Sunday Soju Sloshup

Try saying that after a few “rounds” of Korea’s national…

What is Korea’s national? Why, soju of course! But since a picture can tell a thousand words, here’s a Ph.D

So anyway, after dinner, lady bing and I were at the supermarket last night – most are open til midnight or are even 24 hour – to pick up some hot dog rolls for Sunday Brunch. Well, they didn’t have hot dog rolls, so we bought a French breadstick instead…But I digress. Next to the bakery section was the booze section… and most likely still is.

And boy oh boy, did they have some… booze that is, not grammatical nuances.

Now it’s not like I haven’t seen soju or booze at a supermarket before (at least outside Australia), but boy oh boy have they come up with some, er, innovative marketing ideas… re soju.

Yet I can’t say any of them are actually that much of a surprise, considering I, um, know about this beverage quite well.

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A book for Spot?

Knitting With Dog Hair: Better A Sweater From A Dog You Know and Love Than From A Sheep You'll Never Meet

A book I don’t own. But it is strangely tempting my curiosity despite my not owning a dog or knowing how to knit or having any inclination to knitting.

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