Rupert vs Google II

An interesting take…

The art of verbal self-defense can be tricky. Ramble on while defending yourself against critics, and you can expose yourself to new criticisms. For a recent and clear case study in this misstep, look no further than Google’s own Eric Schmidt. In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece titled “How Google Can Help Newspapers,” Schmidt set out to argue what has been said a million times before, and what everyone but news executives in denial will admit: The Internet isn’t killing news, it’s forcing it through a painful evolution into a new business model.

The op-ed came a few days after Rupert Murdoch made a gutsy bluff to block Google from indexing stories on News Corp.’s sites. Murdoch is no dummy, and all his huffing and posturing is aimed less at preserving a dead business model than at testing his leverage in a new one –- the way a mischievous kid tests a new babysitter to see what he can get away with. And it was cunning of Schmidt to push Murdoch back on his own playground. But in the course of stating the obvious –- Google isn’t killing newspapers –- Schmidt made a few spurious arguments of his own.

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7 Responses to “Rupert vs Google II”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    I liked this quote

    “The evolution of the web is pushing users away from paid content”

    That is pertinent because in this increasingly techsavvy world, there are many alternatives to the traditional forms of news and getting around a paywall is becoming quite easy.

  2. Will Rupert make us pay? « James Board Says:

    […] For more on whether media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, will set up a pay wall for his online newspapers, try here, here, here, here, and here. […]

  3. bobo Says:

    ‘Tony Abbott was attacking Kevin Rudd yesterday over the Government’s despicable $500m handout to free-to-air television, suggesting “it looks like an election-year bribe”, he neglected to mention his own recent dealings with media moguls.

    Reports say, Abbott had a secret meeting with News Ltd supremo Rupert Murdoch on Sunday morning and had breakfast with him.

    Why give our $ to slack arse media outlets? Why not hand out $ to the needy? Who gets a payrise from it? The shareholders or workers?

  4. bobo Says:

  5. bobo Says:

    Donating all that ‘funding’ doesn’t allow potentially new media outlets to be born. It truly does expose the government for what it is. Wasteful, let’s hope they spend it on the employees and not the owners.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Ok….i’ll agree that throwing a bucket of money at the big 3 TV networks is a shit idea and stinks to high heaven in an election year, and that the federal government has the financial nouse of an 8 year old with $20 on a sugar high.

      Now lets be clear i’m not having a go at you;

      But when you say “Why not hand out $ to the needy?” & “spend it on the employees and not the owners”.

      The first one is an emphatic NO, if people hit hard times give them a hand up not a hand out, don’t give people the means to not want or desire to work. Yes there are circumstances where this wouldn’t apply (permantly disabled etc) and that has merit as their capacity to earn a good living has been taken away.

      As for the second, i see no need to spend anything on employees as they are already employed and they recieve their pay dependant on their job or skills.

      One of the worst acts a government can do is to subsidise a non-job because it fits an agenda, or to falsely inflate the value a work position has to fit their ‘social agenda’ (a term i despise)

  6. bingbing Says:

    Who is “the needy”? Sounds like a blank cheque.

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