Bolt’s Monday Mayhem

#1 It’s not working for you, Malcolm. Is for Tony, though… Malcolm Turnbull: FAIL

#2 Two million hits a month… largely thanks to Climategate, and the rest of the MSM not doing their job.

Copenhagen: limos, private jets, and an orgy of celebrities
… not enough limos in Denmark, five hybrids to be used. Glenn Reynolds: I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.

#4 Climategate: Those scientists sure get around

#5 Climategate: UN warming boss admits emails look “very bad”… no shit, Sherlock.

#6 Victoria’s conservatives will have to vote Labor… Vic Opp leader has to go.

# 7 Corpse twitches… Lib’s primary vote up 4% since Abbott.

#8 Obama just can’t give Rudd the slip… re Copenhagen and KRudd’s manlove for Obama.

#9 Rudd’s red carpet getting crowded… yet another boat of asylum seekers, good grief!

#10 Climategate: Yet more man-made warming in New Zealand… well, at least their cheese is done well.

#11 Let them eat carbon… classic example of ecotard hypocrisy. “He emits so that you may feel guilty.”

#12 Only the green faith allowed… Bolt’s take on 1.6’s post re no Christmas trees at Copenhagen.

#13 Turnbull will destroy himself before he destroys the Liberals… Turnbull can’t be trusted, should be removed.

#14 Darling, whisper “global warming” in my ear… Now Vanity Fair’s gushing all over Al Gore… for his poetry.

#15 The middle edges back to the Liberals… mainly Glenn Milne. Little online poll you can take, too.

#16 Save the planet! Avoid Australia… UK gov’s ‘climate’ tax killing travel, especially to Oz.

#17 Small hope for Abbott in this poll… Still a long way to go for Tony.

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