Bolt experiment over

He’s turned comments back on.

7 Responses to “Bolt experiment over”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained………..did get some new faces though

  2. Nemesis12 Says:

    Oh nonono… you don’t get rid of me THAT easily :))

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Welcome to the dark side my young padawan.

      (I do not mean that in a ghey way), (In a Star Wars way…yes)

    • bingbing Says:

      🙂 It’s been great having more commenters here. If Rabz, yourself, Carpe, Quimby, me, Gus, Mole, Shelley, Maggie, Eggz, 1.6, Bushrat, Colin, Col., Fay, Kabs, WOZ, Spot, Nilk, Dminor (my bro so he gets a mention, even if he’s saddled with two young nephews), and others who may be smarting a bit now because their name wasn’t mentioned would comment here more often, this has the potential to be a really fun blog.

      Just sayin’. And it might attract others, too.

      This whole blog was started by others when Tim’s old site moved to NewsLtd. And boy that site was fun!

    • Rabz1 Says:

      We are back, people!

      Let’s go and lay doon some common sense!

      Bolta – saving our ‘democracy’…

  3. bingbing Says:

    Not that it gets a whole lot of comments but I might continue with the Bolt daily round-up nonetheless. Even if it’s just for me so I can go back, and in a minute or two, check what he said any given day.

  4. Rabz1 Says:

    And by the way – let’s sound off aboot the coming ‘green police’ state!

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