A few questions, if you will

Should the Bolt experiment be closed? If not, do people prefer a post giving the headings of his posts (numbered), a post giving the headings of his posts (numbered) with a quick summary, or a round-up like the one done yesterday which was written like a ‘regular’ post, in a narrative style, with the appropriate links?

After all, one can comment there again, but it’s still not live, and is still moderated heavily.


I’ll do whatever today, and make a decision (probably) by Monday. Please note, however, that I’ll be at a teacher training thingy starting Sunday (bastards), that’s in a different city, and will run until Thursday. I’ll be sharing a hotel room with someone I’ve never met, probably going out after the seminars afterwards, and thus may not have a lot of blogging time next week. That said, the week after, things will be back to ‘normal’.

LOL, this seminar. I’m a qualified TESOL teacher with five years experience living and teaching in Korea, yet I’ll be lectured on Korean culture (apparently they like kinchi and have four seasons – literally, that’s what we’re going to be told), and teaching methods (eyes roll). I’ve taught ages from kindergarten to retirees, from beginner to advanced, from 1-on-1 to classes of 30+. Still, I’ll get to sleep in an extra couple of hours.

Sooo anywaaaay, whatever decision is made re the Bolt posts probably won’t be implemented til the week after next.

4 Responses to “A few questions, if you will”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    The numbered topics has its merits, but can be a bit tedious with the back & forth linking. I quite liked the narrative version but to assemble such a piece depends on how much time you are prepared to spend writing a precis.

    Good luck with the seminar…..it sounds like a hoot, hopefully an alcohol fuelled hoot.

    • bingbing Says:

      I prefer the narrative. Takes a bit longer but is a whole lot more fun – to write and to read. The numbered ones are quite tedious to compose, too, only made interesting, yet more time consuming by adding the quick summary. And yeah, a drinking buddy will be there, too. Hence the dilemma having time to do anything much next week.

  2. Nemesis12 Says:


    Please keep going.

    He turned the damned comments off again…this is getting bloody annoying.

  3. Vote Quimby Says:

    Comments will be closed on Weekends by the look of it, as her said yesterday, he only has help from Monday to Friday. REgardless though, do keep going with it here, I do prefer a bit of non moderation now and again 🙂 lol

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