US Citizen? Sign the petition against cap n’ trade

If you’re a man-made global warming sceptic, or if you think the science perhaps isn’t settled, or if you are worried about a potential communist world government, or if you are worried about giant non-sovereign world taxes being imposed on all of us, or if you think the governments of this world already have too much power, or even if you’re not convinced yet either way, and don’t want a road paved that there’s no turning back on in just two short weeks, then sign this petition.


People literally right now are speaking at Copenhagen presenting the other side to this man-made CO2-driven man-made climate change/global warming argument. They will also be speaking tomorrow. Time is of the essence.


This post differs from the original. It came from watching the latest Monckton videos (the end of Part 4 of which part 1 was posted by 1.6 below), about a GLOBAL problem – but unfortunately only US citizens can sign that petition. Hence, first update removed, replaced with this.

Copenhagen: Climate Sense Conference

This is one of the first conferences of the COP15 junket summit, and it’s prime objective will be urging UN members (and everyone else there) to have open minds about this debate. Although Climategate has essentially proven that climate scientists, politicians, journalists, and the UN don’t have an open mind about climate change and it’s many causes, well, at least this Climate Sense Conference is taking place at all. It begins at 8pm tonight, Tizona time (same as Sydney and Melbourne) and runs until 2am Tizona time. It will continue at 8pm Tizona time on Wednesday and wrap up at 1am, er, Tizona time.

*Note: They mixed up the date on that link. It should read Tuesday, December 8, not Tuesday, December 7.

It’s brought to you by this mob, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, and that link has lots of great additional stuff related to Christopher Monckton, Climategate, and Copenhagen et. al..

In case you missed it yesterday, Lord Monckton, along with Professor Fred Singer, and Professor Ian Plimer, will be speaking at that conference.

Also, in case you missed this over at Bolt’s, Tim Wilson of Sustainable Development is actually over in Copenhagen and will be blogging about it. Might be a good place to go to get up-to-the-minute info.


Better late than never. From December 1, MIT’s professor of meteorology, Dr. Richard Lindzen, argues that the science isn’t settled in the following summary…

Is there a reason to be alarmed by the prospect of global warming? Consider that the measurement used, the globally averaged temperature anomaly (GATA), is always changing. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes down, and occasionally—such as for the last dozen years or so—it does little that can be discerned.

Claims that climate change is accelerating are bizarre. There is general support for the assertion that GATA has increased about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit since the middle of the 19th century. The quality of the data is poor, though, and because the changes are small, it is easy to nudge such data a few tenths of a degree in any direction. Several of the emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) that have caused such a public ruckus dealt with how to do this so as to maximize apparent changes.

(Very) belated Bolt

#1 Climategate: Smears and jeers… Abbott getting international exposure, and not in that cringe-worthy Rudd style. UN smearing sceptics/Climategate.

#2 Save the planet! Don’t breathe out!… EPA weighs in just in time for Obama. Anthony Watts has more.

#3 Climategate: manufacturing consensus… more evidence of climate scients threatening journos if they don’t tow the line.

#4 Copenhagen: delegates warned about abusing children… then shown a video of said abuse (1.6 put it up below).

#5 Turnbull towelled… More on Turnbull’s latest, on-going backstabbing, including a link to his latest blog post.

#6 Climategate: Nothing to worry about, except for everything… Alarmist being interviewed by Robyn Williams contradicts himself.

#7 Soon no-one will admit they were once a warming dupe… Poll trends down.

#8 “I said holy @#&!”… Strange sightings of Jesus.

#9 Flannery flogged… Post of the day, IMHO. McCrann (lol) gets stuck into Flannery. It’s classic. Fannels says warming since the Industrial Revolution has been 25%, up from average temperature of 15 degrees to 20 degrees. McCrann points out this is 33.3%, not 25%. Then a reader, Professor Aynsley Kellow,  notes a: that physics works in degrees Kelvin b: the actual rise has been 0.7 degrees celcius, not 5, and c: that in Kelvin (which scientists use when doing their work), the rise is only 0.24%!  PWND. Do read it. Much better than this quick summary.

#10 Brazen Hypocrisy… On Richard Branson being all eco-friendly yet at the same time launching his new space tourism plane. His Virgin jets are flying more, too. And cop this. Who do you think’s the “environmental consultant” on this new project? Tim Flannery! PS Andrew forgets that Branson’s Virgin sponsored the championship-winning Brawn Formula 1 team and was personally present at most, if not all, of the races.

#11 Abbott sharpens attack… on his new front bench line up. AB likes but isn’t sure about putting Bishop on there (her  age).

#12 The fall of Manne… AB, via Gerad Henderson, lays in the boot.

Middle class madness

Not sure I necessarily agree with all of Rory Gibson’s opinions here, but it’s still food for thought and a good read…

HAVE you ever noticed how some status symbols seem to have gained their positions under false pretences?

For instance, who was the idiot who decided ensuite bathrooms were desirable items, a sign of prestige for the modern middle class?

😦 I’ve always liked the idea of an ensuite. Now I’m all confused.

Read on.

Rupert vs Google II

An interesting take…

The art of verbal self-defense can be tricky. Ramble on while defending yourself against critics, and you can expose yourself to new criticisms. For a recent and clear case study in this misstep, look no further than Google’s own Eric Schmidt. In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece titled “How Google Can Help Newspapers,” Schmidt set out to argue what has been said a million times before, and what everyone but news executives in denial will admit: The Internet isn’t killing news, it’s forcing it through a painful evolution into a new business model.

The op-ed came a few days after Rupert Murdoch made a gutsy bluff to block Google from indexing stories on News Corp.’s sites. Murdoch is no dummy, and all his huffing and posturing is aimed less at preserving a dead business model than at testing his leverage in a new one –- the way a mischievous kid tests a new babysitter to see what he can get away with. And it was cunning of Schmidt to push Murdoch back on his own playground. But in the course of stating the obvious –- Google isn’t killing newspapers –- Schmidt made a few spurious arguments of his own.

Read on.

Copenhagen schedule

A silver lining…

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Monckton, Fred Singer, and Ian Plimer will be speaking. Bad news is that they’re speaking right at the beginning and could well be forgotten by the end. Good news is that nothing much is likely to come out of this, with no actual agreements until June next year or even until 2011.

Let’s hope “our boys” get a fair hearing and their message gets through over, say, Desmond Tutu’s call for cash.


And with trepidation, a link to an article quoting Lord Monckton. Do read the whole enchilada, but since the following has been largely passed over, here’s an excerpt reminding us what this AGW crock means for our food.

Speaking about replacing one third of agricultural land which grows food to be used for growing bio-fuels instead, Christopher Monckton reminded that it has led to double food price surge over just one year.

“If we have to pay twice as much for our food – it’s inconvenient. If you are in a poor country – that difference of a 100% in the price of your food is the difference between life and death,” he warns.



In related news, have you heard about the steel cages being set up for any protesters who are arrested?

Powerline asks: What do they think we are, anarchists?

Will Lord Monckton throw Molotov cocktails, or Pat Michaels smash bank windows?

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