Those in the blogosphere who “know” me, know I’m a big Andrew Bolt fan. Bolt is one whose quick to dismiss evil Bush stories, such as touted by Alex Jones. Yet he also has been championing Christopher Monckton as of late. Yet lately, Monckton has been appearing on The Alex Jones show… along with Dr. Timothy Ball, a prominent AGW sceptic. Bolt (and I) rubbishes 911 troofers, yet the show Monckton and Ball appear on, does not. Throw in the Zeitgeist, made during the Bush (who I championed) years, which I rubbished, and it’s all a very interesting mix. We mocked the housing crisis, and we mocked the Left. We mocked Obama and Jones, and praised Bush. We mocked AGW, and praised America’s wars. This Climategate spectacle, when researched, has brought forth a convergence of a few of my once-conflicting ideas. That said, stories from the survivors of 911, those in the building, paint a horrifying picture.  And those phone calls from the planes. Damn the troofers. Yet still, Climategate has brought up, or rather reignited, a lot of food for thought.

Just don’t get me started on the 666 barcode theory, which, in light of a potential world government being agreed to in the next two weeks, on the bullshit premise of human CO2 emissions, might deserve another look at.

Yes, this sounds like barking mad stuff. But so does AGW. And perhaps Bolt, the reasoned, rational Bolt, in his championing of Climategate, has opened up a Pandora’s box – no, pushed the convergence button, so to speak, that maybe even he may not have realised the potential consequences of yet.

It’s ironic. It was Bolt I went to, years ago, to get this mad-house conspiracy shit, and Leftist crap, out of my head, yet it is, perhaps unwittingly, he who has “led” me back to it… minus the Leftist crap.

And damn the Left (if one wants to think in those terms) for championing AGW. The Left who perhaps or perhaps not, are aware of it’s full consequences. Climategate raises many more questions than those about mere climate science. It also, when you follow all the links, raises questions about what the Right championed for so long, and who we were really barracking for.

This is not meant to be a position statement. More so an open musing to the blogosphere. Food for thought, and thus a request for feedback. Feedback of any kind. Comments slagging me off will not be removed.


What’s the difference between debate and confusion? Decent leaders? An informed citizenry?  The Leftists on Unleased today talked about muddying the waters.

JFTR, that’s AKA stirring the pot.

Ain’t rhetoric great? 🙂

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10 Responses to “Convergence”

  1. bushrat Says:

    I feel your pain. You stated.”Yet still, Climategate has brought up, or rather reignited, a lot of food for thought”.

    I and others are right there with you.
    Just wathed Lateline and saw the Northwest pasage opened up with the “Dangerous climate change” thingy, Every second word being Climate change, starvation, Every other word ended in MONEY. we are being Brainwashed and so too our younger generation. Take it from me. I have a daughter and 2 sons, they are in their late 20s and early 30s.can’t fool them, Nor Me. but yet the Media and the rest of the Gravy train goes CHOOO Choooooo. This has to stop before people like us get hot under the ,,,Ummmm Blankets.. F**kin cold here. Cheers friends.

    • bingbing Says:

      Thanks, mate. I’m 30 myself. You and your daughter can rest easy, though… already got a gal. 😉

      Love the Clinton pun.

      Seriously but, this stuff is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. How much longer can Bolt hold out?

    • bingbing Says:

      PS Does it surprise anyone I’m a qualified journalist but not an employed one? 😛

    • bingbing Says:

      PPS You can call me James if you want. The only reason it changed to bingbing was some prick, in replies to my own comment ona Bolt post, antithetical replies at that, used the same cryptic handle, “James”.

  2. bushrat Says:

    Funny you should say that, Qualified Journo?.My Daughter is a over qualified Daughter ,,did media stuff. Uni girl.. Let me qualify that statement though she is a chip off the old block in a way. she can get agro and ,,,, well Bitchy too. lol, She has a lad though..poor buggar, The adams apple of my eye. good girl an all.Best wishes.Mate.

  3. eggz Says:

    The alleged ‘Danish text’ wealthy nations’ deal makes a lot sense re Obi & the Rudder’s agreed late attendance at COP15 and further adds to speculation the it is indeed all about tax revenue raising by the West, likely as a result of over spending to curb the GFC.

    Re 911 conspiracies, as a comms engineer who’s flown a heck of a lot with cellphones, I join the FBI in calling a Penn & Teller’s ‘bullshit’ on that one … (but pls don’t ask me WTF happened).

    • bingbing Says:


      Interesting last scene, though. Balloons, bubbles.

      Arrgghh. Whatever happened to sunshine and lollipops…?

      But yeah, re Rudd’s ETS, that one’s a no-brainer. How else is he gonna recoup all those billions thrown out?

      AArrrkkk. Convergence.

      Sorry, no mission statement, if ever. Just that food for thought has to be put out there.

      What’s the difference between debate and confusion?

    • eggz Says:

      Have to disagree with Penn & Teller on that one (but love all of their work).
      Prolly like most, I’m somewhere between the troofers and the official story – I’ve seen decent, earnest, sane troofers unfairly made to look like fools/nutters when asked by the MSM to speculate.
      Re Pop Mechanics’ work: as a mech eng’s spouse pointed out – they tend only to believe only what they can see/touch, ‘bricks & mortar’ stuff – in my field of electronics it’s mainly conceptual thinking – very different; their cellphone analysis, basic physics, was trash and does not stand up to (qualified) scrutiny.

    • Struth Says:

      ‘Crackpots’ like Alex Jones and David Icke are much closer to the truth and reality than what gets fed to you through the TV, newspapers and ‘History textbooks’ etc. There is ‘consensus reality’ and then there is reality. As Lionel Hutz said: ‘Marge, there is ‘the truth'(wink, wink) and then there is the ‘Truth’ (frown). No one need be ignorant if they have the internet. Get surfing!

  4. ex-Victorian Says:

    Bingbing you do ask some really great questions.

    It seems to me that even those who are confused over the Climategate affair, cannot let go and accept that it is all one big hoax.

    Perhaps because I am a Catholic, I believe that this whole thing is just so really absurd. How can we influence the elements?

    What appear to be sane people will ask that “concern” question – what if the climatologists are right? I am using this as a bit of a sounding board because I have to approve a comment and then respond to what can only be considered one of these “concern” trolls. You see I do not agree with the points that have been made because he, like so many others fails to see what has already been observed – that it all comes in cycles. I was born in 1954 and my memories of summer actually start in the 1960s in Melbourne, even though I have a very hazy memory of events from 1959. What I do remember and have been told is that in 1959 we had very similar conditions that we had during summer 2009. What I really remember are the hot summers of the 1960s, followed by a real change in the climatic conditions in the 1970s when summer was much, much cooler. The weather has continued in these cycles.

    However, when it comes to the AGW scam the GREENS seems to want us to suspend belief in a whole lot of things. Instead of shifts in the tectonic plates causing earthquakes etc. it has to be caused by climate change. Even with the Great Barrier Reef, we are being told something that is contrary to what is observed: the Crown of Thorns starfish in fact causes the coral to die and go white, not acidity in the water due to climate change. I am not a scientist. However, I do have a degree in economics.

    Later, Bingbing.

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