Bolt’s Friday muster

Well it is summertime, at least for you folks back home, and Peter Roebuck had a cracker of a season last time. Hey Tim, I still haven’t gotten that prize yet!

But I digress. Just what has the posh radical been up to today?

Let’s start with everybody’s favourite topic, porn, Climategate… and Al Gore. Man, this guy tells porkies better than John Holmes (no, not the other one, the one) made films. If you want to lose eight minutes and sixteen seconds of you life – like I did – for nothing, Bolt has a neat clip of the manbearpig on CNN. Probably better just to read the shakedown afterwards. Meanwhile, the Met Office, obviously still smarting, has rounded up a bunch of stooges to defend the indefensible. It’s a cracker compared to the 31,000 scientists who signed the Petition Project. And he notes, about 21 light years ago, that what the hell is going on when places like Sudan are trying to pull the Big Con on the bleeding heart of the West. FFS.

And what a load of crap the kids they brainwashed are now telling us what to do. Gimme a break! Oh yeah, and more dodgy graphs. Yet, of course, the ABC keeps pushing their skewered agenda.

Nonetheless, the silver ling of the day, AB finally finds a proper noun for those warm-mongers.

In other developments, the Boltster has his own take on Obama defending war, whilst accepting a peace prize. Aaaand, that’s about it for Obi today. Unless…

Next, time to trash the Labor party. And boy do they deserve it. Mr I-can’t-remember (too blotto? It’s OK, Kev, shit happens) suddenly has no comment on a party he was head cheerleader at. Typical Leftist hypocrisy. It’s OK for Kev, not OK for Sam. So, anyway, while Kev’s busy hollering to a bikini clad John Howard, yet another boatload arrives. Great set of priorities there, Kevster. And on that note of immigration, if we’re bringing in 180,000+ every year, how in hell are we meant to continue slashing carbon emissions whilst at the same time refusing to build adequate infrastructure? Is Kevin Andrews so wrong to suggest a reduction?

Oh, yeah. And France is getting sick and tired of being sick and tired (of guess what?), NSW is screwed, but at least Clarkson comes to the rescue.

PS I don’t give a rats about Opera, but if YOU do, here you go… save the best til last as they say.

3 Responses to “Bolt’s Friday muster”

  1. Rabz1 Says:

    He’s back!

    Yes, I know, you’re all over there now, commenting…

    • bingbing Says:

      And here, too! Sheesh…

    • bingbing Says:

      As if anything posted there tonight will get put up in relevant time.

      /shameless plug

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