ETS bill defeated!


UPDATE – same link

KRudd now has a double dissolution trigger.

UPDATE II – same link.

Krudd will try again in February, after the break (that’s considerably longer than most of us get).


Bolt’s take.

Tim’s take.


Tony Abbott is now on twitter. It was announced on his Facebook page.

With thanks to Tizona editor-in-hiatus, Spot the Dog.

3 Responses to “ETS bill defeated!”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Now that has brightened my day, i think i’ll skulk out of the office & go shopping………………wooo hoooooo, yeah baby.

  2. Angus Dei Says:

    Shining sanity! Nice change from the usual libtard lunacy.

  3. Rabz Says:


    Now let’s help see that this utterly insane load of commie bollocks is killed off for good.

    And let’s keep up the fight to get these evil criminal labore thugs thrown out at the next feral erection as well.

    Loathsome evil braindead lying commies out!

    Time for a gloaty little message to my local ‘member’ braindead ‘ratsarseface’ albansleazey…

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