Fruit of the poison tree

Good take on Climategate and Copenhagen from a blogger called naturalfake

There’s a legal concept known as “fruit of the poison tree”. Basically, it states that any evidence or conclusions derived from improper or illegal techniques are inadmissible in court.

In the world of science, “fruit of the poison tree” would be any research that did not follow the well-established methods of scientific proof. Methods which include maintaining the integrity of observed, raw data. The reproducibility of results. Open availability of data for independent review and confirmation. Accurate prediction of future data by any model or theory derived from that data. At a minimum any theoretical model should completely and accurately predict past data points and phenomena.

Read on.

Found over at Blair’s lair.


No… Don’t click the Tizona banner, don’t click the next comment off to the side, click (er, right click!) the “read on” link. It just gets better and better. It’s like watching an autopsy on the (what should be at least) dead body that is man (Mann) made climate change.

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