Bolt roundup

Sorry, the Net was down today at work, so the usual after-class time to blog just wasn’t available. Anyway, here’s an Alex-Jones-free roundup.

The chief bullshitter of them all, none other than Al Gore of course, has been caught telling porkies yet again. He orally defecates on three separate occasions that the Climategate emails don’t matter since they were written 10 years ago. Er, no Al baby. The last one was written less than a month ago, and some damning ones are very recent. What a POS. Not surprisingly, climate models have been shown up yet again to be full of it. The CSIRO likewise. And yes, more dodgy weather stations, and the UN is challenged yet again.

Still, at least CNN is running with their investigation. The latest is an interview with John Christy and realclimate’s Gavin Schmidt. Wolf gets back a smidgen of cred. Schmidt likes to argue it was so so bad the emails were hacked, yet we know they were probably leaked, and compiled in a reaction to repeated, continually blocked,  FOIA requests.

Bit of a laugh, Penny Wong’s political adviser is a woman named Gaia. How apt. James Hanson gets PWND. Not really a surprise but dire predictions he made 20 years ago about what it would be like now have proved to be stacked to the rafters with Chicken Little’s shit. Oh, and the climotards (Gus coined that one) doing the responsible thing and taking the free buses? Well, we all know the answer to that, and there’s a nice little clip to confirm it. Even Age readers aren’t swallowing this climocrap whole anymore. And carbon credit trading is so stuffed. As for real trade, KRudd’s stuffing that one up, too. Sorry India. And bye-bye money.

In other developments, why doesn’t Rudd just hire out the Queen Mary II? We’d have less refugees headed our way. Meanwhile KRudd continues to fail. Seriously, the bloke couldn’t get some in a brothel, even with all our dosh he’s, and it turns out quite selectively, dishing out. Still, for every new refugee, he’s pretty much taking an extra delegate to Hopenchangen.

Still, as the saying goes, there is a silver lining to this cloud. Two years on, and Howard is still bugging the ALP. Heh.


4 Responses to “Bolt roundup”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    AAaaaahhhh, the manbearpig, is there no lie he can’t brazenly sprout……………i think not.

    Copenhopenchangin, where the media whores, ecoharpies & rentseekers go to compare notes & exchange their evil goo (AKA bodily fluids).

    Iiiikkkk…….i feel soiled just typing this.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Climotards……..yep, gonna use that one.

  2. Vote Quimby Says:

    Comments are now allowed back on Bolt’s blog!!!!! albeit monday to friday from waht I can tell, but it’s a start!

    • bingbing Says:

      Good stuff. It took up a fair chunk of my blogging time linking (with a quick summary) to all his posts over here. And barely anyone took much advantage of it anyway, even the regulars here.

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