On Obama and Afghanistan

I’m tempted to say that it is good that Obama has made a commitment to Afghanistan but….

Last I heard, the invasion of Afghanistan is all about a natural gas pipeline. It turns out Obama is now part of that nefarious cabal who wants to build the pipeline and use the invasion as an excuse to blindly kill brown people. That’s not cool.

Does anyone remember being told that the US and the Taliban were both against the Soviet domination of Afghanistan and therefore on the same side. If there was one thing I learned over the last few years was that once you are allied to any degree with a group (even if you only sold them unarmed helicopters while France sold them missiles) you can NEVER, ever change sides.

Remember violence never solves anything except perpetuating a cycle of violence. Just look at France and Germany.

I think I’m also supposed to yell out “Warmonger” and “Bloodthirsty Chickenhawk!” and start building a giant puppet. On the bright side I also get to organize protests with naked coeds.

btw isn’t that pipeline built yet? They’re probably still working on the environmental impact studies.

2 Responses to “On Obama and Afghanistan”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    You had me at giant puppets and naked co-eds………..we are talking about female co-eds i hope

  2. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    Yes, as organizer I get to decide which should be assigned to making signs, which should have slogans painted on their bodies, and which should jump up and down for The Cause.

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