Genetic Science Poised to Destroy Political Correctness

If you are – as I am – a readerof John Derbyshire, then this story will come as no shock.

“Human geneticists have reached a private crisis of conscience, and it will become public knowledge in 2010. The crisis has depressing health implications and alarming political ones. In a nutshell: the new genetics will reveal much less than hoped about how to cure disease, and much more than feared about human evolution and inequality, including genetic differences between classes, ethnicities and races.”

Just a guess, but I don’t think these scientists would be squirming if, say, there was proof that the Jews weren’t the Chosen People descended from Abraham. Like I say, just a guess.

“When sequencing costs drop within a few years below $1,000 per genome, researchers in Europe, China and India will start huge projects with vast sample sizes, sophisticated bioinformatics, diverse trait measures and detailed family structures. (American bioscience will prove too politically squeamish to fund such studies.)”

Gee, I wonder why the leftist-dominated scientific and political community in the US would be too, “squeamish” to fund such objective and purely scientific research?

“The trouble is, the resequencing data will reveal much more about human evolutionary history and ethnic differences than they will about disease genes. Once enough DNA is analysed around the world, science will have a panoramic view of human genetic variation across races, ethnicities and regions. We will start reconstructing a detailed family tree that links all living humans, discovering many surprises about mis-attributed paternity and covert mating between classes, castes, regions and ethnicities.”

Ah, that sheds a tad of light on the “issues” involved. There is a danger of slaying sacred cows.

“If the shift from GWAS to sequencing studies finds evidence of such politically awkward and morally perplexing facts, we can expect the usual range of ideological reactions, including nationalistic retro-racism from conservatives and outraged denial from blank-slate liberals. The few who really understand the genetics will gain a more enlightened, live-and-let-live recognition of the biodiversity within our extraordinary species—including a clearer view of likely comparative advantages between the world’s different economies.”

Yes, the inherent racism of conservatives – barely covered by a thin veneer of feigned civility *cough*bullshit*cough* – will be unleashed by scientific facts, and the poor leftards will again deny that their worldview has been shattered.

Only one of those two things are true.

Only superstitious idiots fear knowledge and understanding, wherever they come down on the political spectrum.

3 Responses to “Genetic Science Poised to Destroy Political Correctness”

  1. bingbing Says:

    That looks like it’ll be really interesting. Can’t wait! Be sure to follow-up on this next year, Gus.

  2. bingbing Says:

    And maybe they can shed more light on things like this.

  3. none Says:

    Science will unleash all the hidden phantoms that political correctness tries to put in front of us telling that all human beings are equal, well, one thing is equal under the rule of law, but its not the same as being biologically equal, more or less susceptible to genetic diseases, different physical, and mental developments…
    I see stupid people everyday, everywhere, dont tell me they are like me, cause is not true.

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