate change communications for many years. Some confront dearly cherished beliefs about what works; a few even seem to attack the values or principles of sustainable development itself. However, these principles are a first step to using sophisticated behaviour change modelling and comprehensive evidence from around the world to change attitudes towards climate change. We need to think radically, and the Rules of the Game are a sign that future campaigns will not be ‘business as usual’. This is a truly exciting moment. [You want excitement? Come over to my house and try peddling your lying, putrid wares to me. I’ll show you magnum levels of excitement. – Beef]

Yeah, that’s right, these lying pseudo-intellectuals peddle their pseudo-scientific lies with mind control tactics. Like I’ve said for years, there is no sub-class of human beings more susceptible to peer pressure and mind control than leftards are.

In real life, leftards don’t fight mind control. Rather, they embrace it.

4 Responses to “Climate Pseudoscience was a Mind Control Plot All Along”

  1. Struth Says:

    If you make a lie big enough,( despite evidence freely available to the senses, which prove its absurdity); people will not only believe it, they will fight for its belief. Peer group pressure and pride play a large part in it I suppose.
    Few are game to go against the groupthink, hivemind, super-organism, ‘consensus reality’ etc. It is a powerful force.

  2. Rabz1 Says:


    Can anyone ever imagine, let alone actually have the good fortune to behold these braindead hysterical idiots admitting they’re wrong?

    There’s been way too much fanaticism invested in this whole scam for the most prominent purveyors to come out and admit it though. Despite the evidence against this whole loathsome commie scam continuing to inexorably mount up.

    Climategate should be the final straw, but the good ol’ braindead lamestream meeja, including the ALPBC, the smage, etc, just continue to bleeping ignore it…

    Could anyone really picture that pathetic l’il pansy ruff and that evil robotic maoist cow ever admitting they’re wrong?

    Unfortunately, that’s why we’re going to be stuck with this absolute and utter hysterical, chicken little, preposterous and utterly fabricated fact free garbage for a whole lot longer than necessary.

    Absolutely over it. 20 years and counting, people!

    Rabz of Peak Wingnut

    • Struth Says:

      evil robotic maoist cow. Nice work.
      Somebody on Blair’s once made mention of the ‘maoist cow’ being an early model android, of the kind before personality software had been written. LOL

  3. Rabz1 Says:

    “…of the kind before personality software had been written.”

    And fashion software?!?!

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