Hopenchangen vs reality

As 1.618 noted a couple of posts down, COP15 has begun. Despite Climategate, which included the destruction of raw temperature data and the ‘travesty’ that the top ‘scientists’ couldn’t account for recent cooling, despite evidence elsewhere of temperature data being fudged, it’s still quite possible that we’ll all be slugged with a giant extra tax to combat a problem which has not been proven to exist.


The cold storm system dropping from the northeast out of Canada will be unusual since the coldest temperatures will bypass Northern California communities such as Red Bluff and Redding but drop Sacramento Valley temperatures Monday to a record 27 degrees.

That’s the coldest for Dec. 7 since the National Weather Service began tracking temperatures in Sacramento in1849.


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It’s getting nasty.

Obama’s closed-door meeting on government openness

Yeah, that makes sense. Anyway, despite promising open government – namely FOI requests – BO, as usual, has been all talk without much walk.

Yet on some important issues, his administration produced information only after government watchdogs and reporters spent weeks or months pressing, in some cases suing.

Those include what cars people were buying using the $3 billion Cash for Clunkers program (it turned out the most frequent trades involved pickups for pickups with only slightly better gas mileage); how many times airplanes have collided with birds (a lot); whether lobbyists and donors meet with the Obama White House (they do); rules about the interrogation of terror suspects (the FBI and CIA disagreed over what was permitted); and who was speaking in private with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (he has close relationships with a cadre of Wall Street executives whose multibillion-dollar companies survived the economic crisis with his help).

Change? Hardly. He’s having trouble with Obamacare, too.

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Bolt’s Monday Mayhem

#1 It’s not working for you, Malcolm. Is for Tony, though… Malcolm Turnbull: FAIL

#2 Two million hits a month… largely thanks to Climategate, and the rest of the MSM not doing their job.

Copenhagen: limos, private jets, and an orgy of celebrities
… not enough limos in Denmark, five hybrids to be used. Glenn Reynolds: I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.

#4 Climategate: Those scientists sure get around

#5 Climategate: UN warming boss admits emails look “very bad”… no shit, Sherlock.

#6 Victoria’s conservatives will have to vote Labor… Vic Opp leader has to go.

# 7 Corpse twitches… Lib’s primary vote up 4% since Abbott.

#8 Obama just can’t give Rudd the slip… re Copenhagen and KRudd’s manlove for Obama.

#9 Rudd’s red carpet getting crowded… yet another boat of asylum seekers, good grief!

#10 Climategate: Yet more man-made warming in New Zealand… well, at least their cheese is done well.

#11 Let them eat carbon… classic example of ecotard hypocrisy. “He emits so that you may feel guilty.”

#12 Only the green faith allowed… Bolt’s take on 1.6’s post re no Christmas trees at Copenhagen.

#13 Turnbull will destroy himself before he destroys the Liberals… Turnbull can’t be trusted, should be removed.

#14 Darling, whisper “global warming” in my ear… Now Vanity Fair’s gushing all over Al Gore… for his poetry.

#15 The middle edges back to the Liberals… mainly Glenn Milne. Little online poll you can take, too.

#16 Save the planet! Avoid Australia… UK gov’s ‘climate’ tax killing travel, especially to Oz.

#17 Small hope for Abbott in this poll… Still a long way to go for Tony.

Al Gore Cancels $1.2K Copenhagen Meet-and-Greet

As 1.618 noted, Al Gore was planning to charge $1,200.00 per to allow people to shake his ManBearPig paw and have their picture taken with him in Copenhagen. Seems like many people ponied up to meet Al, but Gore chickened out, leaving many in a lurch.

“Former U.S. vice president has canceled his event, more than 3,000 Danes have purchased a ticket…

Looks like they will get a refund though. Might be worth more as a collectors item in ten years though.

I wonder how many people have shelled out $1200 to shake Al’s hand? Maybe not enough and he couldn’t cover the expenses for his private jet?”

No, Gore is a Fraud and a Scaredy Cat>

“In the wake of Climategate, his continued global warming proclamations and his refusal to debate are simply untenable. Thus after Britain’s Lord Christopher Monckton recently challenged Gore to a debate, Monckton afterwards added: “If you don’t dare [debate], I want you to remain silent about [global warming] forever from now on.”

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) has grown so tired of Gore’s unwillingness to debate that they are openly mocking him — offering to pay him $500.00 if he’ll debate Monckton. But with all due respect to CEI, there’s no reason to believe a scaredy cat like Gore, who is positioned to become the world’s first “carbon billionaire,” will expose the error of his ways to a sound thinker like Monckton.

Instead, he’s more likely to make himself even harder to reach in order to be sure he doesn’t have to defend his global warming assertions. There’s a good chance this was the motive behind the cancellation of his scheduled appearance at the Copenhagen climate conference later this month. Although people had already paid $1200.00 to meet the former vice president, the outcry over Climategate may have persuaded Gore that allowing people to get close enough to shake hands would be tantamount to allowing them to get close enough to ask tough questions.”

Yep, “He knows it’s all unravelling.”

At least we have the satisfaction of now knowing that Al Gore will go down in history as just another lying, money-grubbing shyster. I don’t know about you, but that helps me sleep more soundly at night.

It will be nicer, though, when he finally stops turning perfectly good oxygen into carbon dioxide.

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