Bolt talks about Hockey, then damns him

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7 Responses to “Bolt talks about Hockey, then damns him”

  1. fay of perth Says:

    NO! pleeeease not Hockey.he couldn’t organise a chook raffle .IMO…….
    Abbott’s the only guy.I don’t know why the rest of the Coalition and Liberal voters don’t think he’s fit to beLeader.Could it be because he is more conservative than the progressive Hockey in his ideology.
    Hockey calls himself a” modern liberal”.
    What does he mean ?
    Both Turnbull and Hockey are Catholics also so that can’t be the reason.
    Why didn’t the “Australian ” give us a picture of Joe also in his budgies and not just Tony?
    Tony looks pretty fit to me.

  2. elsie of brisbane Says:

    fay, I certainly agree with you (again). What is the point of having all the pain and angst of removing a leader, and then electing someone with the same priorities?

    I like Abbott! He will not smile sweetly at Rudd as Joe does. I think the Libs have gone insane.

  3. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    I’m definately not warming to Hockey, given his position throughout the current leadership stoush he comes across as confusing, wishy washy and with no clearly articulated position. Try as i might, i don’t see any real leadership qualities.

  4. fay of perth Says:

    Hi Elsie.
    Was appalled when when some Liberal voters here.agreethat the Libs should have let Turnbull get EST through –and then get back onto refugees.;–reason being to neutralise the climate change issue. They didn’t bank on the “shifty buggers in white coats who made the whole thing up”as Patrick Cook puts it in the latest “Specatator Australia.”
    I think it will be an informal vote for me if I’m still around for the next election.If they don’t elect Abbott as Leadeer of Opposition. that’s it as far as I’m concerned.
    cheers fay

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Evening Fay;

      I find it disturbing that some of the Libs could even suggest that we allow the ‘Tax on everything’ to pass so they could concentrate on the boat people issue.

      The Libs need to appreciate that the last 48 hours showed that unhappy conservatives are prepared to stand up and be counted to their elected representatives as the tens of thousands of emails to MP’s and Senators showed. This is i suppose, is n to the Tea Party movement in the US and highlights their failure to represent the values and viewpoint of their constituents (us mug punters who got them elected)

      I hope you don’t vote informal, but vote for the person that represents your vaues and point of view, although the politicians prepared to stand up for, less government, less regulation, encouraging business to invest, the value of the family, the reward of being the best you can, aaaaaaarrrrggghhhh………….it’s frustrating sometimes.

    • elsie of brisbane Says:

      fay, my dearly beloved (??!!) husband and I had a mega row about this, as he said the Libs should agree to the ETS and then at the next election say,”Look how bad things are with this ETS, we, the Liberals, will now reverse it if you vote for us,” and then they will win with a landslide. He reckons the Libs will be wiped in a double dissolution if they don’t vote with Rudd on this, and that would be BAD.

      I said I had some PRINCIPLES!!! and wouldn’t ever vote Liberal again if they supported Rudd’s con job.

      We agreed to differ in the end. He agrees AGW/Climate Change is a lie, so at least we have consensus on that .

  5. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    “This is i suppose, is n to the Tea Party movement in” it should say – is similar to the tea party movement.

    I miss perview, it was my fiend.

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