Bolt on Climategate etc.

This bloke has some seriously well-honed time management skills… Anyway, yet another extensive Climategate post.

Meanwhile, Ed Begley Jr’s head explodes.

Swiss minarets cut down to size.

You’ll pay – and for what?… Electricity prices set to jump by 60% thanks to KRudd’s ETS

Turnbull out by tomorrow… and it looks like it’ll be Hockey

10 Responses to “Bolt on Climategate etc.”

  1. Rabz Says:

    Hi all,

    Latest email to Senator ‘Darth’ Minchin. He needs our support, people!

    Dear Senator Minchin,

    Thought I’d get in touch again following the recent groundbreaking political developments.

    I sent an email to you a couple months ago after your Senate speech on the ETS. It was, I must say, a breath of fresh air to hear a politician talk that way.

    The Liberal Party (if it is to survive, both figuratively and literally) must, to use a cliche, “Stay on Message”.

    Catastrophic human induced climate change is in my opinion, nothing more than an evil, communist load of garbage aimed at removing my (and by extension, other thinking, rational people’s) personal and economic freedoms.

    The “Climategate” developments have come at an extremely opportune time. As I’ve known now for almost twenty years, ‘global warming’ was always a laughable, preposterous hoax.

    The earth is a natural system. The earth’s climate has always changed. Carbon dioxide does not drive global temperature nor does it have any relationship to the earth’s prevailing climate. There has never been, nor will there ever be, an ideal global temperature.

    A significant number of ‘climate scientists’ are shameless, anti-intellectual frauds.

    The braindead lamestream meeja are criminally complicit in the perpetration of this evil preposterous hoax. You will not get a fair hearing from them. This is not a major problem if you play your cards correctly. Cultivate the few sensible journos there are, such as Ms Albrechtson, the Blair, Mr Bolt and Terry McCrann. They have been unstinting in getting the correct message out and will continue to support you.

    Get out there and talk about this insane new tax. Remind people the impact it will have on their lives, jobs, wallets and their freedom. Remind people that it will lead to the collapse of our power generating infrastructure and that this will happen in Victoria (as an example) sooner rather than later. People will not tolerate blackouts.

    I am extremely concerned about this criminally incompetent bunch of loathsome labore thugs and morons that constitute our current Federal ‘government’.

    Politicians are elected to public office to represent the people. This evil gang of thuggish, braindead criminals are acting directly against the interests of the people of this country.

    They must not be allowed to sign the climate treaty at Copenhagen (a word I’m now heartily sick to death of hearing, by the way). They must not be allowed to impose this insane new tax.

    Your party must convey the messages above with great, unrelenting clarity. It is a clarion call for our times – about the most important issue of our times. Not that we are in danger from climate change, but that we are in danger from the ‘action’ that these disgusting, criminal communist frauds are demanding we take.

    These obnoxious, evil, incompetent pissants must not be allowed to win another election. Do not be afraid to ensure that the Liberal Party go to the next election on an anti ETS stance. There are an increasing number of voters who will demand nothing less.

    That is why Joe Hockey is not the answer to the current leadership question. His stance on ‘climate change’ is indistinguishable from Turnbull’s.

    As already stated, you and the party must continue to fight. To not put up a fight against this madness is unacceptable. The people of this country demand it.

    Good luck with the struggle ahead.



    • Vote Quimby Says:

      Oh that’s good, can I use that? I never am good with writing letters 🙂 lol

    • Rabz1 Says:


      Use away.


  2. Rabz Says:


    Add Paul Sheehan to the list of journos…

    Dynamite piece from him today in that marxist fish wrapper, the silly moaning ‘erald.

    And no, I’m not linking to it.

  3. Kaboom Says:

    Joe Hockey?

    Joe Hockey? I mean, yeah, you’d invite him around for an interesting BBQ guest, but Leader of the Opposition?

    And as for rat-face Abbott, weaseling his way out of a leadership challenge if Hockey ran, I mean, for fuck’s sake!

    Any of these pricks would be disaster. I am positive that the Liberal Party has died, and that those with any smarts will be forming a new Conservative Party with those of the Nationals who don’t come across as mouth-breathing Jump For Jesus hicks.

    Hockey will lead the Liberals to utter doom. The fucking idiot has it on a platter. Oppose the fucking ETS. Oppose the Labor Party.

    Joe, that’s all you have to do! Trouble is, you don’t have the fucking balls to do it!

    Goodbye, you are the weakest link.

    • bingbing Says:

      Hockey will lead the Liberals to utter doom.

      Safe to say you’re not confident about the future of the party, hmmm?

    • Struth Says:

      The problem is that the best cattle the co-alition has for leadership are both Nationals and both in the senate. Truss and Joyce. It will have to be Abbott. Hockey is no different to Turnbull with the ETS. Also he is a populist progressive and all that sort of namby pamby shit. No Hockey.

  4. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Well, i finally got around to watching Ed Begley implode………..HOLY SHIT ON A SHINGLE………..this guy is nucking futs………bark at the moon crazy as batshit, he needs some form of benzodiazapene and the waistcoat with the extra long sleeves that buckles at the back…….the padded room would probably be a good idea too, i fear he may self harm.

    If this is the sort of zealotry out there, it’s gonna be a tough time after Copenhopenwankin.

    Anyhoo, must away for a short while…..Monday night is chooky wings and sticky rice night at Casa Jugulum…………mmmmmmmm chillies, soy sauce & honey.

    • bingbing Says:

      Yeah, didn’t have time to watch iit this morning, so just took a squiz then. Gold!

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      I standby the batshit crazy comment………………if that is the face of a true believer then the sound of heads exploding will be a symphony to record for prosterity.

      Either way Ed Beg Jr needs needs a hair shirt, a glass of whiskey and a kick in the nuts.

      🙂 happy thoughts

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