Those in the blogosphere who “know” me, know I’m a big Andrew Bolt fan. Bolt is one whose quick to dismiss evil Bush stories, such as touted by Alex Jones. Yet he also has been championing Christopher Monckton as of late. Yet lately, Monckton has been appearing on The Alex Jones show… along with Dr. Timothy Ball, a prominent AGW sceptic. Bolt (and I) rubbishes 911 troofers, yet the show Monckton and Ball appear on, does not. Throw in the Zeitgeist, made during the Bush (who I championed) years, which I rubbished, and it’s all a very interesting mix. We mocked the housing crisis, and we mocked the Left. We mocked Obama and Jones, and praised Bush. We mocked AGW, and praised America’s wars. This Climategate spectacle, when researched, has brought forth a convergence of a few of my once-conflicting ideas. That said, stories from the survivors of 911, those in the building, paint a horrifying picture.  And those phone calls from the planes. Damn the troofers. Yet still, Climategate has brought up, or rather reignited, a lot of food for thought.

Just don’t get me started on the 666 barcode theory, which, in light of a potential world government being agreed to in the next two weeks, on the bullshit premise of human CO2 emissions, might deserve another look at.

Yes, this sounds like barking mad stuff. But so does AGW. And perhaps Bolt, the reasoned, rational Bolt, in his championing of Climategate, has opened up a Pandora’s box – no, pushed the convergence button, so to speak, that maybe even he may not have realised the potential consequences of yet.

It’s ironic. It was Bolt I went to, years ago, to get this mad-house conspiracy shit, and Leftist crap, out of my head, yet it is, perhaps unwittingly, he who has “led” me back to it… minus the Leftist crap.

And damn the Left (if one wants to think in those terms) for championing AGW. The Left who perhaps or perhaps not, are aware of it’s full consequences. Climategate raises many more questions than those about mere climate science. It also, when you follow all the links, raises questions about what the Right championed for so long, and who we were really barracking for.

This is not meant to be a position statement. More so an open musing to the blogosphere. Food for thought, and thus a request for feedback. Feedback of any kind. Comments slagging me off will not be removed.


What’s the difference between debate and confusion? Decent leaders? An informed citizenry?  The Leftists on Unleased today talked about muddying the waters.

JFTR, that’s AKA stirring the pot.

Ain’t rhetoric great? 🙂

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Climate-gators at Copenhagen

Well, not surprising the skeptics aren’t getting a good hearing at COP15. After all, this is more a gathering of the faithful than an honest discussion, especially in light of Climategate. At least (and whoulda thunkit?) CNN is finally, belatedly asking some questions.

Yet Oppenheimer’s distortions are jaw dropping in that interview. Nowhere near all glaciers have been studied, sea levels are barely rising, the Arctic ice isn’t melting but has been increasing the past few years, there aren’t 2500 scientists all agreeing, but rather a handful as Climategate proves. Yes, take out CRU and there are other institutions. Hmm, that would include hockey stick Mann at Penn State, who’s stick has been debunked (Mann is being investigated by PSU), and NASAs Goddard Institute whose director James Hansen can’t be trusted. And for any worries about the oceans, just take a look at the observed data compared to the models.

And as for Earth being a closed system and our piddly amount of CO2 (5% of a gas that takes up less than 0.4% of the atmosphere) not letting heat escape from the planet? Bullshit. Again with those models. The red lines are the models, the green lines are the observed data. Anyway, it probably doesn’t stay in the atmosphere for long anyway.

Preaching to the converted here (pardon the pun), but those links are for any folks, and there’s many, still duped by this climate change scam.

NewsBusters has a pretty good piece on that interview and CNN’s coverage.

But back to Copenhagen, and despite a very critical opening few paragraphs, The Financial Times, finally sensing a whiff, gives Monckton et. al. a run.

It was not all political bombast. Several serious scientists, with long paper trails of academic work behind them, delivered power point presentations filled with data and diagrams attempting to show why the mainstream consensus was wrong.

Not really much good or bad news to report so far. Tom Wilson has a short clip covering the rabble that was day two.

If being a sceptic means not being friends with those nutjobs at the start of that video… good.

To be honest, I had more fun today replying to a few brain dead commenters over at Unleashed who were in support of Clive Hamilton, in what has to be one of the most rubbish, condescending, puerile posts ever read.


With thanks to lucanas in comments in another post, some Copenhagen piccies.

Bolt n’ booze

Grab a few drinks and rant away…

#1 Creating warming from cold stats… do we need to review Australia’s temperature data, too?

#2 The Age of groupthink… 100% of letters published bag Abbott.

#3 Cliamtegate: the mug… buy one if you want. Features the de-bunked hockey stick graph.

#4 Climategate: How one human caused Darwin to warm… yep, fudged. Check the graphs.

#5 Column – Trust Flannery to forget… His own words coming back to bite him. AB has some great examples.

#6 A club for the civilised…  Celtic fans won’t wave Palestine flags the Scottish Trade Unions Congress wanted them to.

#7 Climategate: CNN now gives sceptics a platform… YouTube clip included.

#8 Trust the data or trust Wong’s meeting… replete with graph proving Wong is FOS.

#9 The warming theory falls to bits… new research. Warmer and colder in the past with higher and lower CO2 levels.

#10 How much of our wealth is Rudd signing away?

#11 Trampling – literally – on the truth… Windshuttle’s latest as a museum piece, each page on the floor, to be walked on.

#12 Just pray for a Tiger… the women we marry… and the ones we don’t.

#13 Just one more baseless scare – like the 26 before… yep, you guessed, global warming. Science? Bollocks. It’s political.

#14 Wigley denies: “I did not choke on the deceit”… AB’s own thoughts about what Tom said then compared to what he says now.

#15 Not hottest, not heating… what they’re saying in Copenhagen versus an actual graph.

On Obama and Afghanistan

I’m tempted to say that it is good that Obama has made a commitment to Afghanistan but….

Last I heard, the invasion of Afghanistan is all about a natural gas pipeline. It turns out Obama is now part of that nefarious cabal who wants to build the pipeline and use the invasion as an excuse to blindly kill brown people. That’s not cool.

Does anyone remember being told that the US and the Taliban were both against the Soviet domination of Afghanistan and therefore on the same side. If there was one thing I learned over the last few years was that once you are allied to any degree with a group (even if you only sold them unarmed helicopters while France sold them missiles) you can NEVER, ever change sides.

Remember violence never solves anything except perpetuating a cycle of violence. Just look at France and Germany.

I think I’m also supposed to yell out “Warmonger” and “Bloodthirsty Chickenhawk!” and start building a giant puppet. On the bright side I also get to organize protests with naked coeds.

btw isn’t that pipeline built yet? They’re probably still working on the environmental impact studies.

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