The offical new year thread.

Happy new year everyone, heres a few reminders for how to enjoy the new year.

Have a great new year everyone, I have big changes coming in my life this year (for the better I hope), I hope all our browsers and commenters have a rewarding new year as well.


Are they lying, or just stupid?

This from the department of propaganda ABC today.

Families will ‘be ahead’ under emissions scheme

Now I understand the ABC is reporting what theyve been told, but would it be to much to ask they get off their well padded taxpayer funded fat arses that they do some actual investigative reporting and poke a few holes in this rather obvious lie?

The Federal Government says the average low income household will be just under $200 better off under its proposed emissions trading scheme (ETS).

Apparently the government hasnt released the underlying data (and assumptions) for scrutiny, nor anywhere is mentioned just who will be worse off under an ETS…


Who will that be? God knows, it could be 90% of Australians will be worse off for all the fuzzy newspeak of “low income households”…

Oh wait here it is…

But Environment Minister Peter Garrett says many households will be financially better off under the Government’s plans.

“A significant portion – some 8 million households – will receive some assistance,” he said.

“Low income households will receive significant assistance and be ahead by some $190 per year under the scheme.”

Note the weaselspeak, “many households” a non defined number is linked by the magic of weaselspeak to the 8 million “households receiving assistance”. Thats not to say 8 million households will be better off, only that 8 million will receive something….

Now to use the Australian Beurau of statistics own data (2006 data, its a bit clearer)

At 30 June 2006 there were a projected 8.1 million households in Australia which were home to an estimated 20.2 million people, or 98% of the resident population.

So is chrome dome Garrett seriously trying to say that 95% of Australians will be better off? Or is he mixing figures to lie to Australians?

Again from the ABS (2009 data) heres the breakdown of incomes

Income share 2006 2009
Lowest quintile
Second quintile
Third quintile
Fourth quintile
Highest quintile
Second and third deciles


Given low income should mean those receiving the lowest percentile is it safe to assume Mr Garretts announcement should have read

“7.6% of you will be up to $190.00 a year better off, the other 92.4% of you will go backwards even if we do return some of the money we take from you back to you”.

So in a round about way is Mr Garett announcing over 90% of the Australian population is going to be worse off under an ETS??

Again, for an emissions trading scheme to work it has to retard demand for goods and services by pricing them higher, this is cloaked by referring to “increasing the price of energy”. Since everything you dont make yourself requires energy expenditure to manufacture/grow/transport/store/refine/anything, then it is effectively a consumption tax on every stage of a purchased items life. This has to mean people consume less of what they could previously afford, lowering the quality of living for millions of people in Australia.

If by magic it didnt affect the price of goods and everyone could afford the same items they do now, they there is no underlying reason to introduce it.

If the stated goal is to reduce energy consumption (by taxing it) so people use less/have less, then it is a lie to claim they will be better off.

She’s recovering

Some of you might remember a post about a girl called Na-young. This poor girl copped it worse than you can imagine.

Thinking he had to destroy the evidence by cleaning her inside out of his semen, he pushed her face down in the toilet again to wash her ears. He then used a pump (used for blocked toilets) on her via anus in attempt to extract his semen which lead to severe rupture of her large intestine where he, this time, tried to push the organs back inside her using the long stick of the pump.

The good news is that she is recovering

This was not the first picture drawn by Na-young that the world saw. That was a picture asking that 57-year old Jo Du-sun, the man who sexually assaulted her, be punished by being beaten in a prison full of cockroaches.

Judith White should hang her head in shame.

Defending Polanski is entirely consistent with the defence of artistic freedom.

Anyway, heinous artiste aside, the kid wants to be doctor now. She changed her mind after the doctors helped her so much.

How cool is that?


Translation of the pic below

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It ain’t me. Is it you?

Australian households are in record levels of debt and, for the first time, have surpassed American levels.

Reserve bank figures show household debt – the combination of personal and mortgage debt – is equivalent to Australia’s GDP.

That means every adult owes an average of $74,000.

Gordon Brown sucks


Obama sucks



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Kevin Rudd sucks


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If there’s bn cc for 4b years, why ru against it now?

With thanks to Lucanas. Greenie PWND.

I watch twilight…yet another post on the all embracing suckiness…

The missus finally made me watch twilight last week. I know the last thing the world needs is another post on the all embracing suck that is twilight, but here goes anyway.

First the good points.

Very well shot, good locations and scenery.

The crap bits.

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My modest proposal to greenies…

There is a simple solution to the deadly gas CO2, which as you all know is worse than Hitler

A denialist, seen yesterday after Copenhagen...

Chop down the Amazon and turn it into charcoal.

Save the polar bears, or do you hate them too?

Go on, you know it makes sense….. After all its for the children…. Or do you hate future generations??

In all seriousness why isnt a bioengineering project such as the large scale production of charcoal on the books? Does it lack the “command and control” aspects out betters seem to think we plebs deserve? If AGW was a serious issue then surely a project to char waste/sewage/etc would be a goer?

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The moral depravity of the global warming scam.

Copenhagen has not seen the end of the insanity that is the global warming scam, not by a long shot. The stakes are to high, the money to be made to large, and to many “professional activists” and spoilt brats of the west need their cause to fill the hollow void in their lives.

Copenhagen failed, but the date is already set on the next attempt to ram a global tax down our throats. Mexico is to hold the next conference next year, the date is still to be set. 

Mexico seeks to accomplish what the recent Copenhagen conference failed to do — get developed and poorer nations to agree to a 50 percent emissions cut by 2050, as compared to 2000 levels, according to a statement issued by the Environment Department Thursday.

“Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again.”


Now for a small post to look at the economic and moral depravity which our “betters” tried so hard to sign us up to at Copenhagen, and will try again in Mexico.

A small stink was made in Copenhagen at how Australia used a bit of accounting sleight of hand to decrease our emissions, to wit, one particular grievance was our refusal to count the carbon emissions from bushfires and droughts while simultaneously claiming some credits for revegitation.

Lets have a look at what they are claiming we should be “fined” for.

VICTORIA’S bushfires have released a massive amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – almost equal to Australia’s industrial emission for an entire year.

Now thats the effects of major bushfires in ONE STATE OF AUSTRALIA. Add in some of the controlled burns and bushfires in the other states and territories and it quickly becomes obvious that “natural” burning in Australia far dwarfs the 5% target proposed by our wax muncher in chief as our greenhouse target.

In work for the Bushfire Co-operative Research Centre, he estimated the 2003 and 2006-07 bushfires could have put 20-30million tonnes of carbon (70-105 million tonnes of carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere.

“That is far, far more than we’re ever going to be able to sequester from planting trees or promoting carbon capture,” he said.

Carbon emissions from forest fires are not counted under the Kyoto Protocol. But he said he thought it likely they would be in future agreements.

“All informed scientific opinion suggests that whatever new protocol is signed (at the UN summit) in Copenhagen or elsewhere will include forest carbon, simply because to not do so would be to ignore one of the biggest threats to the global atmospheric pool of carbon dioxide, the release of carbon in fires.”

Ok lets look at the lower part of the estimate, 70 million tonnes of CO2.

Then lets look at the trading price of CO2 credits today. (note that the price of carbon credits plunged hugely after Copenhagen went belly up). According to the European Climate exchange the spot price for carbon is 12.74 euros per tonne. Times that by the exchange rate of 1.63 Australain dollars to the Euro and you get a price of  $20.76 (rounding down).

So 70,000,000 tonnes times $20.76 and you end up with $1,453,200,000.00 in carbon “costs” from the CO2 emitted in 2 bad bushfire seasons IN ONE STATE!

congratulations, you survived, but lost everything, now about the $1,453,200,000.00 you owe for the emissions??

This sort of figure should be thrown at KRudd and Co every time they open their mouths. Either Rudd is a committed UN man, and will fall into line with whatever scheme they bring in or hes a political weasel who talks big and is secretly happy to see negotiations fail.

Rudds ETS scheme he wanted to take to Copenhagenwas effectively a blank cheque, for Australia to be fined for bushfires is morally rank.

In addition the Guardian has an article by the father of the AGW scam James Hansen, Im not going to touch on the article itself, but get a look at his graph of emitters…

As reliable as any hockey stick!!!

Just how intentionally deceptive is fobbing off “and shipping/air” onto developing nations side of the emissions table? What has Ethiopian airlines suddenly overtaken Quantas or BA as a major airline? Has sub Saharan Africa suddenly launched a fleet of supertankers/container vessels while I wasnt watching??

This bloke is wedded to dodgy graphs.

Merry Christmas: O Holy Night… and A Cast of Thousands

There is no other word for this production: Epic!

To all our contributors, editors, and commenters, Merry Christmas.

“Hewlett-Packard Computers are Racist”

This is beyond hilarious. Two workmates playing with an HP webcam discover that the facial tracking feature does not work with… “negroes.” Totally unscripted.

I need a hankie to wipe the tears of laughter off my face. Nobody at HP thought, “Hey, we ought to test this with several different races.” They should hire me. My artist-computer interface consultation fees are a flat rate of $25K per project. I might have done this one for a mere $10K.

There is no entropy: Shit accumulates. Everything in the world is impossibly rare, on a universal scale. There is no dark matter; it is stupidity that permeates and connects all things. Stupidity is the only thing in the universe more common than hydrogen. This is yet another proof.


“poverty” and squalor in Australia.

Another brief look into the underbelly of Australia’s underclass, the poorly educated and abandoned.

I have been visiting a number of my clients and a few stand out points Id like to make.

Most of the ladies are serial single mums, it is rare to find any receiving any sort of maintainance from the sperm donor involved. Equally rare is the lady who has only one child this way. The average for my clients tends to be 3 children, which coincidentally nets a payout of (on average) $1,300 per fortnight in government payments. They also are eligible for lower power/water bills and other subsidies.

To put that into perspective, a person on Australia’s minimum wage would have to work 100 hours a fortnight (at $13.47 per hour) to come close to the same amount…before tax is taken out….

If there are men around these ladies (and I use both terms with reservations) they tend to be living in the house, unemployed, and not contributing much, if anything to the costs of the household. They are little better than parasites on the ladies and their kids.

The treatment of the children varies wildly, from apparently well cared for and clean, to feral and (as observed) scabies ridden..

Now Ive set a bit of a tone heres the squalor 90% of Australians would have no idea exists in their own country, as observed it is difficult to blame lack of money, the 4 households Im about to describe all had 3 or more children guaranteeing a minimum of $1,300 per fortnight, tax free.

(I will give the race of the occupants just to prevent anyone saying “its just THEM, that are like that, not my people”

House 1, White lady, 6 kids, 1 hellhound allowed free reign of the house, no male on the scene. Cant see the lower walls of any part of the living room, they are covered with clothes, toys, rubbish and furniture, the other room visible has 3 mattresses on the floor with soiled bedding in heaps on them. There is also 2 cots, its not clear where the toddler (year old?), sleeps as both cots are overflowing with clothing. In addition the edges of this room are again knee deep in more clothing and rubbish.

Then theres the ceiling… oh god the ceiling…. The light fitting was a red glass candelabra type, but 3/4 black, in addition the ceiling and down the walls to the level of the light switches was a mottled white/black mix of about 50/50.

Fly shit..

the black was fly shit.

I left the house with a near asthma attack, eyes streaming and itching, and I was only there for 1/2 an hour.

House 2. Aboriginal inhabitants, 3 kids man in the background. I had gone there to attempt to repair a washing machine which the proper repairman had refused to touch due to an infestation of cockroaches. The machine had only been in the house for a month when the powerboard had shorted, again from roaches.

I went into the laundry to see the following. 3 well used bongs on the dryer, a constant scuttling of roaches across the floor, and a backyard full of old mattresses and car bodies.

I opened the top of the washing machine and was revolted to see well over 100 cockroaches stream from the “drum” area before I shut the lid, I then removed the plastic shielding the powerboard area to find the board shorted out, and the area jammed tight with dead/alive cockroaches.

House 3. Mixed race, 4 kids and an actual defacto husband of long standing. House quite grotty but again cockroaches galore. As the old large TV was resting on the table (and cooling down) dozens of roaches were streaming from the lower cooling holes in the rear of the machine…

House 4. The…. worst…house….ever…

Its difficult to describe this one but here goes… Multiple inhabitants all sorts, furniture all broken, rubbish everywhere, multiple dogs/cats roaming at will.

The roaches…. Close your eyes and imagine this if you can, the corners of the room are a brown living carpet of roaches, thousands of them, oh and they arent on the floor, they are doing this in the corners of the ceiling, with a few constantly dropping, then scuttling back up to join the swarm… That is, god willing, the worst Ive ever seen or hope to see.

There is no relation to the money entering these households and the conditions inside, basic vermin control is not expensive or complicated, if I had to pick an explanation it would be this. The people involved dont realise the necessity of ongoing cleanliness of pest control measures, their long term thinking is “broken”. For the most part they arent bad people, but they are completely lazy and expect to be able to do things once and have them stay that way. Im sure theres plenty of other reasons of varying complexity, if you know of a few please post them…

The Grills Who Stole Christmas

Santa Promotes Obesity and Drink-Driving

“Dr Nathan Grills from Monash University in Australia said the idea of a fat Father Christmas gorging on brandy and mince pies as he drove his sleigh around the world delivering presents was not the best way to promote a healthy and safe lifestyle among the young.

Writing on, Dr Grills said: “Santa only needs to affect health by 0.1 per cent to damage millions of lives.”

He said the image of a healthier Santa could be very effective in promoting a positive message about diet and lifestyle to the young.”

May I simply say, “Dr.” Grills, you sir, are a monumental and stupendous ass.

Razing – Not Raising – Forests at Hopenchangen

Many people, including myself, often say that irony is lost on a leftard. Eco-events routinely generate real, actual mountains of trash, and Hopenchangen is no different in that regard.

“Mountain of Waste at Copenhagen”

“Those are the messages coming from the United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen, but the environmental elite here may have a problem with saying one thing while doing another — at least when it comes to paper.

The green-conscious conference is utterly buried in it. Not just 8×11 white sheets, but the heavy cream-colored paper used in brochures and glossy red-and-yellow papers the United Nations uses to urge attendees to live a low-carbon lifestyle.

“It is so unnecessary,” said Anna, one of about 35 Friends of the Earth employees who flew in for the conference. “Could we use any more paper? I don’t think so.”

The paper-product gluttony begins in the morning, when attendees entering the Bella Center are offered a 302-page book about how to go vegetarian. Eating meat, particularly livestock, is responsible for about 50 percent of greenhouse gases, say the towering tomes.

Besides, the books say, Pamela Anderson, Ashley Judd and Michael Jackson were vegetarians.

Once inside the Bella Center, more than 100 exhibitors from every NGO, trade union, company and association that has anything to do with global warming are handing out literature.

“It’s appalling,” said a woman from the Costa Rican delegation.

Handouts from the Colombian rainforest exhibit, which appeared to be underwritten by the country’s Ministry of the Environment, were printed on paper that did not indicate that it was recycled. That exhibit also provided documents promoting palm oil, which environmentalists say is being produced plantation-style in former rainforests, creating massive amounts of carbon dioxide from deforestation.

An NGO called Tearfund, which sells carbon credits and works to reduce poverty, offers up a 32-page brochure called “The first cut is the deepest; reducing global emmissions.” Its handout comes printed on thick, high-quality paper that is not recycled.

While the official COP15 cultural guide is produced “completely CO2 neutral,” and handouts from the Rainforest Alliance come with the Responsible Forest seal of approval, they might be the exception. Even the World Wildlife Fund’s “Pocket Guide for a Living Planet” is not printed on recycled paper — although it did use “vegetable ink” during printing.

Then there is the “Daily Programme,” which comes in two parts every day. It tells you who is doing what, where and in which meeting room. Total pages on Tuesday: 56. The total Wednesday was 48, and everyone takes at least one. Do the math: 104 x 15,000 = 1.56 million sheets. And that’s in just two days.”

Added boldness by Beef.

Read the whole enchilada, and watch the short but hilarious video of stack after stack after stack of paper products. Weyerhaeuser and Georgia-Pacific must have made a fortune.

Even the Fake Hockey Stick Wouldn’t be Bad if True

This is a very simple but highly effective video presentation that demonstrates just how silly the – fake, manufactured, bogus, bullshit: pick a pejorative adjective – “hockey stick” really is. In a nutshell, even if the “hockey stick” wasn’t a lie concocted by climate pseudo-scientists hiding political and financial agendas, it doesn’t even amount to a significant statistical blip when viewed in the context of the earth’s climate history, which had many much warmer periods before the advent of human civilization.

I don’t call the warm-mongers “climo-tards” for nothing: They are utterly ignorant and vacuous tools, lead by a lying shyster who has a larger personal “carbon footprint” than many undeveloped nations, and who has made himself nearly a billionaire peddling these lies to the gullible brainless. Global warming isn’t a religion – I hate it when people say it is – rather, it is a superstition akin to believing, “if you step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back.”

Poison to the human soul subsidy


Here is a short article on Hugo Chavez’s socialist car to free Venezuelans from the “yoke of capitalism.”

The factory was opened with great fanfare by the president three years ago. It is a joint venture between Iran and Venezuela, which Mr Chávez predicts will turn his country into a car exporter. It is also intended to be an example of socialist production principles, although its workers see things a little differently.

In December they downed tools over the company’s refusal to negotiate a collective contract. Their wages, even at the grossly overvalued official exchange rate, are worth around $25 a day. They complained of poor safety conditions and exploitative work practices. Their supposedly socialist employer refuses to recognise trade unions and has ignored the labour ministry’s order to reinstate sacked union activists.

Venirauto’s cars are rehashes of clapped-out 1980s models from the imperialist West. The Turpial, a five-door hatchback, is based on the Ford Festiva, while the Centauro saloon is a clone of the Peugeot 405, though both are fitted with a conversion kit allowing them to run on natural gas. Their capitalist-busting claims are based on price: they undercut rival models by around 50%. If you can get one, that is.

The plant has a production capacity of 25,000 vehicles a year, but is struggling (even by official admission) to produce 10,000. There is no dealer network, and no credit facilities are offered—unless Mr Chávez personally orders a batch of cars for some favoured group of public employees.

When not praising the Turpial and the Centauro, Mr Chávez has been known to rail against the whole concept of car ownership. “The urge to get a car,” he told students on one occasion, “is poison to the human soul”. With that, he got into his limousine and rode off.

Godwin’s Law doesn’t apply…

… When someone presenting an alternative opinion on man-made climate change, an opinion backed up with mountains of research, an opinion shaped by history, whose presentation is hijacked by a fanatical clique of young zealots (I’m 30 so whatever), and the man, in this case Chris Monckton, retaliates with an observation of ‘Hitler Youth’, knowing full well how developments ‘progressed’ less than a century ago, and the parallels we’re seeing, literally, today…

To apply Godwin’s Law to that is fallacious and facetious.

Typical of these socialists. And just like what did occur 75 odd years ago, a free man was not allowed to speak, but instead was drowned out by childish rants and chants.

What bollocks.

How else could one describe the thuggery Monckton endured today?


It’s been a while… FYYSFLT

Link. Link.


Yet it’s Leah Lamb, over at the Huff Po (the word’s most popular blog – to give you yet another  indication of just how precarious this Copenhagen thing really is -) insinuating that it’s Monckton spreading a culture of fear. And that’s it’s Monckton who’s afraid. Right on one count. Who wouldn’t nor shouldn’t be afraid that free speech  is being hijacked? But, ‘lamb’, please spare us your moronic moralising with regards to the fear factor. ‘Lamb’s’ side has been at it so long that kids are literally having nightmares over this shit… as demonstrated in the opening video for COP15 itself.  Sceptics ramping up the fear factor?

I literally teach some of those kids, who are scared – hmm, no. it’s just a subject- , yet it can be sad to witness at times. Thank God I’m ‘just’ their ESL teacher, yet to see the posters on the walls sometimes…


‘Insidious’ is becoming an overused word. But how else can one describe the termite-like infestation of certain high schools? Yep, thanks to 1.6, that’s an entire curriculum developed just for kids (dagnamit 1.6, why couldn’t you just send me the link instead of developing an entire curriculum?!). It doesn’t debate the science. No, it ‘teaches’ that it’s a foregone conclusion that humans are stuffing the climate when even the biggest warm-mongers admit we/they don’t know everything, or even most things (Schmidt on CNN), about the climosphere.

Human: What an interesting race we are.

Bolt’s Friday muster

Well it is summertime, at least for you folks back home, and Peter Roebuck had a cracker of a season last time. Hey Tim, I still haven’t gotten that prize yet!

But I digress. Just what has the posh radical been up to today?

Let’s start with everybody’s favourite topic, porn, Climategate… and Al Gore. Man, this guy tells porkies better than John Holmes (no, not the other one, the one) made films. If you want to lose eight minutes and sixteen seconds of you life – like I did – for nothing, Bolt has a neat clip of the manbearpig on CNN. Probably better just to read the shakedown afterwards. Meanwhile, the Met Office, obviously still smarting, has rounded up a bunch of stooges to defend the indefensible. It’s a cracker compared to the 31,000 scientists who signed the Petition Project. And he notes, about 21 light years ago, that what the hell is going on when places like Sudan are trying to pull the Big Con on the bleeding heart of the West. FFS.

And what a load of crap the kids they brainwashed are now telling us what to do. Gimme a break! Oh yeah, and more dodgy graphs. Yet, of course, the ABC keeps pushing their skewered agenda.

Nonetheless, the silver ling of the day, AB finally finds a proper noun for those warm-mongers.

In other developments, the Boltster has his own take on Obama defending war, whilst accepting a peace prize. Aaaand, that’s about it for Obi today. Unless…

Next, time to trash the Labor party. And boy do they deserve it. Mr I-can’t-remember (too blotto? It’s OK, Kev, shit happens) suddenly has no comment on a party he was head cheerleader at. Typical Leftist hypocrisy. It’s OK for Kev, not OK for Sam. So, anyway, while Kev’s busy hollering to a bikini clad John Howard, yet another boatload arrives. Great set of priorities there, Kevster. And on that note of immigration, if we’re bringing in 180,000+ every year, how in hell are we meant to continue slashing carbon emissions whilst at the same time refusing to build adequate infrastructure? Is Kevin Andrews so wrong to suggest a reduction?

Oh, yeah. And France is getting sick and tired of being sick and tired (of guess what?), NSW is screwed, but at least Clarkson comes to the rescue.

PS I don’t give a rats about Opera, but if YOU do, here you go… save the best til last as they say.

A few questions, if you will

Should the Bolt experiment be closed? If not, do people prefer a post giving the headings of his posts (numbered), a post giving the headings of his posts (numbered) with a quick summary, or a round-up like the one done yesterday which was written like a ‘regular’ post, in a narrative style, with the appropriate links?

After all, one can comment there again, but it’s still not live, and is still moderated heavily.


I’ll do whatever today, and make a decision (probably) by Monday. Please note, however, that I’ll be at a teacher training thingy starting Sunday (bastards), that’s in a different city, and will run until Thursday. I’ll be sharing a hotel room with someone I’ve never met, probably going out after the seminars afterwards, and thus may not have a lot of blogging time next week. That said, the week after, things will be back to ‘normal’.

LOL, this seminar. I’m a qualified TESOL teacher with five years experience living and teaching in Korea, yet I’ll be lectured on Korean culture (apparently they like kinchi and have four seasons – literally, that’s what we’re going to be told), and teaching methods (eyes roll). I’ve taught ages from kindergarten to retirees, from beginner to advanced, from 1-on-1 to classes of 30+. Still, I’ll get to sleep in an extra couple of hours.

Sooo anywaaaay, whatever decision is made re the Bolt posts probably won’t be implemented til the week after next.

What would China do?

If you remember the post a few days back showing Al Gore being confronted in a bookstore, you may remember the ‘confrontee’ screaming out that the COP15 climate change crap has, rather than having much to do about the environment, and not just on Obama’s own admission, a security issue, but also rather a lot to do about eugenics, that favourite play toy of the Left. And sure, we’ve already heard about eco-ratbags suggesting governments ‘put something in the water’.

Well, Canada’s Financial Post, in an editorial no less, has made their stand… for a global one-child policy.

A planetary law, such as China’s one-child policy, is the only way to reverse the disastrous global birthrate currently, which is one million births every four days.

Interesting since it ain’t the rich countries having that much of a problem with exploding populations. In fact, two of the richest nations on the planet, Japan and Germany are actually experiencing negative population growth.  It’s the poor countries that are much more likely to have huge population growth. Look at that list in the link above. Take the top 30. It’s only poor and/or Muslim countries experiencing growth of about 2.5 or higher.

The FP’s stance is idiotic at best, and down right evil at worst. And how the hell would you police such a policy except in the developed world? That’d be a world which isn’t having a problem with exploding populations – no pun intended re countries experiencing problems re suicide bombers…

But the FP is trying to do what China would do, and is taking China’s lead.

COPENHAGEN: Population and climate change are intertwined but the population issue has remained a blind spot when countries discuss ways to mitigate climate change and slow down global warming, according to Zhao Baige, vice-minister of National Population and Family Planning Commission of China (NPFPC) .

“Dealing with climate change is not simply an issue of CO2 emission reduction but a comprehensive challenge involving political, economic, social, cultural and ecological issues, and the population concern fits right into the picture,” said Zhao, who is a member of the Chinese government delegation.

So we have a bunch of lefties taking the lead off a bunch of Commies? Gee, what could go wrong with that in a free, democratic society?

Obama accepts Peace Prize, defends war

Gotta love the hypocrisy of the left. No wonder he didn’t stay around for long. And the Norweigans are plenty ticked off about it. But it seems not ticked off enough to not be completely lame.

But he skipped several other activities, including lunch with the king, a news conference at Oslo’s Grand Hotel, CNN’s traditional interview with the prize winner and a “Save the Children” benefit concert, where organizers replaced him with an Obama cardboard cutout. Obama also won’t be around for Friday’s Nobel Concert.

A poll reckons he got the prize too early anyway.

All this is made even funnier when one considers that nearly half of Americans said they would prefer Bush back! Now that’s saying something.


Meanwhile, the world’s largest Muslim nation, Indonesia, has decided to erect a gold statue of Obama as he was as a boy. Quite fitting since he spent so much time being educated there.


Climate change is now a secrurity issue? But of course. 😉

H/T Drudge

Tell that to Tiger

A new study has determined that casual sex and hookups aren’t emotionally damaging. Hmm, I always found them to be a bit messy (no pun intended). They’d always start out all right but would get pretty complicated pretty quickly.

What’s the bet Tiger would agree.


It seems Tiger may be ready to quit golf. Probably due to that lack of emotional damage he’s been experiencing lately.


Tiger’s lawyers block any release of nude pictures or sex vids… which they insist don’t exist. And in the High Court in London.

Now why would they choose there of all places?

Embarrassed by London’s reputation as “a town called sue” and by unusually stinging criticisms in American courts and legislatures, British lawmakers are seriously considering rewriting England’s 19th-century libel laws.

Bolt experiment over

He’s turned comments back on.

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