The Age declares war

Bolt on how The Age, unable to call KRudd out as the liar he is, as demonstrated by Andrew on a number of occasions, takes a mere four hours to call Abbott out on his “first big lie.

Pathetic. What a bunch of ratbags, and what yet another example of what real journalism is not.


Abbott’s 7:30 report interview is up.

UPDATE II – post watching the 7:30 report.

This would be cliche if it were only us saying it and Kerry not consistently doing it; if only he were so tough on the Labor pollies. That said, Abbott handled him well. Not bad for a first interview, though he shouldn’t have apologised for his past behaviour – although Bolt refugees aren’t the only demographic he has to appeal to.

Abbott and the rest of them need to zero-in on Climategate. It’s a perfect exit strategy from Howard’s ETS. Behind closed doors, one can only hope they’re considering this. They should bite the bullet and do it. It’s a gamble, but their best improbable shot of snatching the next election. No more dilly-dallying – which was still evident in tonight’s interview. Of course Labor are using that FAR right nonsense lingo. It’s effective at the moment but it shows they’re scared to be coming up with such emotive sound grabs so early.

Taxes don’t change temperature.

11 Responses to “The Age declares war”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Yes, but it’s the Age….fish wrapper of choice…….pravda on the yarra…….one of the few daily papers with a declining readership…………….their badvertising base is falling quicker than the IPCC credibility index……………..the paper bird cage owners value for it’s size and not it’s content…………………..too late they find out that hard left dogma doesn’t sell………………….shall we laugh at them????? Lets do……………

    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHhahahahahahahaha fucktards – enjoy the poverty, you deserve it.

    (A bit harsh??? who knows???)

    • Struth Says:

      Pravda these days has some good stuff in it. Pro-libertarian. Stick with Spencer Street Soviet. Good rant though. Let’s face it the Age is now a ’boutique’ paper. It caters to a niche market of rusted on commies, inner city Greenies and ‘wannabe bohemian’ bogans like Catherine Deveny. Also a few old-school wowserish types who see the Tabloid as common or uncouth. These are their lifeblood, so they tell them what they want to hear. If they don’t want to hear the truth regarding climate change, the ETS and Turnbull, then the Age wont be waking them from their green utopian fantasy state of mind.
      It’s a bit like the way the Herald-Sun football writers keep telling Collingwood supporters what they want to hear. It sells.

  2. Nemesis12 Says:

    The mainstream media sold out the general public decades ago.

    They cannot be trusted to lie straight in bed, not one journalist or reporter has any understanding of the words “journalistic integrity”, because it, and they, are now the punchline ti every sick joke in history.

    Many media types ask why they lost credibility….they never lost what they never HAD.

    Good example, I spoke to a Ch 7 staffer re the climategate emails and was called a kook and told to “get a life.”


    The media do not know what the truth is, was, or ever will be, and have ceased long ago to serve anyone else but themselves.

    “If the news doesn’t fit the truth, manufacture it
    If you don’t know, invent it
    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”

    Major difference between a leech and a reporter…one of them drops off after the person dies.

    • bingbing Says:

      I grew up with a general trust in the news. After high school, not knowing what I really wanted to do, I took journalism since I was OK at English and writing and liked reading the paper.

      Many good skills were learned, but the political indoctrination was appalling. Gary MacClennan and his championing of Marx. The all-too-frequent guest lecturer in Australian Society and Culture proudly waving his ALP membership card around.

      The Greens party member, Drew someone-or-other cheering the Traverston Dam “victory”.

      Amnesty International’s Ross Daniels lauding the UN. Yes, that Ross Daniels, current federal Labor parliamentarian.

      Never one mention of Australia’s “most controversial columnist, Andrew Bolt. I was just lucky enough to read his breath of fresh air in the Sunday mail every weekend. And how liberating it was.

      But there’s another side to this, too. When we were doing prac work, it was virtually impossible, with deadline looming, to get a balanced story out. The Leftist machine was just too much. Five press releases for the Right’s one. Union reps, Labor pollies would talk to a young uni student at a moment’s notice. Ironically, it was Tony Abbott I tried to get a hold of once. No, he was out of the office, I left my details but he never got back. In contrast, Rod Welford and Hughie Williams would talk at the drop of a hat. It was so hard getting a quote, or press release from anything Conservative to help balance out a story and let the reader decide.

      I graduated uni feeling lost, disheartened, and disenfranchised – although there was still a lot of pride. On a whim, I flew to Korea to teach ESL and haven’t been back much since. Still, being philosophical, this job is wonderful and very rewarding, and gives me lots of free time to blog! 🙂 heheh

    • Struth Says:

      The MSM create ‘consensus reality’ and in doing so brainwash themselves with it. The vast majority are just hacks writing and saying what they are told or what they they think is expected of them and in doing so perpetuate the lies and paradigms. Peer group pressure etc. How many of this ilk could truly be categorised as being ‘conscious’? People like Bolt, McCrann, Blair etc are detached from the safety of the crowd (the Madness of Crowds?) and only interested in common sense and reality and shining a light on the sicknesses of society. Kudos to them for being AWAKE.

  3. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Most Important – I’m not having a go at you, just clarifying my position

    I think you’re confusing a liberterian stance with the stance of civil liberties advocates, civil liberties advocates wish to exercise control liberterians do not.

    My take as i am a conservative liberterian

    (do no harm to yourself or others, live without imposing your ideals on others, do not allow others to impose their ideals on you and most importantly do unto others as you would have them do unto you, most importantly look, listen, learn and decide on what is part of your political belief, but always do no harm)

    I quote the learned blogger Bella Gerens;

    “Libertarians believe you should be free from coercion – and that you must not coerce anyone else. Libertarians believe you should be free from interference – and that you must not interfere with anyone else. Libertarians believe you should be free from oppression – and that you must not oppress anyone else. Because these are to be universal freedoms: what you do not wish done to you, you must not do to anyone else.”

    This is a philosophy i combine with my conservative leanings, sort of my own personal melange it ain’t perfect but i get the best of both worlds

    • bingbing Says:

      Who is “you”?

    • bingbing Says:

      Is “you” me? Will you be typing, “‘you’ is you,”?

      Neolibertarian. Basically a Conservative but take out the religious stuff.

      Not that I don’t believe in God and Jesus, just I like the whole Separation of Church and State idea.

    • bingbing Says:

      Basically low taxes, small government that provides infrastructure and a military, reduced welfare, personal freedom, freedom of religion, free market economies (yet not laizze faire capitalism), personal property rights, rule of law, democracy.

      Basically, I’m a Conservative but not to heavy on the religious side of it. Will side with a Conservative, except when it comes to euthanasia and pro choice.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Oh crap i was meant to reply to Struth, eh, doesn’t matter now.

  4. Nemesis12 Says:

    Basically low taxes, small government that provides infrastructure and a military, reduced welfare, personal freedom, freedom of religion, free market economies (yet not laizze faire capitalism), personal property rights, rule of law, democracy.

    ..and the right to keep and bear arms for self defence.

    The criminals have guns? I want one.

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