Wednesday Bolt

#1 The game suddenly changes

#2 Being green gives you a licence to lie

#3 Column – At last a fight over this mad tax

#4 Column – The Age of Seeming

#5 Hand it to hustling Gore

#6 Climategate: two investigated as coverup exposed

#7 Rudd’s great  green tax is verruckt

# 8 Howard made them lousy artists… Louis Nowra agrees Australian film suck – and blames John Howard <i>groan</i>.

# 9 Combet’s angry eyes… about Labor’s increasingly desperate calls labelling us as  extremists and deniers.

# 10 Running scared… more about #9

# 11 Obama orders a fight-retreat in Afghanistan… on how Obama’s doing what he oppsed when Bush did it – a troop surge – but putting a stupid timetable on it. So that makes him a hypocrite and a moron.  More from yesterday.

# 12 Climate gate: Keep spreading the news… one I missed yesterday. Thirteen million hits on google now.


Does numbering them help?

UPDATE II – re #11

What will the troop surge do for Obama’s approval ratings on this issue, which have taken a beating the past few months?


Re #11 Success is the real exit strategy.

9 Responses to “Wednesday Bolt”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Re #1 update 4; unbelievable! Could that ABC broadcast have been any more biased? It was only one half-step away from a full-blown ALP election campaign ad – if even.

  2. bingbing Says:

    Re #2 How much more chock full of green activists can newspapers, purporting to be objective, get? They’re like a giant toilet bowl, full of crap, and need to be flushed.

    • Rabz Says:

      So who the f*ck ‘wrote’ that pile of crap anyway – a mate emailed it to me last night and I nearly smashed my laptop…

      These idiots simply will never get it!

      P.S. This blog looks utterly different on Safari, FFS it’s a crap browser…

  3. bingbing Says:

    Re #3 Good point that Rudd is actually keen for not one, but two giant taxes, his ETS and a Copenhagen tax. Disagree with Bolt that if the world resumes warming a lot, sceptics will have to shut up. Maybe we will, but maybe more science will come out proving other factors such as the sun and water vapour really do have far, far more effect on the climate and that man-made CO2 is but a fraction of total C02, and that CO2 as a whole plays only a very minor role with regards to climate change.

    Agreed though, that yesterday was a fluke, but thank goodness. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few Catholics out there thought Someone Else 😉 had a hand in it. LOL, regardless, it’s one for the Liberal Party’s history books. If he somehow pulls of an election victory, that fluke will be one for all the history books.

  4. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    #5 – Who in their right mind would pay money to shake hands with a pig* like gore, you’d need to have your hand shotblasted to remove the taint.

    *apologies to the pork industry.

    (Yep numbering helps)

  5. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    #3 – Two of the opposition senators have crossed the floor on the ETS bill (missed their names, bugger)

  6. fay of perth Says:

    Re # 10
    The defeat of the ETS legislation could provide a trigger for a double- dissolution(dd) and the Greens stand to win more Senate seats in a d d election.
    Now sitting with 5 senators, a d d would surely give the greens a senator in each state (with a quota of only 7.7% required) and probably 2 in Tasmania making a total of 7
    Kevin Rudd the cunning swine that he is, may dare the Liberals to give him the opportunity to call a d d.
    Paradoxically, now, it seems everyone will be happy with the legislation’s defeat.

    • bingbing Says:

      Almost ironically, they voted against the ETS, too, albeit for vastly different reasons, namely that it didn’t go far enough.

    • Struth Says:

      Let the Greens have 7, Fay. They’ll be pinching numbers from Labor. I’m tipping the Libs and Nats to probably Gain a couple anyway. Fielding knows which way is up, and Xenophon seems sane( if they manage to stick around).

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