Bolt n’ booze

Grab a few drinks and rant away…

#1 Creating warming from cold stats… do we need to review Australia’s temperature data, too?

#2 The Age of groupthink… 100% of letters published bag Abbott.

#3 Cliamtegate: the mug… buy one if you want. Features the de-bunked hockey stick graph.

#4 Climategate: How one human caused Darwin to warm… yep, fudged. Check the graphs.

#5 Column – Trust Flannery to forget… His own words coming back to bite him. AB has some great examples.

#6 A club for the civilised…  Celtic fans won’t wave Palestine flags the Scottish Trade Unions Congress wanted them to.

#7 Climategate: CNN now gives sceptics a platform… YouTube clip included.

#8 Trust the data or trust Wong’s meeting… replete with graph proving Wong is FOS.

#9 The warming theory falls to bits… new research. Warmer and colder in the past with higher and lower CO2 levels.

#10 How much of our wealth is Rudd signing away?

#11 Trampling – literally – on the truth… Windshuttle’s latest as a museum piece, each page on the floor, to be walked on.

#12 Just pray for a Tiger… the women we marry… and the ones we don’t.

#13 Just one more baseless scare – like the 26 before… yep, you guessed, global warming. Science? Bollocks. It’s political.

#14 Wigley denies: “I did not choke on the deceit”… AB’s own thoughts about what Tom said then compared to what he says now.

#15 Not hottest, not heating… what they’re saying in Copenhagen versus an actual graph.

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