“poverty” and squalor in Australia.

Another brief look into the underbelly of Australia’s underclass, the poorly educated and abandoned.

I have been visiting a number of my clients and a few stand out points Id like to make.

Most of the ladies are serial single mums, it is rare to find any receiving any sort of maintainance from the sperm donor involved. Equally rare is the lady who has only one child this way. The average for my clients tends to be 3 children, which coincidentally nets a payout of (on average) $1,300 per fortnight in government payments. They also are eligible for lower power/water bills and other subsidies.

To put that into perspective, a person on Australia’s minimum wage would have to work 100 hours a fortnight (at $13.47 per hour) to come close to the same amount…before tax is taken out….

If there are men around these ladies (and I use both terms with reservations) they tend to be living in the house, unemployed, and not contributing much, if anything to the costs of the household. They are little better than parasites on the ladies and their kids.

The treatment of the children varies wildly, from apparently well cared for and clean, to feral and (as observed) scabies ridden..

Now Ive set a bit of a tone heres the squalor 90% of Australians would have no idea exists in their own country, as observed it is difficult to blame lack of money, the 4 households Im about to describe all had 3 or more children guaranteeing a minimum of $1,300 per fortnight, tax free.

(I will give the race of the occupants just to prevent anyone saying “its just THEM, that are like that, not my people”

House 1, White lady, 6 kids, 1 hellhound allowed free reign of the house, no male on the scene. Cant see the lower walls of any part of the living room, they are covered with clothes, toys, rubbish and furniture, the other room visible has 3 mattresses on the floor with soiled bedding in heaps on them. There is also 2 cots, its not clear where the toddler (year old?), sleeps as both cots are overflowing with clothing. In addition the edges of this room are again knee deep in more clothing and rubbish.

Then theres the ceiling… oh god the ceiling…. The light fitting was a red glass candelabra type, but 3/4 black, in addition the ceiling and down the walls to the level of the light switches was a mottled white/black mix of about 50/50.

Fly shit..

the black was fly shit.

I left the house with a near asthma attack, eyes streaming and itching, and I was only there for 1/2 an hour.

House 2. Aboriginal inhabitants, 3 kids man in the background. I had gone there to attempt to repair a washing machine which the proper repairman had refused to touch due to an infestation of cockroaches. The machine had only been in the house for a month when the powerboard had shorted, again from roaches.

I went into the laundry to see the following. 3 well used bongs on the dryer, a constant scuttling of roaches across the floor, and a backyard full of old mattresses and car bodies.

I opened the top of the washing machine and was revolted to see well over 100 cockroaches stream from the “drum” area before I shut the lid, I then removed the plastic shielding the powerboard area to find the board shorted out, and the area jammed tight with dead/alive cockroaches.

House 3. Mixed race, 4 kids and an actual defacto husband of long standing. House quite grotty but again cockroaches galore. As the old large TV was resting on the table (and cooling down) dozens of roaches were streaming from the lower cooling holes in the rear of the machine…

House 4. The…. worst…house….ever…

Its difficult to describe this one but here goes… Multiple inhabitants all sorts, furniture all broken, rubbish everywhere, multiple dogs/cats roaming at will.

The roaches…. Close your eyes and imagine this if you can, the corners of the room are a brown living carpet of roaches, thousands of them, oh and they arent on the floor, they are doing this in the corners of the ceiling, with a few constantly dropping, then scuttling back up to join the swarm… That is, god willing, the worst Ive ever seen or hope to see.

There is no relation to the money entering these households and the conditions inside, basic vermin control is not expensive or complicated, if I had to pick an explanation it would be this. The people involved dont realise the necessity of ongoing cleanliness of pest control measures, their long term thinking is “broken”. For the most part they arent bad people, but they are completely lazy and expect to be able to do things once and have them stay that way. Im sure theres plenty of other reasons of varying complexity, if you know of a few please post them…

12 Responses to ““poverty” and squalor in Australia.”

  1. boy on a bike Says:

    It’s the fault of society.

    It always is.

    • bingbing Says:

      No, BOAB. It’s not society’s fault. It’s yours… and yours alone. Hang your head in shame.

      Seriously, but. Mole’s done a few posts on this. And rather than Gov rhetoric, we are seeing this in real life examples.

      Sorry. No answers. Yet at least it’s clear welfare ain’t it.

      What’s the difference between cutting them loose and setting them free?

  2. Nemesis12 Says:

    Two words

    Welfare state.

    Maybe they should try

    1. Contraception
    2. Keep panties on
    3. The word NO.
    4. A JOB.

  3. bingbing Says:

    PS Postings/comments light. Training do last week, old comp died, new comp Thurs, holiday season… plus some other shit.

  4. Mr. Bingley Says:

    It’s shameful that people in our countries live in such conditions.

  5. Angus Dei Says:

    Same phenomenon in the US. I used to work for FEMA and HUD and saw similar things too many times to count while doing home inspections. “Welfare” type dole programs are just taxpayer-subsidized breeding programs for the least desirable segments of society, and accepting those doles destroys people’s self-respect. That’s why they devolve into living worse than animals. They have no pride left and are beyond experiencing shame.

  6. Rabz Says:


    Nothing surprising in my ‘umble ‘o’pinion…

    By The Way, sterilise the bastards…

    As I’ve stated numerous times on my blog, if you leave school and you’re illiterate, addicted to drugs and/or alcohol and unlikely to do a day’s productive work in your life (and assaulting and/or robbing people for a ‘living’ doesn’t count) then you should be forcibly prevented from breeding.

    The evidence is overwhelming – lazy and stupid people have the least reason, but unfortunately, the most time to breed and on that basis alone should be sterilised.

    Abstinence simply doesn’t enter into the equation.

    The reduced usage of law enforcement, criminal justice, health and education resources alone overwhelmingly justifies such a course of action. Not to mention the massive reduction in incidents of degradation and abuse of kiddies…

    Oh and make sure the bleeping education system is overhauled as well. How many of these idiots leave school illiterate and with a concomitant entitlement mentality?
    That is, they’re illiterate and never been encouraged to work, so the state ‘will’ support them, no questions asked.

    And make the men get off their asses and do an honest day’s work.

    I’m sick of having my income forcibly thieved to support this absolute and utter scum.

  7. Dan Says:

    Thanks rabid and a merry xmas to you and yours and may it be full of peace and love ……….

    xxxxxHappy Daysxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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