Even the Fake Hockey Stick Wouldn’t be Bad if True

This is a very simple but highly effective video presentation that demonstrates just how silly the – fake, manufactured, bogus, bullshit: pick a pejorative adjective – “hockey stick” really is. In a nutshell, even if the “hockey stick” wasn’t a lie concocted by climate pseudo-scientists hiding political and financial agendas, it doesn’t even amount to a significant statistical blip when viewed in the context of the earth’s climate history, which had many much warmer periods before the advent of human civilization.

I don’t call the warm-mongers “climo-tards” for nothing: They are utterly ignorant and vacuous tools, lead by a lying shyster who has a larger personal “carbon footprint” than many undeveloped nations, and who has made himself nearly a billionaire peddling these lies to the gullible brainless. Global warming isn’t a religion – I hate it when people say it is – rather, it is a superstition akin to believing, “if you step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back.”

2 Responses to “Even the Fake Hockey Stick Wouldn’t be Bad if True”

  1. lucanas Says:

    Agricultural giants the United States, China and India are among countries backing a New Zealand initiative to cut farms’ greenhouse gas emissions.


    This is insane stuff.

    • JEFF Says:

      Right on ! Al Gore is a fame/power seeking opportunist who has to make himself important after getting edged out for the presidency. Making up bullshit about global warming that enables companies he is invested in to make billions in a global conspiracy to “spread the wealth” This is about power,money, and control of the populace. Global warming (and gov’t healthcare) are about getting control of you as a citizen, Wake Up !. Gov’t is not the answer and never will be. Less is more in this case, let human spirit and innovation rule, capitalism is Darwinian in its very essence. Let the cream rise to the top. Don’t tread on me !!!!

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