More Sunday Boltness

Terry McCrann puts in the boot on KRudd’s ETS.

Roberta Williams cops a serve.

More on Polanski, and the help he’s getting from Sarkozy.

It rains in Tazzy, so like duh, Global Warming.

Laying the boot into Turnbull.

Rudd starts giving away our billions… CHOGM, and like much of that money will trickle down to the regular African people.

12 Responses to “More Sunday Boltness”

  1. 1.6 Says:

    Re Rudd’s billions post… It’s like getting blood out of stone.

    • Struth Says:

      Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a reader feedback on that Greenleft site. I would have given that cretin both barrels to the gulliver. Something like: “Shouldn’t you be happy that AGW is being exposed as false. The planet is not heating and all is well ? Oh silly me, of course not. You want it to be true because it confirms your prejudices. You have a diseased mind. Seek help you sick fuck!”

  2. onepointsixoneeight Says:

    VICE-PRESIDENT Joice Mujuru is bickering with colleagues over what to spend the US$500 million facility from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) already.

    See you in a few days, thanks for your fun as I am by myself today. 1.6 :”:”‘;’

  3. gramfan Says:

    Before I sign off …I just checked Bolt’s forum.

    He has 16 pages and 616 comments and that doesn’t include what will be updated by tomorrow. (AEST 11.47)

    Maybe I am just bad at maths but isn’t that somewhat similar to what he used to get on on an average day with all the other threads?

    (Obviously not counting the 3000+ day)
    So what has he achieved?

    It’s actually unlikely anyone would go though 16 pages, well,,I wouldn’t. Five is about my limit.

    I can’t help but wonder if he has been told to cut the comments but it isn’t working anyway.

    Sixteen pages for a Sunday is pretty good going.

    • Shelley Says:

      The material he’s got to work with at the moment is the perfect storm. How many times in your lifetime does the whole architectural structure of the worlds financial and governmental systems start to unravel from GFC only to be followed by some whistle blower dropping a dirt file on the main scientists pushing the theory of man made global warming? Add the cherry of some local entertainment in the form of a leadership spill and you’ve got a political junkies wet dream.
      And a wise man makes hay while the sun shines. Who knows when he’ll be back on a diet of local gossip and naff all clicks?

    • bingbing Says:

      Egos aside. Worth a plug tomorrow?

    • bingbing Says:

      Seriously. 16 pages there. Do a forum here. Have the forum there. Do a Bolt post here. Every bolt post here.



      Language (remember the trouble a few days ago?), time (to do all this, and inclination…), eek!

      It all hangs on how good lady bing’s 1st attempt at spaghetti is about to turn out.

      Better late than never right?

    • bingbing Says:

      1st attempt was a resounding success! There’s hope yet. Remember, folks, unless any of our other slack-ass punk-junkies get up early enough, it won’t be until after 9am your time at best.

      More likely 10 or so.

    • eggz Says:

      ‘So what has he achieved?’

      Methinks interference from above, when, as others have observed, currently unfolding events should bring peak traffic to the blog (hence 16 pages on a Sunday, even with the current crappy format).

      Small Dead Animals is likewise registering peak traffic (which could be spillover from the bottleneck to spontaneous commentary on various threads at Bolta’s – I note several of Bolta’s regulars commenting there).

  4. 1.6 Says:

    Commonwealth nations have called for an “internationally legally binding agreement” on climate change to be agreed at the Copenhagen conference next week.

    Thanks for asking us.

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