The moral depravity of the global warming scam.

Copenhagen has not seen the end of the insanity that is the global warming scam, not by a long shot. The stakes are to high, the money to be made to large, and to many “professional activists” and spoilt brats of the west need their cause to fill the hollow void in their lives.

Copenhagen failed, but the date is already set on the next attempt to ram a global tax down our throats. Mexico is to hold the next conference next year, the date is still to be set. 

Mexico seeks to accomplish what the recent Copenhagen conference failed to do — get developed and poorer nations to agree to a 50 percent emissions cut by 2050, as compared to 2000 levels, according to a statement issued by the Environment Department Thursday.

“Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again.”


Now for a small post to look at the economic and moral depravity which our “betters” tried so hard to sign us up to at Copenhagen, and will try again in Mexico.

A small stink was made in Copenhagen at how Australia used a bit of accounting sleight of hand to decrease our emissions, to wit, one particular grievance was our refusal to count the carbon emissions from bushfires and droughts while simultaneously claiming some credits for revegitation.

Lets have a look at what they are claiming we should be “fined” for.

VICTORIA’S bushfires have released a massive amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – almost equal to Australia’s industrial emission for an entire year.

Now thats the effects of major bushfires in ONE STATE OF AUSTRALIA. Add in some of the controlled burns and bushfires in the other states and territories and it quickly becomes obvious that “natural” burning in Australia far dwarfs the 5% target proposed by our wax muncher in chief as our greenhouse target.

In work for the Bushfire Co-operative Research Centre, he estimated the 2003 and 2006-07 bushfires could have put 20-30million tonnes of carbon (70-105 million tonnes of carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere.

“That is far, far more than we’re ever going to be able to sequester from planting trees or promoting carbon capture,” he said.

Carbon emissions from forest fires are not counted under the Kyoto Protocol. But he said he thought it likely they would be in future agreements.

“All informed scientific opinion suggests that whatever new protocol is signed (at the UN summit) in Copenhagen or elsewhere will include forest carbon, simply because to not do so would be to ignore one of the biggest threats to the global atmospheric pool of carbon dioxide, the release of carbon in fires.”

Ok lets look at the lower part of the estimate, 70 million tonnes of CO2.

Then lets look at the trading price of CO2 credits today. (note that the price of carbon credits plunged hugely after Copenhagen went belly up). According to the European Climate exchange the spot price for carbon is 12.74 euros per tonne. Times that by the exchange rate of 1.63 Australain dollars to the Euro and you get a price of  $20.76 (rounding down).

So 70,000,000 tonnes times $20.76 and you end up with $1,453,200,000.00 in carbon “costs” from the CO2 emitted in 2 bad bushfire seasons IN ONE STATE!

congratulations, you survived, but lost everything, now about the $1,453,200,000.00 you owe for the emissions??

This sort of figure should be thrown at KRudd and Co every time they open their mouths. Either Rudd is a committed UN man, and will fall into line with whatever scheme they bring in or hes a political weasel who talks big and is secretly happy to see negotiations fail.

Rudds ETS scheme he wanted to take to Copenhagenwas effectively a blank cheque, for Australia to be fined for bushfires is morally rank.

In addition the Guardian has an article by the father of the AGW scam James Hansen, Im not going to touch on the article itself, but get a look at his graph of emitters…

As reliable as any hockey stick!!!

Just how intentionally deceptive is fobbing off “and shipping/air” onto developing nations side of the emissions table? What has Ethiopian airlines suddenly overtaken Quantas or BA as a major airline? Has sub Saharan Africa suddenly launched a fleet of supertankers/container vessels while I wasnt watching??

This bloke is wedded to dodgy graphs.

4 Responses to “The moral depravity of the global warming scam.”

  1. elsie Says:

    Good post tfm! I have justJ read this story on the Courier-Mail Site too:,23739,26529462-5003402,00.html

    The multi- billion dollar Tsunami Aid fund to Sri-Lanka has been largely misappropriated and $500 million plus is unnacounted for.

    THESE are the people we are going to trust with money to mitigate “climate change”????

    Like Hell! I will fight this tooth and nail!

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      Makes you sick to think of the goodwill of people in donating money turned into another mercedies limo for the scammers eh?

    • Nemesis12 Says:

      I refused point blank to donate. The girl at work was….not happy.

      Now the reason why is obvious

    • bingbing Says:

      Well, that’s what happens when governments donate to other governments. It’s astounding more people, especially accredited journalists, can’t see that a global carbon tax won’t do squat in relation to mitigating climate change, even if most of it were man-made.

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