The silent majority

You know, was pondering just before, between myself and a couple of others, why this week’s “experiment” wasn’t as successful as hoped. To be sure, having everyone comment on Bolt’s posts here was well, as they say, “Tell him he’s dreaming.”

But it still made me wonder, that with such a good blog – the links, the mix, the blogroll, those extra pages if one looks up to the top of this page, the support, dare I say the one-stop-shop factor – and the posts, which IMHO, give a generally insightful, yet previously unread perspective  on what’s what,  and yes, with that laissez fare attitude… why the relatively low hit count? What are we doing right? Yet, more importantly, what are we doing wrong?

But then, this certain article, and yes, by one of the big boys, was stumbled upon.

The single most important news event of 2009 was the emergence of The Virtual Newsroom. A newsroom run by a virtual army of conservative journalists famous and unknown, their individual and collective impact multiplied exponentially by millions of Internet users, radio listeners, readers and television viewers.

Who is famous? Who’ll get famous? Who’ll get infamous? Which blogs will rise? Which blogs will fall? Which blogs will be rewarded? Which won’t? Which will, essentially, get latched on to, which won’t… despite delivering basically the same content?

Regardless. There’s so much activity going on that it can only be a good thing.

It dawned – well not dawned, but, rather was confirmed – that whatever individual blog is popular or not, finally, finally, the silent majority is clearing their throat (is this why Rupert wants to cash in?).

I’m 30. That gives a certain perspective compared to those who are 40, 50, older, or, yes, 20, or younger. I grew up witnessing the decline of the silent majority, only to be shouted down by often violent  Leftists.

True. Where once our views didn’t even need to be said, the secret ballot was enough, well, it’s heartening to to see that the silent majority has realised that the infestation of our media, schools, universities and politics has become too much. And that we must not be silent anymore. And that means all of us, whether you speak up here or somewhere else.

And so, whilst it’s a bummer that Tizona’s isn’t the most popular blog in the world, which it should be (that’s a joke, relax…kinda), it’s most heartening to know that we, and you, and all of the once silent majority, are clawing back the shouty, wrong, Left.

One can only hope the sacred silence will reign again.

But in the meantime…

8 Responses to “The silent majority”

  1. Nemesis12 Says:

    Bing, a lot of them hang about for the weekly open thread….whereas I prefer to comment here, as I can see what I post a hell of a lot faster. Some of Bolt’s mods didnt publish what they didnt like.

    You got a new member…me.

    Aint that a start? 🙂

    • jeffthe Says:


      if you submit reasonable, well argued posts, the “centre right” wing blogs will publish your comments. Try posting a contrariwise opinion on left wing blogs and you will not be published.

  2. elsie of brisbane Says:

    bingbing you are doing an excellent job. There should be more people like you (err… I say that in a grandmotherly way!) I think that people on Andrew’s blog sort of hope he is going to post their links as a story…..”thanks to reader elsie” (or whoever) is quite gratifying to see there in black and white.

  3. Shelley Says:

    give it time. These sort of things need a bit of work to get them noticed, earn a good reputation, and build a regular following.

  4. bingbing Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, guys. 🙂

  5. fay of perth Says:

    Keep up the good work Bingbing. You are doing a stirling job..
    I use the phrase “the spiral of silence.” as well as the” silent majority”;- members of whom have dwindled in numbers with each generation .They’ve always come up trumps in past referendums with their common-sense,but I’m not so sure now.I think public opinion is now governed by what the media tells them…..and we all know about that with the exception of a few brave conservative commentators.
    Fear of isolation and doubt about one’s own capacity for judgement is an important part of the processes of public opinion.Social groups can punish him or her for failing to toe the line, and that may be the fear of some people if they join another blog-site with which they are not familiar..
    They may fear ridicule, and isolation , which creates an environment with which the people must increasingly agree , or acquiesce, or just keep their views to themselves , thus caught up in the “Spiral of silence”
    On AB’s “Tips for the day” open thread ,some people must feel safe in numbers.500 hits in one day is quite a lot.
    So many don’t wish to branch out into the unknown parts of the blogosphere..
    But I’m sure you will get many other posters who really wish to discuss Bolt’s other interesting threads further,.
    cheers fay

  6. aussie Says:

    Bing Bing you are young enough to be my son 🙂 and yes I am a part of the silent majority and at your age I faced and younger I faced the same kind of things. I faced it as a student at Melbourne university, and I face it especially in Canberra where there is lots of hot air and a cloud of smugness.

    Thanks for providing a place for our comments.

    • bingbing Says:

      You’re welcome, Aussie. In that tiny avatar, you even look a bit like Mum, LOL!

      BTW, you might like the “Move on, nothing to see here” post.

      Drop by anytime, and please don’t mind the swearing that happens occasionally. Hey, that’s live blogging for you.

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