(Very) belated Bolt

#1 Climategate: Smears and jeers… Abbott getting international exposure, and not in that cringe-worthy Rudd style. UN smearing sceptics/Climategate.

#2 Save the planet! Don’t breathe out!… EPA weighs in just in time for Obama. Anthony Watts has more.

#3 Climategate: manufacturing consensus… more evidence of climate scients threatening journos if they don’t tow the line.

#4 Copenhagen: delegates warned about abusing children… then shown a video of said abuse (1.6 put it up below).

#5 Turnbull towelled… More on Turnbull’s latest, on-going backstabbing, including a link to his latest blog post.

#6 Climategate: Nothing to worry about, except for everything… Alarmist being interviewed by Robyn Williams contradicts himself.

#7 Soon no-one will admit they were once a warming dupe… Poll trends down.

#8 “I said holy @#&!”… Strange sightings of Jesus.

#9 Flannery flogged… Post of the day, IMHO. McCrann (lol) gets stuck into Flannery. It’s classic. Fannels says warming since the Industrial Revolution has been 25%, up from average temperature of 15 degrees to 20 degrees. McCrann points out this is 33.3%, not 25%. Then a reader, Professor Aynsley Kellow,  notes a: that physics works in degrees Kelvin b: the actual rise has been 0.7 degrees celcius, not 5, and c: that in Kelvin (which scientists use when doing their work), the rise is only 0.24%!  PWND. Do read it. Much better than this quick summary.

#10 Brazen Hypocrisy… On Richard Branson being all eco-friendly yet at the same time launching his new space tourism plane. His Virgin jets are flying more, too. And cop this. Who do you think’s the “environmental consultant” on this new project? Tim Flannery! PS Andrew forgets that Branson’s Virgin sponsored the championship-winning Brawn Formula 1 team and was personally present at most, if not all, of the races.

#11 Abbott sharpens attack… on his new front bench line up. AB likes but isn’t sure about putting Bishop on there (her  age).

#12 The fall of Manne… AB, via Gerad Henderson, lays in the boot.

7 Responses to “(Very) belated Bolt”

  1. Vote Quimby Says:

    #2 Regards the EPA about to label Carbon Dioxide dangerous, let them do it, that might finally make people realise that this religion is getting out of hand and wake up to what the hell is going on. I mean seriously, if they ban it, what are we supposed to do with our breathing?? for fucks sake the sooner this comes to and end the better.

    #9 I still find it odd that people flock to Flannery for opinions on Climate change when he is a Biologist, why don’t they ask Ian Plimer??

    #10 why would anyone be shocked about Richard Branson being a hypocrite, all celebrities do it, do as we say not as we do, only they are allowed to fly around the world first class (Cos they can afford to) and us plebs need to get around on horse and cart, then swim when you hit the water!

    #11 Bishop in the Aged Portfolio is an obvious choice, look how old she is! But Barnaby Joyce should have been given the Climate Change (Climate Action!?!?!) portfolio, that would have made things interesting!

    [Your comment wasn’t being moderated – just the wordpress gremlins – bing]

    • bingbing Says:

      Re #2. They’ve done it.

      Re #9 And a paleontologist… if anyone should know about massive fluctuations – natural – in Earth’s climate, and that what we’re seeing today is virtually static, it’s him.

      #11 Good point re Bishop. Yes, wouldn’t Barnaby be better in CC? But then again, he has little science background, but he does have that accounting background. If only they hadn’t dis-endorsed Dennis Jenson. He’d be brilliant fighting off Wong and Garrett. Still, Barnaby may still be effective since KRudd’s green tax with cause massive tax increases and is mainly all to do with money, and KRudd’s current lack of it thanks to the bailout (hey, he’s gotta find SOME way of reeling it back, right? His ETS would have done this, and the plebs would have thanked him for saving the planet at the same time. The man is cunning if nothing else.).

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:


      Yep Leaving Greg Hunt in the CC portfolio was a bad idea, he was very good on the environment side especially with the Gunnamatta outflow (My boys used to surf there), but he is an AGW acolyte. Bit of a pity as he is a genuinely nice bloke when it comes to the day to day enviro stuff and does a pretty good job in the Flinders electorate, (I have friends down that way)

      Giving Bishop a portfolio is a good move as she actually takes an interest in her given portfolio and seems to take an interest in whom it affects, i’ll qualify that as i met her when she was the Minister for Defence Science & Technology, she researches her porfolio well, can be quite conversant on her responsibilities and takes a genuine interest in her role. (I only met her once in the early 90’s & that was my impression)………(Same goes for Kim Beazley when he was Defence Minister, an ALP polli that supported the ADF, a rare beast)

    • Struth Says:

      By leaving Hunt with environment/climate change and not giving that role to Barnaby or Jensen, I reckon Abbott is treading carefully at the moment. Cards close to chest, Ace up the sleeve and so forth, waiting to see the wash up from Copenhagen.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:


      True, but i think having someone of Dennis Jensens ability on the front bench or as a parliamentary secretary would have been a good move and raised his profile, After all it was MT who moved to have him disendorsed when he is a highly intelligent man who is not being groomed for a better role.

    • Struth Says:

      Turnbull wanting him disendorsed? That speaks volumes.
      Turnbull was/is a rat in the ranks.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      True, can’t say i warm to MT’s style of loyalty either, he would have been better served in the DLP or the ALP (except the ALP refused him a safe seat, WTF was JWH thinking?)

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