Obama OKs more cash for ACORN

Via the Drudge Report, this is unbelievable stuff. Perhaps I was too quick when I said good-bye to ACORN after the scandal emerged that they were helping to facilitate child prostitution, a travesty even the Left could not ingore. Well, it turns out the Obama administration is still going to give them more stacks of cash (yeah, I know, hadn’t they cut the funding?), in a deal announced by the so-called Justice Department. Naturally, Republicans are outraged by this – who wouldn’t be – and no wonder. Interesting when you consider how much funding Obama received during his election campaign. And let’s not forget the $5.2 BILLION bailout of US taxpayer money Obama has already given them. Child-prostitution, voter registration fraud, dumping of important yet damaging documents in the trash

This organization reeks. Has Obama no shame?


Did ACORN actually get that $5.2 billion that the Democrats intened for them? Regardless, the intention was there.

2 Responses to “Obama OKs more cash for ACORN”

  1. Rabz1 Says:

    Has Obama no shame?


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