Belated Bolt

#1 Going Googe-eyed over Copenhagen… 16.5 million Climategate hits, and still most of the MSM keeps brain farting.

#2 Psychoanalyse the dupe instead… stupid Leftist can’t figure out why we think AGW is crap.

#3 Climategate; not news to me, says Shaviv…Top scientis not surprised by Climategate. Post of the day IMHO.

#4 Climategate – even Jon Stewart understands, but doesn’t absorb

#5 Reef alarmist bleached again

#6 Still one to go, though… about that numbnut Iraqi shoe guy.

#7 Climategate: ABC filters working beautifully… It’s up to 21.4 million Google hits, one ABC hit.

#8 A much more useful Tiger… something about Tiger and interactive news, journalists reporting what should be, not what is.

#9 Gatto does Melbourne university proud

#10 Scientists muzzled in Australia… CSIRO not letting Clive Splash publish. He’s resigned and called for a senate inquiry.

#11 None so blind… Climate change alarmists.

#12 November warmer… a couple of graphs with going up and down trends.

#13 Turnbull’s revenge looks more like suicide… Leaked emails. We’re not sure who leaked them. Bolt plays it safe, legally.


#14 (from yesterday) Climategate – read all about it… Monkton,s book

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