Not science just climate science

Not Evil Just Wrong’s, Phelim McAleer – and if you don’t have the DVD yet, it’s the best 20 bucks you could spend – rips apart Climategate.

Al confronted at bookstore

No prizes for guessing what happens next.

With thanks to Sheila, the lovely receptionist at Paco Enterprises.

Fruit of the poison tree

Good take on Climategate and Copenhagen from a blogger called naturalfake

There’s a legal concept known as “fruit of the poison tree”. Basically, it states that any evidence or conclusions derived from improper or illegal techniques are inadmissible in court.

In the world of science, “fruit of the poison tree” would be any research that did not follow the well-established methods of scientific proof. Methods which include maintaining the integrity of observed, raw data. The reproducibility of results. Open availability of data for independent review and confirmation. Accurate prediction of future data by any model or theory derived from that data. At a minimum any theoretical model should completely and accurately predict past data points and phenomena.

Read on.

Found over at Blair’s lair.


No… Don’t click the Tizona banner, don’t click the next comment off to the side, click (er, right click!) the “read on” link. It just gets better and better. It’s like watching an autopsy on the (what should be at least) dead body that is man (Mann) made climate change.

Belated Bolt

Dishing up The Machine… while I still can. So when do I get paid directing traffic to Rupert?

#1 The worst for Rudd? They laughed, too“I cannot imagine many Israeli politicians claiming that the ‘greatest moral challenge of our time’ was climate change,’’ Mr Abbott said.

#2 How the ABC covered for Flannery

#3 Climategate: stopping the news at our borders… neat graph

#4 Balance is what we’re offering, Tony… Your ABC’s Lateline host whining about bias… BWAHAHAHAHA!

#5 Hard-Right Hamilton… someone links Greens candidate, Clive Hamilton, is actually a right-winger. FFS.

#6 The Liberals’ Latham… Just shut-up, Malcolm

#7 Climategate: Mann now turns on Jones… Hey sexy, looking good there.

#8 Column – How Climategte killed faith in the media… “Fools. You cut your own throats.” – AB

#9 Column – Judges help themselves to your will… as in your will and testement. Victorian judges now deciding, er, what you decided.

#10 Giving the Climate Chief cold water… nifty graphs proving our Chief Scientist is FOS.

#11 Give us our daily boat… Yep, another one. 51 and counting…

#12 The pain of a new Sydney every decade… cut emissions whilst the population soars… do the math.

#13 Climategate – Saudis say Copenhagen deal now threatened

#14 The sharks are the ones doing the studies… Global warming may make sharks aggressive. Aggressive sharks? Well, I’ll be!

#15 What?! That’s it?! Bolt, you slacker!

#15-A That’s right, Bolta. Get, er, on your arse and keep those posts coming.

Gore’s mountain of misinformation

#16 Even its poll expert is called Green… The utter crock that was ABC “news” tonight.

#17 Climategate: CBC on the greatest scientific scandal of our time

Danny Green

Well, unless you’ve been living under Uluru, you’ll have heard about Aussie boxer, Danny Green, knocking out legend Roy Jones Jr in, yes…

Two Minutes!!!

The man who lost to Anthony Mundine in Australia’s previously biggest fight has, in the time it takes to smoke half a cigarette, made Mundine virtually irrelevant.

Anyway, enough chitter chatter. One more time just because it is. that. good.

Meanwhile, Mundine, currently fighting coal miners, gets the snub the show pony deserves.

Mean-meanwhile, Danny talks us through the 122 seconds it took for him to become a legend.


Oops. Forgot to chuck this in.

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Google vs Rupert

Google CEO tells Rupert, don’t blame us. Maybe the gubnit can help poor Rupey.

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Nothing to see here, move along

Climategate? What Climategate? It’s not in the papers. Well hardly. Certainly not on the front page of any of Rupert’s rags.


Credit where credit’s due…

Stewart was brilliant, until he tried to counter, backtrack, save his arse, balance (ha!) it out. So lame. For starters, polar bear numbers have been increasing as we all know.

But is that just due to the decrease of hunting?

When restrictions on polar bear harvests were put in place in the early 1970s, populations rebounded. That situation was a conservation success story … but the current threat to polar bears is entirely different, and more dire.

Today’s polar bears are facing the rapid loss of the sea-ice habitat that they rely on to hunt, breed, and, in some cases, to den. Last summer alone, the melt-off in the Arctic was equal to the size of Alaska, Texas, and the state of Washington combined—a shrinkage that was not predicted to happen until 2040.

Interesting, no time stamp on that link. So which “last summer” are they talking about? Interesting, just google polar bear population increase and top of the page is that mob.

Rapid loss, eh? What about the gains?

Overall, that graph looks pretty ordinary… especially when one considers other estimates for polar bear numbers. Oops! The yellow line vs the red line. It’s a travesty they could not explain.

Mitch Taylor, Dr. Mitchell Taylor

Polar Bear Biologist,
Department of the Environment,
Government of Nunavut , Igloolik , Nunavut , Canada

… quoted in that report who also notes:

One polar bear population (western Hudson Bay ) has declined since the 1980s and the reproductive success of females in that area seems to have decreased. We are not certain why, but it appears that ecological conditions in the mid-1980s were exceptionally good.

Climate change is having an effect on the west Hudson population of polar bears, but really, there is no need to panic. Of the 13 populations of polar bears in Canada , 11 are stable or increasing in number. They are not going extinct, or even appear to be affected at present.

It is noteworthy that the neighbouring population of southern Hudson Bay does not appear to have declined, and another southern population ( Davis Strait ) may actually be over-abundant.

And as for the hunting?

I understand that people who do not live in the north generally have difficulty grasping the concept of too many polar bears in an area. People who live here have a pretty good grasp of what that is like to have too many polar bears around.

But since everyone loves piccies…

Image thanks to The Roanske Slant.

You know what’s also interesting, though? From bing’s overy-humbled – thanks to Vista – comp…

Yep, the blog American Thinker is in the google NEWS searches, for – polar bear population increase –

All settled now? Fuel the jet. Go, Kevin, bon voyage!


Meanwhile, Australia’s (Rudd Labor) government broadcaster prefers to stay at precisely 1 hit compared to google’s 20+ million hits re “Climategate”. And the ABC’s “hit” was in comments.


Your ABC has finally picked up it’s game and is up to – wait for it, waaaaiiit, steady on, grab the cat, easy tiger…


Meanwhile, Google lumbers around with a paltry 27 million.

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